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8 Best Olympic Barbells 2022 For Your Home Gym – Reviews & Buying Guide!

Best Barbell

Are you thinking about making your home gym? If yes, then you will need a set of best barbells and some weights. You can get stronger and leaner with the best quality barbell. It will get you to the next fitness level that you might be dreaming of.

You cannot get a great physique without having a strength training routine. Some studies have indicated that lifting weights can speed up metabolism and prevent different bone diseases.

If you have your home gym, then you can complete your workout session without wasting additional time. Get the best barbell for home gym after a thorough analysis. This barbell review guide will help you buy the best barbell for your home gym.

8 Best Olympic Barbells 2022 For Sale – Buying Guide:

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There are many barbells in the market, so you might find it hard to get the best one. The 8 best barbells mentioned here will narrow down your choice and give you the best quality barbells.

All the barbells are not the same, so it is necessary to make sure the barbell you have fits your routines perfectly. With the best cap barbell, you can stay in shape and remain fit throughout life. Listed below are the best barbells that will kick your workout up a notch.

1. CAP Barbell 47-Inch Standard Threaded Solid Easy Curl Bar:

Key Factors:

The solid chrome steel body of this CAP Barbell makes it durable. The threaded chrome ends with the EZ spin collars.

The curl bar of this barbell is less pronounced than many other bars. People who want a comfortable barbell will find this bar to be the most comfortable to hold.

The knurling on the curved handle portions adds extra comfort to it. This barbell is basically designed to develop strength and mass on the upper arm.

You can get this solid and functional arm curl bar at very affordable rates.

Who Makes It?

Barbell is the product of CAP Barbell Company, which is a leading provider and distributor of gymnastic tools. The company was launched in 1982 with the creation of benches and free weights.

This company grows tremendously over the past 20 years of its span with the introduction of more than 600 products in ten different categories. The headquarters of this company is located in Texas.

This company aims to provide the best quality fitness equipment at good prices. Every product of this company goes through accurate testing to ensure the perfection of the product.

Bottom Line:

The CAP Barbell EZ Curl Bar is the best bar for a budget-friendly price. This product delivers all the quality needed for great curls. It is one of the top-rated barbells that attracted the attention of every person who wants to make a gym at their home.

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2. CAP Barbell 47″ Standard Solid E-Z Curl Bar:

Key Factors:

The CAP Barbell 47″ Standard Solid E-Z Curl Bar is an essential piece for a home gym. Most of the Olympic benches and power cages are made to be used with such bars. This barbell is ideal for those individuals who are looking for a good home use Olympic bar.

It is comfortable to hold due to the 30 mm diameter grip and center knurl. The Body-Solid Olympic Barbell is designed to be safe and functional at an affordable price.

This barbell just demands some maintenance from time to time to function well. It uses a budget-friendly bolted sleeve assembly which requires some retightening after several usages. This barbell is particularly designed for home use, and you can also use it for some light-duty commercial applications like training studios or school gyms.

Who Makes It?

This CAP Barbell 47″ Standard Solid E-Z Curl Bar is the best-selling product of the CAP Barbell. This Company created many products with multiple markets in mind. The Body Solid Company produces a huge list of fitness products to facilitate people.

The company boasts many products in fitness including treadmills, free weight machines, weight plates, ellipticals, kettlebells, bikes, floorings, barbells, dumbbells, accessories, and much more.

Bottom Line:

If you are looking for high quality, durable and sturdy equipment for your home gym, then the Body Solid Olympic Bar is perfect for you. You can do lots of exercises with this Olympic bar like the split snatch, bicep curls, dead lifts, clean and jerk, etc.

This barbell has a high weight capacity that makes it suitable for every individual of various strengths. Get the right size spring clips to avoid the weight plates from sliding off and enjoy your workout session with this amazing barbell.

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3. CAP Barbell Olympic Super Curl Bar:

Key Factors:

CAP Barbell Olympic Super Curl Bar is one of the most amazing strength athletes of all time. This barbell has a versatile design that will make you love it.

The hybrid design of this barbell accommodates perfectly to the demands of the athlete. The steel body of this barbell makes it durable. This barbell is a perfect mixture of strength and whip.

The CAP Barbell Olympic Super Curl Bar has a passive diamond pattern knurling that serves as the best  contact surface during an intense workout session. This barbell has a ten needle bearing that provides a fast, effortless and smooth spin.

Who Makes It?

The CAP Barbell Olympic Super Curl Bar is the product of the Klokov Company launched by Dmitry Klokov. This Company has a big team with more than thirty years of experience.

The ultimate aim of this company is to fulfill the expectations of the customers and provide them with the best quality. This company produces many innovative products and contributes a lot to the Olympic weightlifting world of today.

Bottom Line:

This Olympic barbell has the strongest body so that you can enjoy your workout session with this barbell for life. This barbell has a lifetime warranty. You will find no other barbell that comes close to it in this affordable price range.

