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8 Best Bench Press Machine of 2020 – Complete Buying Guide


Every person wants to get a buff pair of chest muscles. It is the most important muscle to develop for the amazing beach season. With the right equipment, you can build more upper body strength while enhancing the tone of shoulders and arms.

Before the invention of a bench press, it was quite difficult for people to build a bigger and stronger chest. However, the latest and modern style bench machine makes it easy for exercise-lovers to fulfill their fitness needs.In this guide, you will get to know everything about the eight top-rated models of bench press machines.

These machines not only let you do physical exercise but also strengthen your body with long-lasting effects. You will find lots of bench press machines on the market which vary in quality and features. Get the best one and enjoy your workout session at home!

Eight Highest Rated Safe Bench Press Machines

If you are looking for the best bench press machines with unique and advanced features, then you are on the right track. Here you will come to know about the eight highest rated Bench Press Machines.

These bench press machines help you maintain your body throughout life. These machines boost up your energy that makes your world look entirely different than that it was in the past. You will have a healthier and happier life with a slim physique.

Mentioned below are the 8 top selling bench press models. Let’s have a brief review of the following brands one by one and see how these bench press exercise machines differ with each other.

1. PowerLine Power Rack Package:

PowerLine Power Rack Package


  • Complete home gym features with a PPR200X power rack.
  • PLA200X lat attachment.
  • Adjustable bench.
  • Include 300 pounds rubber grip Olympic weight set.
  • Power rack
  • Walk in design
  • 24 inches upright pillars for free motion
  • 41 inches wide knurled chinning bar
  • Nylon coated Lat attachment
  • Aircraft quality cables with a capacity of holding 2200 pounds weight
  • Measures 46 by 82.5 by 44 inches
  • Ten years of warranty.

Key Factors:

Powerline PPRPACK5 Power Rack allows you to enjoy your intense workout session with strong power resistance feature. This machine offers a wide walk-in design which is perfect for different exercises including incline, squats, decline, and military presses as well.

With the 18 positions and two tempered heat lift-offs of this machine, you can keep your workout routine simple and effective.It also has two saber style safety locks that prevent you from injuries while intense exercises. It has two upright pillars that are 24 inches far apart for the use.

Who Makes it?

Power Line manufactured this best quality PPRPACK5 Power Rack Package. The power line is working currently under the name and title of Body-Solid Inc.

It is a leading brand which is widely famous for manufacturing the top quality fitness equipment. It produces a leading design for fitness machines which you can use at home. Power line produces hundreds of fitness products.

These are the best quality and innovative machines with the latest and advanced features. Power line produces machines which are user-friendly and durable with a longer life-span. All of the power lines are best that fits the needs of the modern era.

Bottom Line:

This bench press is designed for the people who want to do an intense workout. This machine is adjustable having lots of unique features. Physical activity is not a pressured task for anyone after the invention of power the rack machine.

The product is suitable for home as well as commercial usage. It is backed up by ten years of warranty for all the defects and error in the machine.

2. Body-Solid Powerline Home Gym (P2X) with Optional 50LB SELECTORIZED Weight Stack:

Body-Solid Powerline Home Gym (P2X) with Optional 50LB SELECTORIZED Weight Stack


  • Updated version of solid body stable of gyms EXM1500S
  • Modern and advanced quality designs, colours, pads, pulleys, and frames are available.
  • Floor dimensions of about 49 by 36 by 83 inches
  • Include straight bar, lat bar, triceps strap, and ankle strap
  • Contain tower holder and water bottle handler
  • Lifetime warranty for pads, cables and pulleys

Key Factors:

Body-Solid G1S is a gym pack design which is suitable for home use. It is a power pack with lots of strength and durability. This machine contains 160-pound selectorized weight stack placed in the centre of the machine.

This multipurpose fitness machine offers 40 different types of trimming, training, and toning exercises. Body-Solid G1S is one of the best-featured home gym machines that provide excellent features with the best price.

Who Makes it?

Body Solid is the leading brand available in the market for fitness equipment. The brand manufactures many standardised products with the finest quality and modern designs. A top quality product with advanced features has been designed for making oneself healthy and fit in this chaotic modern world.

