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Forbidden Fitness Secrets Review 2022 – Is it Legit or Scam? Read

Forbidden Fitness Secrets Review

I am sure there are plenty of people out there just like me, who understand the compulsion to stay in shape, but they just make it to the gym on a daily basis. There are many reasons for that to happen: they may be too busy with their jobs, have demanding schedules to manage and cope with the gym timings, or are stuck in household chores. The last reason is exceptionally hard-hitting for single parents like me. Sometimes, the gym is too far from their place, and taking an hour-long bus ride to the gym won’t sound too appealing either. Or in rare cases like mine, some people don’t belong to the whole social awkward type, that even upon making their way to the gym, don’t feel like interacting with others.

No matter what the reason, if you can’t regularly make it to the gym, you won’t be making any visible changes to your body. However, there is no reason to lose hope. As luck would have it, there is another way for you to stay in shape from the very comfort of your own humble abode. Yes, you heard that right! You don’t necessarily need a whole gym full of dumbbells and barbells and machines to have an efficient workout session.

Once you have your hands on the right tools and the right tricks, you can turn your living room into your very own gym! Thanks to our friend, the internet, anyone who aspires to work out from his own place can perform a rigorous workout without leaving the comfort of his or her four walls. This article includes my personalized review of the Forbidden Fitness Secrets program by Ryan Murdock to help you understand its effectiveness. Ryan Murdock’s intrinsic strength forbidden fitness plan contains a series of fitness videos, all of them in a highly efficient all-in-one fitness program design.

What Is Forbidden Fitness Secrets – An Introduction?

Forbidden Fitness Secrets Review

Since there are numerous chances of you coming here to look for a fitness program, you might already have an idea that the Forbidden Fitness Secrets program is an online fitness program comprising of a series of instructional videos. The program is designed with the very intention to demonstrate to all its viewers how to get their body in shape quickly, effectively, and without even going to the gym. The workout videos show exercises that focus on the intrinsic strength concept. The intrinsic strength concept revolves around the very idea of taking the human body to its limit so it can break free from the vulnerabilities and limitations of standard workout patterns and regimes.

All the IST exercises activate more muscles than any other form of workout. They incorporate the whole body and tone the physique much quicker than any other form of resistant conditioning. The beauty of the program is that virtually anyone with the will to shape themselves can perform the exercises, following the video instructions provided in the forbidden secrets fitness program and PDF as well.

What Comes With The Package?

When I purchased the Forbidden Fitness Secrets product as a customer, I received an email along with the download details. The details lead me to a secure server where all the instructional videos are hosted. Upon purchasing, I realized that anyone who buys the program could access the video training material anywhere they want.

Moreover, I realized I did not need to carry a computer with me all the time: using a stable internet connection, I could access the workout videos on any mobile device I had at my disposal. One more thing that I soon realized after watching the training material covers the basics of fat loss and muscle building and demonstrates it in a straightforward yet effective way. If somebody like me, with no prior understanding of weight loss or fat loss, could understand the content and immediately follow the practical instructions, I think no one would have a problem understanding it. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that the program is up-to-date, even after being on the market for several years, it has seen steady improvements over time.

Forbidden Fitness Secrets Review

The Forbidden Fitness Secrets Guide Contains the Following Materials:

1. 6 Software Tools

2. A total of 99 workout instruction videos

3. Individual nutrition and training plans 

4. More than 80 diet recipes, including vegetarian and vegan recipes

All exercises demonstrated in the fitness plan are explained in great detail. To date, more than 10,000 satisfied customers have benefited from the video instructions provided by the Forbidden Fitness Secrets PDF guide. With the help of the provided understanding tools, users can quickly determine their calorie counts and calorie conversion rates. The fitness program can save a lot for you in terms of time and money; plus, it will help you achieve your fitness goals in the most efficient way possible.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

The Forbidden Fitness Secrets program is pretty affordable and accessible in your pocket. After the original cost got cut down with a discount from $147, the current value is now only $64. Keeping this price in view, I realized that the program is way cheaper than attending an expensive gym or attending a fitness seminar. Furthermore, anyone who buys the program will soon know that the quality of the Forbidden Fitness Secrets PDF Guide is well worth its cost.

