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MI40 Review 2022 – Does Ben Pakulski’s MI40 Really Work? Read

Mi40 Review

In a current era where every young individual wants to be a fitness guru, Fat Burners and Muscle building programs going about a dime a dozen shouldn’t surprise anyone anymore. Even with a ton of fitness and weight loss programs out there on the market, the MI40 system stands out amongst the crowd with a personality of its own.

This bodybuilding program has garnered a remarkable amount of attention over a very meager span of time. Read the following review and dive deep into the details about the MI40 workout program by Benjamin Pakulski. By the time you reach the end of this review, I am sure you would’ve gathered all the information you need to make a decision whether or not the program is the right training system for you.

Let’s Meet the Brains Behind The Mi40 – Ben Pakulski:

Before diving head first into the program and details of the MI40 workout, let’s take our time and address the man who created it in the first place.

Anyone who knows the very basics of bodybuilding should have heard the name Benjamin Pakulski (aka Ben Pak). He is a well decorated and seasoned bodybuilder who has cemented his name in the respective field. It is clear that Ben takes fitness seriously, reinforced by the fact that he holds an honors degree in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario. With over 14 years of expertise under his belt, it is evident that he has learned a lot, but the best part is that he readily shares his findings and discoveries with others.

Mi40 Review

Apart from his love of his own muscle building, Ben frequently takes his time to preach all he knows about proper nutrition and bodybuilding to others. His teachings include how to train, when to train, and has a unique stance on how we should treat the body as one system rather than isolating certain areas and working on them individually. His nutritional guidelines and body training are a very reflection of his strategies.

What Is the MI40 Workout?

Mi40 Review

Let’s break down MI40: it is short from Mass Intentions 40, a fitness training program that takes in Ben Pak’s words, effective shortcuts to developing and sustaining a lean and mean muscle mass. That too, in a very short period of time, but what is the story behind the number 40? The logic number 40 is the ideal amount of minutes used for muscle-building variables is, you guessed it, 40. This takes in but is by no means limited to, time constraints of your body adapting to a new training regime, the measurement of the training (40 minutes) and sets (40 seconds), recovery time, etc.

Ben recognizes that the system makes use of NOS (Neurological Overload Sets), and thus he focused on the mechanisms behind MI40 which assist the body is not just muscle growth but also taking on plateaus. These NOS enforce a certain level of failure on the muscles and stimulates the endocrine system. In turn, this endocrine system aids in the production of a greater quantity of testosterone as well as aiding muscle growth. The program keeps you from walking away from an exercise sensation as though you did not do enough in your workout session. Ben’s program is sure to make you feel as though you pushed yourself to your very limits.

But let’s get to the best part yet: the workout program teaches mindful intent so the user can truly comprehend the real reason behind his muscles having gone too heavy. This very intent the user gains from the training system grants him a far better level of safety when pushing their body to its very limits and beyond.

In the MI40 program, the workouts are evidently structured a bit differently amongst each other. But regardless of how the system is laid out, the variations in the workout focus on continually challenge the user’s muscles to adapt and work harder and also in keeping the users motivated throughout the workout session as well.

Similar to many other contemporary training programs in the fitness realm, the MI40 comes in a soft copy only; this means that users can only view it online via a download. However, is it possible for users to transfer everything (manuals, MI40 workout pdf, etc.) from the official website to their personal computers or laptops and tabs, etc, once they are done with the online purchase?

What to Expect in Ben Pakulski’s Mi40:

Mi40 Review

Long story short, the MI40 workout program is composed of eight different components. Read further for details on each component as explained below, so that you have a better hang of things you will be working with once you make the purchase.

Component 1: 40-Day Mass Intentions Training Manual:

This manual plays the role of the overall introduction guide to the training system. You can explore both Ben’s theories about NOS and Intent in great detail here so everyone who participates in the program has a better grasp of the things Ben is talking about.

Mi40 Review

Mi40 Review

Component 2: 40-Day Mass Consumption Nutrition Manual:

As the name says, this nutritional guideline, tells us all about what we are putting into our bodies and the dos and don’ts of nutrition. Within this manual, Ben expresses his Three-Phase Nutrition strategy that focuses on the aid in gaining muscle and fighting against fat at the very same time.

Component 3: 40-Day Mass Instruction Workout Videos:

Eight separate HD DVDs that make up a total of seven hours’ worth of coaching from Ben Pak, contain instructional, demonstrative workout videos. In a step-by-step fashion, you will feel as if Ben was there and guiding you through various aspects of the exercises. The back, deltoids, triceps, abs, and plenty more muscle in your anatomy come covered in this guide.

Mi40 Review
Mi40 Review

Component 4: 40-Day Mass Proportion Exercise Execution

This handy guide provides a more “have on-hand” use going hand in hand with the exercises videos. The guide is loaded with details and illustrations demonstrating how to perform all 40exercises from the very beginning to the last one, all in effort so the users never get it wrong and do it safely.

Component 5: 40-Day Mass Prescription Printable Workout

These sheets are printable and thus a great way to keep users going firm with their new workout routine. You can keep yourself informed of precisely which workouts the user has to perform, the number of reps, gaps, and rest times between sets, and a myriad of other valuable tips.

Mi40 Review
Mi40 Review

Component 6: 40-Day Mass Pursuit Calendar:

The pursuit calendar will keep you updated about your workout regime, i.e., you can mark your workout days and rest days as per your preference. The calendar will also keep you informed you which exercise you will be performing during the course of the program.

