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Crunchless Core Review 2022 – Is It Brian Klepacki’s Scam? Read

Crunchless Core Review

In the current era of fast food and sugar-laden cold drinks, every 10th person has abdominal obesity. Everybody keeps on gaining weight every day without realizing how the demon of obesity is consuming us all. The main culprits here are our lifestyle with tons of fast food and less or even no exercise sessions in worst case scenarios.

Not too long ago, I belonged to the same, overlooked, obese category. After ignoring it for quite some time, I was fed up with my bulkiness, so I decided to get rid of it. I tried many popular exercises we see in movies and social media videos including running, weightlifting in gym, and plank position to get rid of it. All of them seemed to work, but not to the extent that I wanted.

Let me add that I was never into weightlifting or the proper gym lifestyle so it was evident that I was experiencing severe difficulty in maintaining my interest in the field. This is where one of my friends suggested the Crunchless Core program. The good thing he told me about this program was that young, middle-aged, professionals and all sorts of people could use this pretty easily as compared to the ones we usually see that only pros can follow.

I admit that I was so desperate to lose weight that I decided to go for it right away, without giving it much thought. Now before I go into the details of whether it worked or not, I wanted to give you a general overview of what essentially is the Crunchless Core Workout.

The trainers at Crunchless Core claim there is so much confusion out there about having a six-pack. Thus he has created a special, straightforward approach that works toward achieving their target of a 6-pack for anyone of any age. Brian, the brain behind Crunchless Core, completely believes that it can be extremely harmful to your spine constantly working your abs, performing crunches, and sit-ups. He also has plenty of stories of people being unable to also work out when performing crunches due to the pressure on the spine. Through the Crunchless Core workout, Brian’s mission is to share a safe way of exercising the abdominal muscles without the risk of a back injury.

Table of contents:

1. Overview
3. Introduction
5. About the Author
7. How the Program Works
9. Why We Should Never Do Crunches

2. More about Crunchless Core Program
4. Eat What You Want
6. Pros & Cons
8. My Experience
10. Conclusion

An Introduction to the Crunchless Core Program:

Crunchless Core is a program is a systematic, thorough workout program that really helps you build your core from scratch, and with functional training, it really does so. The program also understands the importance of diet in promoting fitness overall. So the program is not only promoting healthy eating and just restricting calories. Simply following all the techniques and instructions mentioned in this program can really help to get rid of my ugly abdominal look. 

Crunchless Core Review

Well, to be honest, I was having a gigantic false belief about weight loss. I believed I needed a large amount of daytime devoted to my exercise and weightlifting. There was a misconception about weight loss. I presume weight loss is not possible without an eye on some weird diet plans. Who would design that diet plan was the big question. But the Crunchless Core faded all my misconceptions. 

The key to Crunchless Core has revealed is that you can see results only by engaging every single part of your heart. Crunchless Core Program masters the technique of three-dimensional working of your core. To preserve your posture, the workout plans to sculpt a chiseled beach body and build a healthy, solid heart. He is completely against crunches and can’t even believe they’re still being marketed by coaches. Crunches cause stress on the lower back, crush the age of your spine, reinforce bad posture, and most importantly, they don’t work. They miss your core muscles and don’t even reinforce your deepest abdominal muscles to deliver high-end results.

About The Author:

Crunchless Core Review

The brain behind the creation of this program is Brian Klepacki. Brian Klepacki is a well-known name in Florida. People call him Coach Brian. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. After that, he completed his master’s degree in exercise science at Florida Atlantic University in exercise science, apart from schooling, for his work in the fitness industry.

Brian has received many certificates that show his professionalism and knowledge about the human body. Brian owns optimal performance training, and as a result, he has strong followers in St Petersburg, Florida.

Brian is a certified strength & conditioning specialist (CSCS) and has been running a fitness program in Florida for the past 16 years. He has been featured in several magazines and fitness-related shows. Because of his expertise and knowledge, he was once approached to work with American Olympic and Triathlon teams.

Considering his expertise and knowledge, Brian Klepacki is one of the fitness experts that can be trusted. His professional credentials include a diploma in exercise science and an exercise science bachelor’s degree. He is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist and a USA Triathlon Level 1 coach.

All this education along with the experience that Brian has culminated in creating a coach who is able to rely upon scientific research along with personalized workouts in order to be able to offer help to clients of his in receiving training that will present them with the results that they desire.

