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Dr. Steve Young’s Back Pain Breakthrough Review – Does the Targeted Spinal Release Work? Read

Back Pain Breakthrough

Have you ever spent cold winter nights in tears? Have you ever felt dumb by sharing your problem with others? Have you ever been mocked for your fitness issues on grounds? Well, most of you would relate to at least one of them, but I have experienced more than that. Back pain in my 20s made life really tough for me, as I had to carry cushions everywhere I used to go which prompted many people to stare at me in an unbearable manner. I started feeling like an old man in his 60s.

I am a great fan of legendary dancer Michael Jackson and used to mimic his dancing moves but due to back pain, I was unable to pursue my greatest pleasure.

Being a student of arts I suffered psychologically and financially both as things were a quiet blur before my eyes. I applied for herbal medicines on my back but it didn’t work, I even tried homeopathic back pain breakthrough relief courses but all went in vain. Even the massage center and different physiotherapists didn’t bring a single ray of hope to my life. I was skating towards the faint edge of lunacy, I chained myself to my bedroom and then one day I got to know about the Back Pain Breakthrough program by Dr. Steve Young. Well, others talk about only giving you immediate comfort, but it hits the root cause of your back-pain and blesses you with a pain-free life.

The Reason Behind Purchasing a Back Pain Breakthrough Program:

I am a baseball player by profession and love to pitch fast; about three years ago, I was pitching in a night tournament, and something happened that made me think I would not play ever again. As I was about to pitch, I slipped, tripped over, and fell. When I stood up I felt an ache in my back, which kept on increasing with the passing time. I can’t play for three consecutive years. I consulted many doctors, physiotherapists, and homemade remedies but everything failed. I went bankrupt as my source of earnings depended on match fees.

I became hopeless, and my whole body got affected, but one day I came to know about Dr.Steve Young program, after thorough study I got to know that the author holds a doctorate in physical therapy, I joined the sessions and here I am sharing my review with all those afflicted ones who have lost charm of a healthy lifestyle.

About The Author:

Dr. Steve Young was the inventor of the Back Pain Breakthrough program; he not only gave instructions but had become the epitome of hope. Due to his motivational talks among his patients. He holds a great amount of clinical experience, he has treated thousands of people through his program and experience, he not only treats you but also guarantees a pain-free life to you, he wants to reach out to all the patients, he wants to achieve a milestone of treating one million people through his programs.

steve young

Steve Young holds a degree in kinesiology from Penn State University. He had done a clinical doctorate in physical therapy from Drexel. He has also written abundant articles related to his field, which have been published in different medical research journals and also on TV channels for instance Fox News.

Back Pain Breakthrough Review:

The Program, created by Steve Young, is an effective and systematic approach intended to curb and fix back pain permanently. This program enlightens its consumers with multiple tips and techniques that can play a vital role in keeping you fit and pain-free. The Back Pain Breakthrough program is also available in digital format so the desirous ones can get access to the secret download page too. The program is formulated based on the concept of the Targeted Spinal Release Formula, which consists of different exercises & movements that can only be compelling in 10-15 minutes.

Well, it is not necessary to only purchase this; if someone is getting good results by adhering to his doctors then it is fine. In order to comprehend the program one needs to watch a brief presentation made on this program by Steve Young.

Dr. Steve Young is working on a plan called the Three Steps Targeted Spinal Release Formula. In the first step he reduces pressure from muscles, which helps in getting relief from pain temporarily, he also realigns your spine so that it wouldn’t have to bear excessive pressure and burden.

In the second step, he teaches you how you can combat the pain which is caused due to the spine shifting out of alignment. He teaches you the exercise that can bring your spine back to correct alignment. Interestingly these exercises are so easy that they can be done anywhere.

In the third step, you need to ditch sofas and beds. Different movements in this step are for strengthening the spinal cord, which eventually helps your spine from further damage. In addition to getting information about back pain healing moves, the program comes with a host of other information. The information teaches you more about back pain and how to improve your overall back health.


So apart from getting rid of back pain Steve Young Back Pain Breakthrough program claims that certain issues like sleeping disorder which is the outcome of back pain as back pain do not allow anyone to sleep peacefully, and effective whole body including the digestive system if your digestive system is working efficiently then whatever you eat get digested and your digestive system does not turn that food into stubborn fat, which also leads to obesity, and saggy belly fat, fat transforms your whole body and make you look like an egg, it decreases your confidence in yourself too. As a consequence of back pain, you cannot do exercise which allows fat to grow on your body, and love handles are the first fat carriers that grow right after the fat invasion in your body.