Bottom Line:

Body-Solid G1S is a great and perfect choice for the one who wants to perform home base gym. It can also be termed as a high-quality home gym. Body-Solid G1S is a well-designed equipment with a lifetime warranty for any defect replacement. This home gym is the best fitness tool that helps you target the muscles and strengthen them.

3. CAP Strength Bench Press Machine:

CAP Strength Bench Press Machine


  • Adjustable cap strength standard bench
  • 14 durable gauges
  • Heavy duty steel tube frame.
  • Leg lifts for targeting muscles and hamstrings.
  • Foam roller ankle pads
  • Weight capacity of 350 pounds.
  • Standard barbell sets with 5 to 6-foot bars.
  • Black and red colour
  • Measures 67 by 32 by 47 inches
  • 35.3 pounds of weight

Key Factors:

Cap strength standard bench is a perfect weight lifting bench for muscle exercise. The leg lifting feature of this machine allows you to do lots of muscle exercise. It is most suitable for the beginners and intermediate level builders. The adjustable back aligns perfectly with your body.

The shape of this back makes you a comfortable workout experience. Back pad can be easily adjusted to incline, flat and decline chest positions. The 5 to the 6-foot bar are included with the most effective accommodated standard barbells. It contains a durable seat with metallic powder coatings suitable for muscles fitness.

Who Makes it?

Cap strength standard bench is the leading workout machine manufactured by CAP Barbell. Cap barbell is the top favourite distributor of the fitness equipment. CAP barbell has been one of the top most brands for the last two decades. The CAP barbell introduces more than 600 fitness machines. It provides best quality fitness equipment at reasonable prices which is affordable for every person.

Bottom Line:

Cap strength standard bench is a fitness machine with 100 pounds weight set. It is an ultimate home training fitness machine which is quite durable and easy for the ones who want strength building exercises daily basis. The bench contains 5 positioned back pad and full leg developer for easy and comfortable support.

4. Body Champ Olympic Bench Press Machine:

Body Champ Olympic Bench Press Machine


  • Include 6 to 7-foot weight set bars
  • Seven positioned adjustable backrest
  • Multipurpose strength trainer for chest, arms, and legs
  • Contains Olympic plate adapter
  • Spring clip for leg developer
  • Preacher and arm curl pads with foam grip handles
  • Built-in Safety Hooks
  • Measures 76 by 56 by 55 inches
  • 78.5 pounds of weight

Key Factors:

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench is a heavy duty multipurpose Olympic bench having 2.5 inches square shaped tube Olympic bench. The bench is ideal for trained lifters. Heavy padding on the crunch handlers and preacher curl are the best fit for abs crunches.

The bench is the best fit for an intense workout. It contains double duty adjustable weight racks. These have safety hooks and no pinch features that keep you safe while doing an intense workout. Moreover, the u-shaped leg stabilizer provides excellent stability and safety during the exercise.

Who Makes it?

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench is introduced by the brand body champ which has been incorporated since 1993. The brand has spent two decades for earning name and goodwill in the market by making good quality fitness machines

. Body champ machines provide relief and support to the world’s fitness class. Body champ has introduced almost all of the branded exercise machine which is suitable for everyone.

Bottom Line:

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench provides a complete set of the workout. It is an ultimate lifting machine that is specifically introduced for strengthening arms and shoulder muscles.

Anyone can do leg lifts, chest and military presses using the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench. It contains comfortable cushions and soft foam rollers which provide superior levelled comfort and safety during the workouts.

5. Body-Solid LVIP Incline Bench Press:

 Body-Solid LVIP Incline Bench Press


  • Unilateral and independent arm action for the muscle development
  • Converging arms movements press for advanced bio mechanics
  • Adjustable seat pad
  • Adjustable press arms for all size users
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomic hand grip holders
  • Two by 3 inches gauge steel mainframe
  • Double coated stitched upholstery
  • Weight plate holders for plate storage
  • Measures 68 by 51 by 57 inches
  • 184 pounds of weight

Key Factors:

Body-Solid LVIP Leverage Incline Press is a commercial use product. It is used in top-rated gyms and exercise centres. It is heavy duty machine having 11 gauge steel construction with durable double stitched upholstery. The Body-Solid LVIP Leverage Incline Press machine is used for the isolation of chest part.