He has been practicing and training his clients over the decade, and after years of toiling and observation, he has come up with this method. It is basically a reflection of his age-long experience with his clients. It teaches the entire program online through videos. The video session goes into two phases. This increased capacity helps in burning those extra shreds and toning your abdomen.

How the Program Works:

I found out the program is very easy to use. The program is a step by step guide that helped me to achieve massive results in just a matter of 60 days.

The program not only helped me in the achievement of stronger abs but also aided me in breathing better, standing taller, and overall to become the healthier me. 

The working of the program is divided into two phases, which are as follows;

Crunchless Core Review

Phase 1: This phase is 4 weeks long and made me use of functional workouts and building exercises the stability of base which was so much required in my heart. Phase 1 is designed to use a series of smart functional exercises and workouts to quickly gain “foundation” stability and reach the “reset” button on core strength and stability.

Phase 2: The phase is also 4 weeks long and makes use of exercises that are advanced to aid in tackling the abdominal muscles to realize the strength of the abdomen. Phase 2 will move it up a point. These advanced exercises are important to reach deep inside the heart and to train those deep abdominal muscles, which is something that conventional programs struggle to do seriously. Only through this two-step protocol will you be able to build an injury-free, bullet-proof core for optimum, durable strength.

When I put this together, these phases worked for me in building a strong core that is able to endure without being put at the risk of injury at the same time. This made me feel happy when I realized, the whole program is two months long hence a ton of my daily time is not required to undertake the program. This is a blessing for me as I am a very busy person like others. I have to go to work and so the schedule is very tough. So people like me will find it easy to manage. 

Moreover, I found out that I don’t have to work on the core anymore. What I have to do is to build the core for myself from the ground up to level up.

Last but not least, Crunchless Core aided me to align my body correctly. Brian said the program may help in the building of stability as well as strength. The program can also be of help in the removal of many causes leading to injury.

More about Crunchless Core Program:

The program contains six quick 10 minutes workouts that come on two DVDs. Those six fast 10 minutes workouts can also be accessed online. When I joined the program, I was required to follow what they wanted me to do each day until the end of the program. What I was going to do with this program is to build a core for myself from the ground up. In simple terms, the program presented me with a completely different solution to the workouts I was trying. This program presented me with a formula that is simple and easy to follow. The formulas were developed to provide assistance in achieving dramatic results even for an ordinary individual.  

My abs matured within 60 days without the need to take unhealthy supplements for bodybuilding. The other best thing that I came up with was that if I met with an accident this software would help me to maintain body balance, correct, and develop strength. These helpful tips weren’t everything I got, but there were other cherries to choose from too.

There’s also a helpful e-book along with the software that guided me through my purchases, and also keeps track of them. The guide also has a lot to say about how the minimum amount of fat can be lost in the minimum amount of time. It also tackles the problems of those who want to lose weight without losing curves.

Brian also contends that this product will help you develop stability and power. It can also help in helping you remove most of the causes of injuries.

Why We Should Never Do Crunches:

Stuart McGill, a spine biomechanics professor at the University of Waterloo, Canada, performed hundreds of experiments that reproduced the movement of the spine as crunches were being made.

He examined the disks after replicating the human spine’s flexing and found that they had been squeezed to the point where they bulged. That’s why crunches press back nerves that cause back pain, and can even cause a herniated disk. 

After the 1940s the “crunch” has become a hallmark of exercise. Late-night TV commercials and magazine fitness gurus recommend exercise at the gym. 

Yet true fitness experts threw crunches into the garbage can YEARS ago as a serious workout, recognizing the risks and how inefficient they are.

A 1995 study found sit-ups placed over 3,000N of force on the lower spine, which could cause the discs to herniate. Imagine applying that force on any other part of my body through exercise? I would not. Remember: What’s a crunch? Only recreate the bent over a gesture made when I am sitting at a desk or slumping in a seat.

Crunchless Core Review

Eat What You Want Like many people I assumed that I have to go through the difficult and tedious diet cycle, but I ate foods that I like and stick to a long-term plan. 

Enjoying my abs diet started here: I just forgot about reducing calories-that just results in weight loss, not fat loss, which is where I want to concentrate.