Forbidden Fitness Summoning of the abs PDF

About the Author – Ryan Murdock:

Forbidden Fitness Secrets Review

Ryan Murdock, the Forbidden Fitness Secrets Program producer, is an expert bodyweight trainer and an accomplished martial artist. His training experiences include working out in some of the most unforgiving environments on the face of this planet.

Ryan has devoted his entire life to fitness and martial arts. Like all the other famous names of the game, he started early: in his 6th grade. By the time he was 15, he had already earned his black belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. For the early decades, Ryan’s fitness revolved around the enhancement of his martial arts performance. Due to his dedication, Ryan was able to make his way to the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame class of 2006.

Arguably, it was his accomplishments in martial arts that lead to his high demand as a fitness coach. Ryan recorded numerous programs that were later played on TV and then went on to teach via his fitness seminars throughout North America and Europe. Along his road to fame, he had numerous chances to work with internationally acclaimed and decorated rock stars such as Steve Kilbey of The Church, guitar diva Lita Ford, and Jim Gillette of Nitro.

Another intriguing fact about Ryan, the author of the Forbidden Fitness Secrets, is that he is eagerly researching new programs, testing new ideas, and updating the latest developments and trends in the fitness industry. If you want to catch more of his fitness articles, make sure to find him at BodyweightCoach and Shapeshifter.

What Did I Learn From my Experience with Forbidden Fitness Secrets?

As the title says, the Forbidden Fitness Secrets guide will enlighten you about some of the business’ lesser-known fitness tips and tricks. As I have mentioned before, the video training series focuses on the concept of intrinsic strength; the whole program does have an excellent inspirational touch from martial arts as well. All exercises demonstrated in the training videos come explained with great detail to detail. Forbidden Fitness Secrets is arguably one of the best online fitness programs currently available on the market.

Forbidden Fitness Secrets Review

Its distinguishing features are the myriad of excellent tools it comes with. The training video program generously accommodates all the folks who look forward to shaping up and building muscle for their body. One more worthy of mention is the dietary guidelines that make useful and necessary addition to achieving your fat loss and muscle building goals.

The program also gives you the advantage of being available everywhere and anywhere you want. You need nothing more than a stable and reliable internet connection, and you can gain access to all of its information and training videos on your tablet, laptop computer, or smartphone.

You can also play the training videos on your smart TV set. This way, you can pause and resume the training in case at your leisure and in case of any unexpected or scheduled breaks.

The Fitness Training Program has 3 Phases that Last for 12 Weeks:

Phase 1: Kick-start (duration from 1 to 4 weeks):

The initial phase goes by the name Kick start, which has a design to aid the body in rapid weight loss. This phase will take your body through a low carbohydrate diet and make you will learn the very basics of training and nutrition. All of the content comes step-by-step to ensure easy understanding for the user on every skill set and level of apprehension.

Phase 2: Reshape (duration from 5th to 8th week):

Once you make it to the 5th week, you will reach the “Reshape phase” of the Forbidden Fitness Secrets program. This phase puts even more emphasis on supporting nutrition, and the adaption of your dietary guidelines to your personal fitness success. Evidently, during this period, the training is getting much more intense, but it is necessary to help you to build muscle and lose more kilos.

Phase 3: Feel Good (from 9th to 12th week):

This phase will ensure you continue streamlining your body through intensive training. The main goal of this final phase is to retain a low level of fat and take the body further to a much-chiseled form. The training plan focuses on practical yet straightforward workout sessions. What I understand is that anyone who buys the program will train exclusively with the weight of their own body and nothing else. This means that you can feel free to train where and whenever you want to since this program gives you complete flexibility as a home workout system.