It comes with an adjustable press arm that fits perfectly according to one’s size and figure.The machine is ideal for both home and commercial use. The product is designed to perform a high-quality workout with intense strength.

Who Makes it?

Body Solid is the leading brand available in the market for fitness equipment. This company produces lots of high-quality fitness equipments for home and different gyms. It has 20 years of experience in producing the best quality materials like kettle balls, weight plates, abdominal bench, leg press machines, and much more.

This company laid its foundation stone in the year 1989 and grew dramatically in a short span of time. The brand manufactures many standardised products with the finest quality and modern designs. A top quality product with advanced features has  been designed for making oneself healthy and fit in this chaotic modern world.

Bottom Line:

The body of Body-Solid LVIP Leverage Incline Press is extremely durable and is designed especially for intense workouts. It is a hard-to- beat product with finest features available in the markets.

It’s assembled high-quality design bring it to the list of the best bench press machines. The machine is outstanding, thick, comfortable and durable.

6. Marcy Olympic Weight Bench for Full-Body Workout:

Marcy Olympic Weight Bench for Full-Body Workout


  • Multi-bench suite
  • Weight capacity of 1500 pounds.
  • Two by 3-inch tubular steel frame construction
  • three safety bar spotters and ten safety spotters
  • Move-able seats and backrest.
  • Stitched vinyl covering which provides ease and comfort
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Designed to perform 24 different types of exercises
  • Detachable leg hold down
  • Measures 79 by 67 by 66 inches
  • Weight of 170 pounds

Key Factors:

The Fitness Reality X-Class Olympic Weight Bench is designed to bear a user of 1500 pounds. It is a heavy duty machine with most advanced and modern features. The structure is solely designed with detachable leg features that can be removed when needed. The Fitness Reality X-Class Olympic Weight Bench provides back support for ease and comfort.

Adjustable backrest of the bench can be adjusted to a 45-degree angle. Anyone who wants to work out without going to the gym can enjoy his workout session at home with this amazing machine.

Who Makes it?

Fitness Reality introduces this amazing X-Class Olympic Weight Bench to the fitness world. All the products of the Fitness Reality brand are high in quality with the latest design and appealing nature.

The high quality and reliability are the most important features offered by this brand. The brand provides great values to the customers by providing a unique product for their workouts.

Bottom Line:

Fitness Reality X-Class Olympic Weight Bench provides nine level adjustable backrest to enhance the performance. The machine explodes muscles with high-level dumbbell workouts so that the desired fitness can be achieved. The Fitness Reality X-Class Olympic Weight Bench is the best possible option for a person who loves doing exercises.

7. Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Preacher Curl:

Olympic Weight Bench


  • Safety spotters
  • Thick padded seat
  • Steel braces hold the backrest firmly.
  • Six reversible crutch positions
  • Preacher for more workouts
  • Includes Olympic adapters.
  • Leg extension that provides extra strength exercises
  • Weight capacity of 700 pounds
  • Measures 59 by 18 by 9 inches
  • 133 pounds of weight

Key Factors:

To maintain the shape of the body, it is necessary to use the top-quality exercise machine that provides best possible outcomes. The XMark International Olympic Weight Bench is one of them. It provides extra leg extension for easy workouts.

The machine performs high rated presses and squats with safety measurements.The XMark International Olympic Weight Bench contains preacher curl that provides more enhanced curls and biceps workout.

Who Makes it?

Xmark fitness is one of the leading brand available in the market with top quality and highly rated fitness machines. These exercise machines are comfortable and easy to use with safety precaution installed inside.

So that if any unfortunate incident arises, the builder gets safe and does not catch any injury while using the machine. Due to these features, it is now considered as one of the safest fitness machine brands around the world.