Crunchless Core Exercises Pdf Free Download

Pros and Cons:

Crunchless Core program is not intended to solve any problems, but it can provide an easy way of uplifting fitness hormones. With that being said, if used the right way, this program is likely to help gain abs and reach the fitness level you want. 

Like all other methods and programs. Crunchless Core has its own pros and cons. But like a successful product. Pros are greater than the cons. Some of them are mentioned below;


1. This program is also useful for damages that are due to the result of the last program that did not go well.
2. The method used reduces the risk of injury. Because of injury, progress can go down, which is not good.  
3. A firm physical foundation is built on Crunchless Core starting from ground level up to ensure optimum strength and minimized injury. 
4. The program has been created by a man that has a lot of experience in helping his clients get the outcome they desire. This is accomplished by personalized coaching. 
5. The program is not gendered discriminatory. As I realized, some products are designed only for a certain gender.  
6. I was able to get the program in digital form, PDF or eBook, or in the form of physical program, book.


1. A lot of effort was required to make this product work for me.

2. There was very no information coming from past users.

3. I committed to this program for 8 weeks as this is the optimal amount of time it took to make changes to my core power and solidity in the form of abs I wanted.

My Experience:

A quite short time ago, I was having the same issue which is experiencing people nowadays. What is a fat belly? Yeah, it’s true. It happens to almost one-third of the people. I was so desperate at that time. Whatever I wore, it was not looking good at me. My fat tummy was adding points to my embarrassment. I struggled so hard on all my exercises. They all succeeded well. But the problem was that all of them required a lot of hard work and time. I was not able to meet the requirements. One day I was sitting with a sad face and one of my friends noticed it and asked me about the matter. I told him the entire story.

Then he told me about the Crunchless Core program. When he elaborated the whole scene, I had a hard time believing him. He told me, I don’t have to sacrifice much of my food routine and the program requires less time and less effort. I didn’t believe him though I started to give it a try. And boy was I glad that I gave it a chance!

The results were totally awesome. Within one week, I was able to see the results clearly.

My belly was fat and my intestine system was so good. That gave me inspiration. I started to work harder. And boom. It just not made my abdomen flat and I was also able to achieve full abs in just 8 weeks. I know that it was a little long. But the result was quite rich.  Well, to be honest, I had a gigantic false belief about weight loss. I believed I needed a large amount of daytime devoted to my exercise & weightlifting.

Crunchless Core Review

There was a misconception about weight loss. I presume weight loss is not possible without an eye on some weird diet plans. Who would design that diet plan was the big question. But the Crunchless Core faded all my misconceptions. 

My feet were not on the ground when I found out that this program also shares a healthy diet and also teaches how to cook such stuff. It aims at losing fat and gaining a healthy and slim abdomen, which I wished, in a short span of time.

When it comes to crunches, a lot of people engage in with the aim of achieving a flatter abdomen. The problem is that, through the exercises, direct pressure is applied to the spinal disks which cause the spine to flex.

As men and women bring the work in getting rock solid abs that are and use crunches to build a core that is strong. The very same crunches have the effect of deteriorating the spine. That will leave the person concerned unable to do any workout at all.

21 BEST Functional Crunchless Core Exercises for Strong, Flat Abs – Review


Sure, it’s true that there are quite a few items on the market that can be chosen. Yet a lot of deep work and analysis has to be done to find the right one that will be good for people. The analysis has done so and introduced Crunchless Core Program as a software that can be trusted. Crunchless Core’s goal is clearly one of the most common issues for the fitness industry. It offers a sound technique for strengthening the heart without the risk of injury.  

I personally saw many programs bringing change, but they tend to take time and be complex. This program takes less time and is a simplified version of a three-step method. I experienced that this software provided me with long-lasting memories to achieve the desired ends. Crunchless Core is NOT a “quick-fix” ABS that promises fast results with no down effort. Crunchless Core is NOT a “crunches-replacement” or a set of plank alternatives that I found online. It’s a complete workout system that trained my abs for the best results in 3D.

Crunchless Center is a direct product of more than 15 years of one-on-one research and practices with athletes to discover what works. I uncovered the secret trends and specific (sometimes ‘odd’) techniques they employ to stay solid, healthy, and injury-free in the competitive sports world. I completely recommend it, so let’s toil today for a better tomorrow. Click here to check out the Crunchless Program at a special discounted price!

Crunchless Core Review
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