Component 7: 40-Day Mass Supplement Stack Protocol:

It this 19- page guideline, Ben sheds light on his trusted supplements that he has experienced first-hand and the very products he frequently recommends to the users he shares his secrets with.

Mi40 Review

Component 8: Size Secrets Audio Interrogation:

Ben calls them his self-proclaimed “under-the-radar” tidbits that will take your gains to an entirely new level.

What is the MI40 Program Designed For?

Great for men and women alike, the program is mainly used by fitness enthusiasts such as bodybuilders, strong men, and weightlifters. The training system focuses on how to get you bigger in size while keeping your musculature lean. Ben has explained over and over again that there are generally no age limitations to his system, although he does not recommend the workout program for individuals under the age of 15 years.

Ideally speaking, individuals with intermediate to advanced skill levels in terms of training frequency are the ones who would make really good use of this program. Beginners might face a bit of difficulty while keeping up with the workout program even though the workout length is nothing more than just 40 minutes, that too with the occasional rest in between. Users with even intermediate skill levels might sometimes have a hard time with some of the workout routines.

This is the reason why even someone like Ben does not recommend consecutive usage of this 40-day system. The exercises demonstrated in MI40 is enough for one since they demand a great deal from the body. These workouts need to be feared and respected for they focus on truly overloading the muscular system to the nervous system.

MI40 Benefits:

Mi40 Review

For anyone who is looking forward to gaining strength while bulking up on muscle and cutting away fat at the same time, the MI40 seems to work like a treat. It focuses on all the right muscles to kick-start their growth and perks up the body’s ability to recover from an explosive workout. With every exercise clearly demonstrated in a step by step and easy to understand manner, there is a little window of making a mistake with any workout that you have to perform within the MI40 program. From the very beginning of the program, you will get to experience the true sensation of an explosive workout that you have always yearned to feel.

Another important thing that the MI40 workout program teaches is the critical principles of muscle building. All the workout plans demonstrated within the program explain neurological overload as well as the proper range of motion along. ‘Ben explains all of the scientific aspects with a lot of thought thrown into the mix, that too is not only in the physical training section but also the additional nutritional and supplement information sections he has added. Anyone who is on the lookout or wanting to lean muscle building and staying lean in detail can easily make great use of this system without spending a decade of his life doing research about musculature and the human body on its own.

Pros and Cons:

Like all the other training, weight loss programs, and workout programs out there, MI40 has its fair share of advantages as well as some disadvantages that are important to address. Although, it is good to keep in mind that the myriad of pros of the program outweighs and outnumbers the cons by a pretty large extent. Let us take a detailed look at the pros first:


1. Since a professional bodybuilder with more than 14 years of experience with an honors degree in kinesiology under his belt has fabricated the entire training program, there are thick chances of it being legit right then and there.
2. With a myriad of MI40 workout pdf, videos, audios, and various manuals, it is pretty clearly visible that the program is highly comprehensive and leaves little to worry about for there is no way you will ever find yourself without guidance again.
3. MI40 contains one of a kind and rather adequate nutrition information manual. So if you are worried about the nutritional side for developing leaner and better muscle mass, you have your back covered here too.
4. Ben Pakulski’s MI40 training program has garnered a reputation and known well to work both men and women alike. There is no misogyny here!
5. All of the workouts demonstrated within the program are tried, tested, and reputed to be absolutely in effect, countenancing you on the gamble to see actual effects at the end of the 40 days.
6. Still, for whatever reason, if at some point you feel like you are unsatisfied with the training program, you can claim your money back for it comes along with a no-questions-asked, 60-day money-back guarantee. Thus there is no reason to fear that your money might go to waste.


1. If you are looking for something really safe and easy that anyone can do, this program is anything but! By no means is it the most convenient or safest training program. Especially for beginners who are just looking to cut some fat and put on a better deal of muscle. The workouts in the program are the epitome of intensity and honestly, they would fit an individual who has been training for quite a great deal of time instead of a newbie who has just started lifting weights up.
2. In the fashion in which the MI40 day workout program is laid out, it leaves users with little or no room at times to have any sort of flexibility during the training weeks. You have to dedicate yourself to the program by putting aside all your other activities and devote all of yourself to the workout regime. If you fail to do that, there is little chance of you juicing the best out of it.
3. For some individuals out there, this training program can prove to be rather expensive. Particularly speaking, if a user has decided to go with the supplements as well as the program, all of them can continually add up over time.

Bottom Line – Is Mass Intention 40 Truly Worth It?

Admittedly, nobody can count out a few drawbacks of the program, even though most of the apprehension the level of devoutness for a 40-day program. Additionally, even when the program itself is a bit too intense for beginners to handle, the MI40 seemingly lives up well to its reputation and gets the job done. A majority of MI40 reviews show that its users have come to agree to one specific this in particular: if you are on the lookout to cut away fat while pushing yourself for bigger, leaner muscles, then the MI40 training program is the ideal green light for you to go.

Keep in mind that the program takes in laborious, yet effective exercises and well-rounded nutrition with proven overall training advice. You will be able to keep yourself on track with the help of the elements included and manage to stay motivated throughout the 40 days thanks to the worksheets and calendar. If you ever find yourself unsure about an exercise, here are the videos coupled with the detailed illustrations in the manual.

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