1.Excessive fat and lack of exercise affect your circulatory system too, they slow down the passing of blood in your veins which can make you diabetes and heart patient as well. So just by using Back Pain Breakthrough, one program you can easily combat these maladies and eradicate pain from your life. Well, personally some of the claims are made for marketing too but let me tell you about myself. After getting the Steve Young program, I was relieved from back pain. It has helped me in getting my posture right; now my spinal cord is not tilted or leaned forward, now my shoulders do not look out of shape.

2.My whole body looks perfect, and I can walk confidently. As a consequence of severe back pain I had to bound myself to my room, all kind of physical activities seemed a nightmare for me, I was unable to play any outdoor games so which made me corpulent, I gained a lot of weight but after purchasing this program I learned that just by adhering to the instructions and doing specific exercises and movements, I can control my increasing fat too.

3.After using the Back Pain Breakthrough program, I lost 10 pounds in only two months which cherished my heart to a great extent. My life had become stressful, I was unable of getting proper sleep due to pain and mental stress, thus back pain has made my life very miserable, I got depressed and started consuming painkillers and sleeping pills.

4.These pills afflicted my mind and mentality, but after using this program I got relieved from all types of back pain and now I can sleep peacefully whenever I want to sleep.

5.This program brought back the lost smile on my hopeless face and my heart filled with joy and I danced like a daffodil in the air and I got more than my expectations.

6.If you purchase the Back Pain Breakthrough program, you will get six video-based lectures along with the main targeted spinal release manual. The targeted spinal release manual contains 21 pages of a book with information about everything related to back pain. This book will not only enlighten you with the information that unveils the reasons behind back pain but also gives a calendar and 30-day action plan where you can trace your progress too.

7.The video section has six parts, part one has two videos; the other parts have only one video each. Another bonus guide called “Accelerating Healing Techniques ” is also added which is effective for every kind of body.

This manual contains information about every single muscle; this contains different exercises and movements. By doing these alignments you can easily get rid of back pain. It also talks about posture problems, in order to sit on the chair you need to sit properly by adopting the right posture, the same is said for doing studies and watching TV. Exercises after waking up and going to bed are different; you should follow the given pattern in order to get good results.

Back Pain Breakthrough Review by Steve Young

6-Video Series Masterclass:

  1. The Real Cause of Your Back Pain
  2. Target Spinal Relief
  3. How to Fix the Pain Instantly
  4. The Warrior Method
  5. Lifehacks for a Pain Free Life
  6. Muscular Imbalances, Easy Solutions
  7. + Your Action Steps for Success

The videos focus on showing the method of doing exercises, and movements. These videos are shown with subtitles so those with listening problems can also do it in a proper way, videos consist of different things that are necessary for you to do if you want to get a permanent solution to back pain, they also tell you that how you have got the pain, what are different reasons that lead to pain. They also tell you how you can get to know about the intensity of your pain and on which level you are standing right now; which helps you in telling that you can cure your problem in that much-needed time.

It teaches you different life hacks that can prevent you from getting back pain exercises that are shown to not only reduce pain but also increase strength and boost metabolism. In these videos, the author shares his clinical experience and gives a lecture about every movement. These videos add fuel to the fire for those who are not educated enough to read books and instructions penned down in manual books. One benefit of this online program is that once you purchase this program you can access it anytime and can watch it wherever you want to watch it.

Different videos have different plans and these plans are for different days, for instance; first, two videos give the plan for the first two weeks once they start working properly and you feel a decrease in your pain, you can then move ahead. The last four videos have plans for further weeks; these videos gradually sum up the visual course.

Targeted Spinal Release:

  1. How to Use This Manual
  2. The Secret Cause of your Back Pain
  3. 30 Day Action Plan
  4. My 30 Day Back Pain Breakthrough Calendar
  5. Movement 1: The Peaceful Warrior
  6. Movement 2: Awakened Warrior
  7. Movement 3: Strong Warrior
Targeted Spinal Release Manual PDF

Accelerated Healing Techniques:

This book embeds practical secrets to getting rid of that Back Pain. It tells you about exercises that are suitable for your body and weight, now anyone can do these exercises, there are no terms and conditions in the usage of this course. Some doctors and physiotherapists say that if you are obese and have gained weight more than 80 or 90 then you first need to lose your fats and weight, which is a herculean task for anyone suffering from back pain. As when someone has got a backache he will not be able of doing those hard exercises that are helpful in losing weight.