You do not need any kind of sophisticated or expensive gym equipment like barbells or dumbbells or any machines to complete the program. All you need is a home exercise kit, and you are good to go. To steer clear of any injuries, the author puts heavy emphasis on the right technique and correct movement executions. The recommended duration of a regular training session for the program goes to nothing more than 20 to 30 minutes, which is only three times a week.

The Fitness program also contains 130 different nutritional recipes so your taste buds won’t be bored eating all the bland diet foods that usually accompany such training programs. Furthermore, 30 of the aforementioned recipes are vegan, all of them in the nutrition guide in PDF format, so you can access them anywhere you want. Plus, with the program, you get access to a closed Facebook group that ensures answers to all questions and queries among the fitness community and boos of motivation during the entire 12-week. In the Facebook group, you can interact with other users and share your issues, successes, and experiences.

Forbidden Fitness Secrets Pros & Cons:

To be honest, just like any other workout program out there, Ryan Murdock’s fitness program isn’t any different and has its fair share of pros and cons, yet it is worthy of mention that its advantages highly outnumber its cons:


1. The fitness program focuses on moderate training time (only three times a week with 20-minute workouts )
2. It comes with a handy nutrition guide that works for vegetarian and vegan users too
3. anyone who buys the program can access the program with a smartphone, tablet, or computer and use the contents of the fitness program anywhere they want. 
4. You don’t need to be a professional fitness expert or a black belt martial artist to benefit from the program; virtually anyone can make full use of it.

5. The workouts aid in the development of energy levels and increased strength of the body. 
6. Access to a large Facebook group ensures connection to a reliable fitness community that provides users with answers to their queries and experiences while maintaining a notion of eminent motivation
7. The training videos demonstrate all workouts in a detailed step-by-step manner so everyone can understand the exercises easily.


1. If you are amongst the people who are looking for a magical program with results in 4 weeks, this is not the program for you.
2. Not all users of this fitness program should expect to achieve

3. This fitness program demands dedication and intense training, so if you are a softie, this might not be the best idea for you. 
4. weight management and fitness goals within 12 weeks

Do Forbidden Fitness Secrets Actually Work?

Yes, as reported by many users, and since I have experienced it myself, Ryan Murdock’s fitness secret program works a treat! Ryan Murdock is an accomplished martial artist and a reputable fitness expert. The videos included in this program are efficient and science-based, reassuring about the author’s expertise and validating his guidelines and training techniques.

I cannot stress this anymore that his fitness system focuses on intrinsic strength. The training videos in the program will teach you how to build inherent strength and lean muscle simultaneously. This ensures you achieve a body that is not only a properly-shaped buy but also healthy. Elements of the program also reflect Murdock’s martial artist side, thus giving off hints of martial arts training. The workouts are accessible to anyone. They are intense yet simple to perform.

No matter if you are a newbie like me and just beginning to work out like a pro athlete from a league, the training videos are suitable for all. Plus, there is no patriarchy here, and women can also use and complete the program successfully and achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. Women who try to lose weight also try beta switch weight loss program, which is also effective for them. Keep in mind that the program is gradual and will take you slowly and step-by-step through 3 training phases in 12 weeks. For people who try to lose weight, these exercises and dietary guides are also a great choice.

Forbidden Fitness Summoning of the abs Amazon


If you want to get stronger and in great shape, then the Forbidden Fitness Secrets would arguably make a pretty good investment. The workouts only require 20 minutes, three times a week, and the instructions are easy to follow. Many users of this fitness program have achieved their goals.

There are lots of positive reviews coming from satisfied customers. As a matter of fact, this is one of the best online fitness programs available on the market today, based on research and actual science. It is flexible, easily accessible online, and comes at an affordable price. For all the above-mentioned reasons, we highly recommend the Forbidden Fitness Secrets program.

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Forbidden Fitness Secrets Review

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