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4. Marcy Solid Steel Olympic Weight Bar:

Key Factors:

The total gym weight barbell is perfect for losing weight quickly. This barbell allows you to build more muscle by adding extra weight and resistance to the bar. You can boost your workout session by lifting
some additional weights. You can easily add free weight to this sturdy chrome bar through the glide board. Weights do not come with this barbell, so you will have to buy it separately.

Who Makes It?

Marcy Solid Steel Olympic Weight Bar SOC-49 is the creation of the world’s leading manufacturer of body-weight training equipment, the “Marcy”.

This company introduces many products which are now used in athletic training facilities, physical therapy clinics, professional sports teams, universities, hospitals, and health clubs.

Today, this company has headquarters in 23 countries. The company continues to lead the industry with the latest functional training tools.

Bottom Line:

If you want to shed some pounds in a short period, then bring the Marcy Solid Steel Olympic Weight Bar SOC-49 home. This barbell allows you to add more weight and resistance to your exercise program and bring your body into shape.

You will need to add weights, especially for squats, to achieve greater stability. Enjoy your 10 minute workout session and lose weight easily with this barbell.

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5. CAP Olympic Hex Bar, Trap Bar, Shrug Bar:

Key Factors:

The CAP Olympic Trap Bar has an aluminum body that gives it an eye-catching appearance. This top-selling barbell is available at very affordable rates. You can add more weight to this 56-inch long bar.

This barbell is popular throughout the world due to its amazing appearance and features. The CAP Olympic Trap Bar has a one-year warranty.

Who Makes It?

The CAP Olympic Trap Bar is the product of the CAP Barbell company. The owners of this company are two brothers who love fitness. It is a new company which was established in the year 2012.

This company aimed at producing fitness equipment fulfilling quality standards. Moreover, all the products of this company have detailed specifications and big pictures, so that people can make an informed decision.

You can get the product after knowing it thoroughly. The detailed information about all fitness equipment mentioned on their website will help you to make the right decision.

Bottom Line:

The CAP Olympic Trap Bar is designed to take your fitness to the next level. You can set up the perfect home gym with this weight bar. This weighted bar is high-quality equipment at incredible value.

This barbell suits the needs of every athlete who is fond of playing with gym equipment. This barbell is one of the most durable pieces of equipment. You can use this equipment safely at home or in a commercial area.

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6. CAP Barbell Classic 7-Foot Olympic Bar:

Key Factors:

The CAP Barbell Classic 7-Foot Olympic Bar is a beautifully designed 2-piece barbell. This 6 feet barbell is ideal for home use. You can buy this equipment at a very affordable price. It produces results in great value for money.

This amazing barbell fits almost all 1-inch plates. With this barbell, you can enjoy the general-frame exercises. This barbell comes with two threaded chrome-plated spin-lock collars that prevent the weights from slipping away.

Who Makes It?

The CAP Barbell Classic 7-Foot Olympic Bar is the product of the CAP Barbell Company. Today, this company is producing professional grade equipment used for both home and commercial applications. You will find almost every gym equipment produced by this company.

Bottom Line:

If you want to buy a barbell without breaking the bank, then the CAP Barbell Classic 7-Foot Olympic Bar is ideal for you. The silver color of this barbell beautifies your home gym. Every product of CAP Barbell is popular for its durability so you can get this barbell without any doubt.

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7. CAP Barbell Olympic 2-Inch Solid Chrome Bar:

Key Factors:

You can use this barbell for Olympic lifts. This barbell has a higher tensile strength that lifters often desire. The sleeves of this barbell rotate around the glass filled nylon bushing for smooth rotation.

The locking bold also hold the ends securely, so that the weights do not fall off. The price and specification of this barbell have multi-purpose. This barbell has a clean finish that is naturally tacky. The surface of this barbell is entirely rust-proof.

This barbell has a true 28 mm shaft that is ideal for both industrial and home use. This barbell might be bit expensive and it worth its price.

Who Makes It?

A CAP Barbell created the CAP Barbell Olympic 2-Inch Solid Chrome Bar, 6-Foot with the aim of meeting the quality standards. This company is the first online company that provides the fitness equipment solutions to its consumers both internationally and domestically.

They believe that fitness equipment is far more than merely a commodity. They work with the aim of serving their customers with respect and honesty. This company provides the world with more than 8000 products.

Bottom Line:

CAP Barbell Olympic 2-Inch Solid Chrome Bar and 6-Foot is the ideal equipment for your home gym. You can enjoy your workout session with this amazing barbell.

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8. CAP Barbell 60” Standard Solid Threaded Bar:

Key Factors:

This equipment is ideal for commercial, gyms, fitness centers and home training. Spending just 30 minutes on workout every day will give you a Bikini Body.