But this technique can end your miseries not temporarily, but permanently. This technique will assist you in saving your valuable time and you will get rid of back pain within 30 days. Different exercises for perfect alignment are shown in this video. Apart from exercises, the intake of good supplements is also necessary for strengthening your spinal cord and healing the torn tissues of your lower back muscles. For that an anti-inflammatory drink (the book will let you know about this) will enable you to live a pain-free life, it needs three different ingredients, it is not made of pills but natural ingredients. This drink is formulated after years of research by Steve Young.


The only cons of buying this program are that you need to be willing to make a commitment of consuming 10 minutes on a regular basis, back pain cannot be tackled by just reading instructions and articles, and it requires dedication and passion of taking some practical steps in order to fix this problem. Doing prescribed exercises in a proper manner is really necessary as only by doing exercise you can easily defeat this enemy. Not available in the physical store as well.

Money-Back Guarantee:

You can also test the program for the first 30 days as this program is not a scam, your money can be returned within 60 days, this policy ensures that your money is not in vile hands, and if things did not work you would not have to regret your investment. Apart from getting a refund, you can get an extra amount of 100 dollars as promised by the author.


The author claims that it is impossible to not get healed by adhering to my given instructions. So it is a win-win situation in both cases, either get good health or get an extra amount of money, which is not only a handsome amount but a challenge too, prove the author wrong and get a reward.

Program Without Equipment:

The Back Pain Breakthrough program is comprised of different movements and exercises. Interestingly, these exercises can be done everywhere, these exercises and movements do not require any specific benches to sit on nor need any other person to hold you so that you can do your exercises. People often join gyms and do exercises by lifting heavy weights so that their body muscles would get strong and the weakness of their muscles would decrease but that is not always the case. The spinal cord is a very sensitive part of the body and it needs great care. A single wrong exercise can confine you to the bed. If your spinal cord stops functioning properly then your whole body gets paralyzed, and imagine getting paralyzed for your whole life is so heart-wrenching.

It would be like a body without a soul, as the soul would be buried if you become unable of walking on snow, and green grass, you would not be able of playing your favorite sports too. If you are the only bread earner in your home, imagine what kind of miserable condition your other family members would be having when they will not get anything to eat or good outfits to wear. I believe the Steve Young program is made after giving these things a thought, which is why all the exercises and methods embed great care and delicacy.

Is It A Scam?

Many people are afraid of buying online programs and products, they have legitimate reasons behind this problem as many have been trapped by fraud companies who not only cheated them by selling them fake products but also did not refund their money. Such ill practices have tortured their confidence in online programs, so that is why many legitimate companies face issues in handling customers as their customers have already been fooled by an ample amount of people which makes them reluctant in believing these companies. Dr. Steve Young has claimed that the Back Pain Breakthrough program can heal the Back Pain of anyone, in case someone does not get rid of pain, he can easily get a refund with a big reward of 100 dollars for proving the author’s claim wrong.

Steve Young is a widely renowned clinical doctor and many of his works are published in different medical journals and news channels like Fox News. If the Back Pain Breakthrough program was a scam then the author would not have been given coverage by TV channels like Fox News.


No, it is not a scam as I myself have gotten rid of back pain after using this, if it was a scam
then many famous medical journals and news channels like Fox News would never have
promoted the program.

Dr. Steve Young holds a degree in kinesiology and has wide experience in clinical
physiotherapy and has proved himself a successful physiotherapist across the globe.

It is a course of 30 days, the author claims that the results will be seen in the first
a week and by the end of the fourth week of the same month the patient will be living
a pain-free life.

Well, to be honest, I myself have suffered from back pain for three (3) years which had
affected me both financially and psychologically and I have consulted many
doctors/physiotherapists and massage centers but none of them worked for me, but
this program changed my whole life and blessed me with a fit body and strengthened
my spinal cord to a great extent. Now I am back to normal and I feel really great with good
physical and psychological health.

Yes, if the claim of Dr. Steve Young proves wrong then the money will be refunded
to the consumer within 60 days along with a handsome amount of $100 as a reward.


In this review, I refrained from getting biased, as the Back Pain Breakthrough program has given me peace in a lifetime of war. Many people go for home-made remedies, injections, and magic pills, which I believe have many side effects on the human body.

The program doesn’t have any side effects. If someone asks me I would definitely recommend it as I have started bowling fast again after a long break of 3 years, and I am earning too. The Back Pain Breakthrough program gave me peace in a lifetime of War, it has been two months; I don’t have any pain in my back right now.

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