Bottom Line:

XMark International Olympic Weight Bench provides more curl and crunches for the desired outcome. The machine contains more biceps and adjustable preacher curls for the exercise. It is the best machine to build strong leg muscles that help the builder to get impressive body strength.

8. Adidas Olympic Bench Press:

Adidas Olympic Bench Press


  • Multi-colored Olympic bench
  • Oversize adjustable bench.
  • Thick and high-density foam seat
  • Includes seven shark tooth style bar caught.
  • Large diameter tubing steel
  • Perfect for the leg developing exercise.
  • Durable and affordable bench press
  • Measures 73 by 65 by 62 inches
  • 106 pounds of weight

Key Factors:

Adidas Olympic Bench is a unique sturdy bench with oversize tubing pattern. It comes with a multi-positional backrest and leg extensions for the favourable leg workout. As the bench is specifically designed for the legs workout, so it contains legs extension that can be easily adjusted according to the requirement of the builder. The product has thick foam padding of about 2.5 that provide extra comfort.

Who Makes it?

Adidas Olympic Bench has produced the Adidas brand which is one of the most renowned brands. The brand of Adidas complements each other with the most effective and durable products.

The fitness machines offered by Adidas have a wide range of heavy duty exercise machines that are perfect for the people who love bodybuilding and workout activities.

Bottom Line:

The Adidas Olympic Bench is designed for muscular power strength. The Adidas training benches are the best fit for the one’s optimum choice. In order to build body strength, one must use the high quality and best featured Adidas Olympic Bench. The Olympic bench provides the intense workout, and it is ideal for training. This machine features an adjustable bench upon the need and choice of the builder.

Beginners Guide to the Bench Press

Beginners Guide to the Bench Press

If anyone is planning to purchase best bench press machines for the fitness and bodybuilding exercise, then the above mentioned eight models can be purchased for best outputs. The bench press is one of the most used fitness machines for bodybuilding around the world.

The great thing about the bench press is that it can strengthen the body muscles especially arms, shoulders, and legs which are the most commonly used parts of the body in all daily activities. Most of the bench press machines are designed to be used at home as well as a gym. Let’s know the basics about this bench press machine!

About the Bench Press Machine:

A bench press is an exercise machine that is used to press the upper body making it more efficient and strong. This exercise involves pressing a weight upwards with both arms stretched straight on the top.

These exercise works to support the chest, arm and shoulders muscles. These muscles include trapezii, triceps, anterior deltoids, serratus anterior and much more. The bench press is used by the people who are interested in body strength.

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Types of Bench Press Physical Machines

Types of Bench Press Physical Machines:

There are three types of bench press machines: flat, inclined or declined.

Flat Bench Press Machine:

It is one of the old-fashioned and best bench press machines that every person have seen from childhood. As compared to the incline and decline bench presses, this machine requires more muscle engagement of the sternocostal head which leads to the most muscle fibre activity.

Inclined Bench Press:

The bench press performed on inclined is actually one single exercise. Because of the incline angle, it is one of the best bench press to work clavicular head of pectoral muscles. As incline increases, more stress is placed on the anterior deltoid as compared to the flat bench press.

Declined Bench Press:

Declined bench press works as opposed to the incline bench press. It activates few muscles from the upper part of the chest. Because of the difficulty in moving heavy loads, decline bench press is a movement press included in most workouts.

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Things to consider when buying Bench Press Machine

If you want to get the best bench press machine, then keep the following consideration in mind when buying a bench press:

  • The first thing that you have to consider is how much you can afford. If your budget does not allow you to get an expensive machine, then get the bench press with the desired features and avoid looking for the advanced machine.
  • See how much weight a bench press can handle and get the one that can actually bear your body weight.
  • Consider the location of a barbell holder. Sometimes, the barbell holder is situated in stupid places which makes it difficult for you to life the bar.
  • Buy a bench press which is heavy and stable that allows you to your exercises comfortably.

Final Verdict:

With the best bench press fitness machines, you can do your daily fitness activities at home. Every machine mentioned in this review comes with many versatile features. The designs, features, qualities, working, durability and manufacturing style of the products discussed in this guide will help you get the desired one according to your needs.

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