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Cinderella Solution Review by Carly Donovan – Is Fairy Tale Or a Real Deal? Read

Cinderella Solution Review

You might be wondering from what title that redemption is from? Alright, let me clarify one thing first. There is a condition and that is you should be a woman because of course, Cinderella cannot be a man or we can say that a man is not supposed to be a Cinderella.

Now since I have cleared it up, we are good to go because we belong to the same category. Women like us who were very smart at the age of 20 and above. In some cases, this range broadens and reaches the early 30’s. Those slender bodies and beautiful legs were the most fascinating aspects of that age. But now that those years have passed, it is now evident that those beautiful bodies have gone and the problems like obesity and fat deposits are adding salt to the injury.

Now, I guess that you can feel me because 80 to 90% of women are facing the same issue after the age of 25. These tons of fat do not add to the weight in a few minutes. These fats are deposited over many years and creep slowly at the lower belly legs and the back of the body. Now, the beautiful body is a part of the past and you have lost the attraction of your body.

I wanted to get redemption from this problem and I found out my redeeming therapy, The Cinderella Solution. I found out about this program from my co-worker who was a Japanese woman as you know that Japanese women are some of the happiest women in the world. This program helped me to lose fat and I am not obese anymore. Can you believe it? But that is right. So, I have decided to write this review to help you out.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction  

3. About the creator

5. How the program works

7. What do I think?

9. Frequently Asked Questions

2. Program details

4. What the program contains 

6. Purchasing the program

8. Pros and cons

10. Conclusion


First of all, I would like to give you hints about the program, which should use it, why it should be preferred, and how much time it takes. Let’s get started. The Cinderella Solution is a program that is designed for women 20 years or above.

This is for the women who are suffering from obesity: the mother of all diseases. Yes, you heard it right. But there is no reason to be upset. Every problem has a solution and in this case, The Cinderella Solution is the plan to escape from the fat that is trying to stay in the body for the rest of the life. This program is useful because it understands the nature of the body that a woman has and with the passage of time, the changes that take place within the body, and the reasons behind them. 

Cinderella Solution Review

Keeping in view all of these factors, The Cinderella Solution is designed to help with weight loss efforts. It makes it possible to reach the target weight by reducing the fat and extra deposits of cellulite. The most surprising thing is that it takes less than a month to change the body’s appearance.

Program details:

The Cinderella Solution is a program that works for 28 days. Yes, it is not a joke. This program has two phases. One of them is the ignite phase while the other one is the launch phase. Both take 14 days each. The program is available in the form of eBook manuals and video tutorials. It involves different types of meal plans. The meal plan contains a combination of different foods and then by following the whole plan, it became possible for a fat woman like me to turn into someone as skinny as a lass.

The program suggests that women are more likely to eat food with a high level of fat in it. That is the reason, they became fat. But the real problem is that the way they combine their foods is fattier now. The choice they make for the combination of food is wrong. This is the problem with which The Cinderella Solution deals with.

About the Creator:

Cinderella Solution Review

It is a product for women and is also created by a woman. Her name is Carly Donovan. She discovered that women in China, Japan, and Spain are happier than the women of the rest of the world. There is a very low rate of depression as well as suicide. Also, they do not face obesity and its related problems.

Carly Donovan noticed these scenarios and after the careful research process, she came up with an idea of the product. She wanted to launch a product that was in accordance with the female metabolism.

Basically, she is a nutritionist from Canada and was overweight in the past. Her background and history make her an expert on the solution seeker for this problem. As a result, she came up with her flavor- pairing strategy.

What the program contains:

The program is available in printable PDF as well as can be viewed on phones, laptops, and iPads. There are videos designed specifically for women.

It also contains the main manual that explains the metabolic reasons for the fat deposits and the hormones which are responsible for the weight loss in women. There are four parts to it.

1. Movement sequencing Exercise Guide.

3. Favorite 10 flavor pairs and weight loss combinations.

Details of the Cinderella Solution program:

2. The explanation of the program

4. Daily Nutrition Blueprint Book

There is also a Quick Start Guide if someone does not want to go through the whole process from the beginning. This quick start guide will go directly towards the main process.

There is also a part of the program which contains the workout details and procedures. These guides of exercise are given in the Movement sequencing guide. Let me tell you that the workout plans and exercise are optional but it is a part of the program. That is why it had to be mentioned.

There is also a bonus daily nutritional blueprint in which there is bonus material and talks about the steps that Carly Donovan took after a weight loss of 80 pounds. This can help to regulate the necessary motivation needed for the whole process.

There is also a Cinderella university book that will tell about the ingredients that may cause weight gain and weight loss in women.

Main manual details:

There are ten chapters in the main manual. Now, I will tell you about the details of the chapters in the parts mentioned above.

1. This chapter is about food pairing rituals and informs about the POWER Carbohydrate, ANGEL Carbohydrate, and PRIME proteins.

3. From here, Chapter 4 contains daily meal plans and bonus recipes.

5. There is a 3-step instruction in it for the feasibility of the user.

7. This chapter is about Food and Portion blocks.

9. There are the details of Meal timing and Frequency which means that how much one should eat during the “ignite and launch phase”. This also states how much food should be eaten.