You can do multiple exercises with this weight bar like over press head, lunges, leg extensions, squats and what not. You can sculpt your entire body by engaging arms, shoulders, legs, chest, thighs, and butt. It has an innovative design that ensures the safety and comfort of the user.

You can vary your daily workout routine with this amazing weight bar. Each workout bar is made of solid steel with a soft foam cover and plastic cap ends.

The best thing about this bar is that it has square ends which prevent the bar from rolling down on the ground and protect the floor. The color codes on different weights let you identify the different weights easily.

Who Makes It?

This weight bar is the creation of the leading company, CAP Barbell. This company produces many products for fitness, pets, and yoga. Every year, this company is gaining popularity and leading the e-commercial market.

This company hires many young and energetic staff members to produce innovative products. This company aims to produce high-quality products at an affordable price.

Bottom Line:

The CAP Barbell 60” Standard Solid Threaded Bar, 1-Inch is a multifunctional bar that features an amazing shape for better function. With this amazing bar, you can increase your balance for leg exercises. Get this barbell and transform it into an amazing physique.

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 A Beginners Guide To Olympic Barbells Weight Sets:

Best Barbell

About The Barbell:

A barbell is a piece of gymnastic equipment for weightlifters. It is a long metal bar with different weights attached at each end. The user changes the free weight accordingly. This equipment has been around since the 1800s but the modern equipment is quite different from the historical barbells.

Barbells Versus Dumbbells:

People who are new to fitness fields often mix up the barbells with dumbbells, but they are not the same. Both are the two main types of free weights. Dumbbells are actually the short barbells which are ideal for beginners.

Dumbbells are safer than the barbells and also easy to use. The barbell is suitable for working legs while the dumbbells are best for a light workout. The barbell is the necessary equipment for explosive exercise.

How To Correctly Use The Barbell?

Most of the people do not know the right way of using a barbell. Wrong use of barbell can result in various injurious. Listed below is the right way of using a barbell:

1. The first thing that you have to do is to choose the right weights that you can lift properly.

2. Grab the bar firmly and lift it.

3. Lift the weight slowly and steadily for a good workout.

4. Avoid eating anything for 50 minutes before lifting weights.

5. A better way to use the barbell is to work on your bench press.

Benefits of Barbells Weight Sets:

Best Barbell

A barbell is a simple tool that allows you to lift weights quickly. You can learn the barbell exercises in less than an hour. The barbell exercises are quite beneficial for your health. Let’s take a look at its benefits:

1. The barbell is less likely to deviate as the weight is fixed and stable which prevent you from any immediate injury.

2. With a barbell, unlimited progression is possible as you can add more weights according to your capacity.

3. It can help you reach a variety of training goals.

4. With the barbell, you can increase your bone density which is essential to avoid bone diseases.

5. Your body composition also changes with the barbells as your body will have less fat and more muscle.

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Things to Consider When Buying Olympic Barbells:

If you plan to make a gym at your home, then you will need the right equipment. The barbell is the most needed tool for your gym. You will find many types of barbells on the market which makes it difficult for you to choose the right one. Keep the following considerations in mind before buying a barbell for your home gym.

Coating of the Bars:

Some of the bars do not require maintenance because of its high-quality finish. If you get some inexpensive barbells, then you will have to do regular maintenance to prevent them from rusting.

You will find the bars with a different finish and all the coating serves different purposes. The bare steel bars can offer a good grip but will need regular maintenance.

Some of the bars have black oxide body that offers more oxidation protection than the bare steel body, and they will not require any maintenance. Similarly, the chrome-finished bars are the most expensive ones but offer the best protection from damage.

Weight Capacity:

The length of the sleeve determines the weight capacity. The width of the plate also lets you determine the load capacity.The Olympic weight lifting bars require less load as the barbells are wider and designed to absorb shock. You can choose the barbell according to the desired weight that you need to lift.

Whip of the barbell:

The word “whip” is used for the ends of the bar which bounce at the end of each repetition. When a lifter leaves it, then the ends of the bar start bouncing.

This whip allows the bar to help the lifter on various lifts by functioning as a spring. With more load, the ends move more rapidly. Every barbell has its own level of the whip. The plate’s thickness can also affect the whip that the lifter can generate.

Barbell Types:

There are four major types of barbells which include Olympic, powerlifting, hybrid and standard bars. Olympic barbell has enough grip to hold on to the bar.

Powerlifting barbells often have more aggressive knurling that assists in holding the bar comfortably. The multi-purpose barbell is the best type of bar.

You can use this barbell for different purposes. The cheapest option in the barbells are the standard bars with less knurling.

Final Verdict!

A good quality bar can benefit you in various ways. If you are planning to make a gym at your home, then you might need some guidance. Hopefully, this barbell review guide helps you and takes you to the right barbell that you need for your gym.

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