2. Rituals for weight loss like food coupling, flavor pairing, and slim sequencing exercises are mentioned in this chapter.

4. This chapter covers two of the phases which are ignite and Launch phases. 

6. Ignite and Launch meal pairing is mentioned here.

8. There are details for the portions of food.

10. Chapter one talks about weight loss from the inside out. Where and how to get started in the program are mentioned in this program.

Reward Time…yayy!

The reward is a must with progress so, here we go.

1. 21 Day Kickstart Nutritional Guide.

2. Movement Sequencing Guide.

Cinderella Solution Review

How the program works:

Cinderella Solution Review

The program is designed for women only and it works on their body according to the metabolic reactions. As we know, our bodies are designed to build a bigger and safer environment for the next generation and its survival. So this says it, this is the very reason for the working of the program that is from inside towards the outward direction.

On the other hand, other ways to reduce weight are not beneficial for women. They work from the outside-in and damage the hormones, as well. It disturbs the metabolism with every losing pound. But as soon as the diet or work out is stopped, the reduced-fat get doubled also.

Purchasing the program:

The product can only be bought at $37 only. This is not expensive for the love of a skinny body, right? Still, if you are short of money, you can save money for it. But you have to give it a chance. After the purchase, the program will be available for you to download. If you do not want to download it, you can access it online as well. But for the sake of the easy and fast approach, I will suggest downloading this program.

Cinderella Solution Review

The big news is that The Cinderella Program is available within 60 days of the money-back guarantee. This is an offer if someone is not comfortable using it. I assure you that none of you will regret your purchase.

What do I think?

If you ask me, I would say that it works wonderfully. When I used this product, my weight was 204 pounds. It was hard for me when people started telling me that I look like a football. There was a time when one lady congratulated me on my false pregnancy. They also told me that I should stop wearing such clothes in which my body is visible and prominent. And yes, let me tell you that more and more diseases were added to my cup with the passage of time. Doctors told me that I might get diabetes as well.

I missed the body of 20 years old. The body was as appealing and delicate as a flower. Then I heard about the Cinderella Program from a Japanese friend. I looked for the product online and gave it a try. You should believe I tried it for just 28 days and lost 50 pounds. For me, it was my biggest achievement after trying so many gyms and diet plans. I tried again without any renewal price for another 28 days and lost 30 pounds again. Well, this is the way in which I followed and reached my desired body.

The Cinderella Solution PDF Free Download


The best things that I witnessed by using the products are:

1. It is designed in such a way that the food plans mentioned with the accurate combinations will make the body just like 20 years old.

3.  The fat burning process takes place according to the female body and its troubling spots. It reduces the tension which helps to build a positive mindset and attitude towards recovery. 

5. Let me tell you that there are food combinations that are healthy for your heart and other organs. So it might contribute to a long and healthy life of yours. 

2. The difference in body weight is so huge. Body loss is almost 6 times faster than other commercial diets and gym sessions.

4. This complete set of programs is designed to make you less obsessed with food than before and give you a helping hand with self-control towards unhealthy food habits. 

6. It is much cheaper with a 60-days money-back guarantee 


Everything comes with some drawbacks in it because nothing is perfect

1. This is a digital diet plan and you have to get print yourself, if not comfortable on devices.

3. There is a must effort in this program because nothing is achievable without any effort. This program might not be for people who seek a short cut for everything with little or no effort at all. 

2. The manual is of many pages that can blow the minds of some of the ladies out there.

4. This program is just for women and not for pregnant women, teenagers, and men. If you belong to any of the categories other than a woman, then the results might not be the same.


The Cinderella Solution Program is not a scam at all. It has been created and designed by a lady who is knowledgeable and skillful in this matter. She has had a long history with diets and nutrition.

Let me tell you that there is no side effect of it because it is based on simple food pairing and natural fat loss. But if you have any pre-existing condition then you should consult your doctor, of course.

The program requires a total of 28 days because it has two phases it. Some women claimed that results were immediate and before the completion of the whole program.

Well, the answer is simple. You can do your research and cross-check the website and the reviews. Make sure that you need it and have some faith.

The cost of Cinderella Solution is $37 which is not costly at all.

The Cinderella Solution can be purchased from our official website:

Of course, you can. The program comes with a money-back guarantee of 60 days. If you are not comfortable, you can return it within 60 days.


We are aware of the fact that many women are in dire need of a diet plan and solution because most of them become obese at the age of 35 and above. Everyone tries different methods to reduce weight. I have also tried many methods in the need of reducing my weight. But let me tell you that all of us need a solution that is different and has a different and effective approach to the problem. This approach is only attained while using Cinderella Solution. So, if you want to lose weight I would recommend you to buy this Cinderella Solution.

The only thing worth mentioning here is that whatever the power a diet program has, it always needs a certain amount of effort and hard work. You cannot expect to get a result without working and effort. It needs consistency and cooperation to work. You can buy it from online stores and after that, all you need to do is stick to it. Do not be lazy in following it. Do not try to ditch the plan with your busy schedule. It is only a matter of 28 days and when you get the results, you will not curse the day you bought it. You will feel much relaxed and free once you have lost some weight. 
So, gird it up Ladies, and live your life to the fullest!

Cinderella Solution Review
Cinderella Solution Official Site Link
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