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How To Fix Forward Head Posture? 3 Easy Exercises To Fix Forward Head Posture – Read

Forward Head Posture Fix Review

There’s a new epidemic of forwarding Head Posture breaking out as we speak, and I fear that this is something more people need to talk about. Some time ago, my interest peaked in this topic when I came across the Forward Head Posture Fix program.

The program puts forth a routine of simple yet effective movements that utilizes a special ‘Sequential Flow’ method. This flow claims that it can fix the forward head posture without failing.

Something that intrigued me, even more, is that the program claims that all the advice we have ever heard about fixing forward head posture has nothing but crap.

Once I was done going through their sales page I couldn’t help it and really wanted to go deep, read more about the Fix program and unveil their secret sauce.

If you have been browsing and researching product reviews on the Forward Head Posture Fix you’ll likely come across reviews that are of little help.

Let’s get this straight; this is the online world of deception. In most cases, people haven’t even used the product that they are reviewing. But I had a different approach to it: the only way I was going to get a true view of the program was by buying it for myself and observing its results first hand. That is when I sat down to count my savings and to my delight, I did have the $9 to complete the purchase.

If you’re currently sitting on the fence about making the purchase but are really interested in the program, then this review should be of interest to you.

In this post, I’ll be discussing in detail about what the program is, on what principles it works, as well as my own thoughts and experience regarding the product and information.

One other thing that you need to bear in mind is that I am not a health professional or fitness expert; this description is just my own humble opinion and review of what I experienced with the exercises to correct forward head posture.

Forward Head Posture Fix Review

What Is the Forward Head Posture Fix Program:

In a nutshell, the Forward Head Posture Fix is a dumpy little guide with designs to show you how to fix forward head posture.

The author goes by the name of Mike Westerdal, is a national best-selling fitness author. He teamed up with Rick Kaselj (a leading name in the field of kinesiology and injury specialism) to come forth with their special formula that ‘disentangles’ the neck muscles and ‘perks up the posture of ugly texting neck almost instantaneously’.

Forward Head Posture Fix Review

The authors of the program state that most information on how to fix forward head posture focuses on the very concept of static stretching, thus it is flawed for it can only provide a sense of temporary relief.

They further hypothesize that online ‘specialists’ have been all erroneous for the reason that it’s not about the stretches and actions, but it’s the order that these are implemented that matter. This is what they name the “Sequential Flow Method”.

This special disentanglement technique includes:

1. Muscle Re-Education Exercises

3. Breathing Workouts

5. Mobility Workouts

7. Postural Solidification

2. Self-Massage

4. Static Stretching

6. Deep Cervical Flexors exercise

The Forward Head Posture Fix package combines all these processes into an 11 step succession that will perk up posture in less than 15 minutes a day.

The Forward Head Posture Fix package consists of:

1. A Manual that demonstrates the very fundamentals of forwarding Head Posture and the details of the rudimentary process of fixing it.

Forward Head Posture Fix Review

2. A DVD video displaying how to implement the routine with the appropriate form. Once you are done learning the suitable form, you can use an additional video to keep an eye on along as you begin to supplement the exercises to your everyday humdrum. The third constituent of the successions is a video performance method to make the workouts stress-free or inflexible depending on your fondness.

Forward Head Posture Fix Review

With every acquisition you’ll be given a set of additional Bonuses:

Bonus 1: Lower Back Pain Lifestyle Audit DVD

Forward Head Posture Fix Review

Bonus 2: 10 Best Natural Sleep Solutions Guide

Forward Head Posture Fix Reviews

The package costs a total of $50 but if you purchase it before the timer expires you can avail of it for $9 only.

Experience sharing the Forward Head Posture Program:

Honestly speaking, I don’t much to say here since I have no real issues or worries when purchasing the product.

Clickbank, a trusted organization marketplace, sells the Forward Head Posture Fix program. So Clickbank deals directly with all payments and credit card details, not just the product creators, all in an effort to keep you stress-free from worrying about getting scammed or your details getting stolen.

Forward Head Posture Fix Review

If anyone encounters an issue while purchasing the product, it’s going to be the continuous advertising and upsells you’ll have to go through to get to your ultimate merchandise.

Once your payment gets accepted, be ready for a bombardment of advertisements and ads of other products from the creators in a series of pop up screens. If you do not throw your computer out the window and manage to stay calm with all these advertisements getting on your nerves during this period, after a while, you will eventually reach the program materials that you were looking for in the first place.

Forward Head Posture Program Materials:

There aren’t actual physical copies despite the page describing the materials as a DVD, and a Manual over and over again. Instead, you do not have to get anything delivered and can use the materials right away since the program is entirely online.

As I just mentioned before, once you get past a myriad of marketing messages, you will find yourself at a download page where you can download all your purchases.

There is a link in PDF format that allows you to download the Forward Head Posture Fix manual in no time.

Underneath this very download link, you can find the coaching videos embedded into the same page. You can either download the videos by clicking a button on the video player or watch the videos on the download page at your leisure. 

The videos on that page include:

1. A training instructional video that demonstrates Rick training you on how to accomplish the moves. The video is about 34 minutes long.

3. Next is a 12 minute tail along video that you can use on a day-to-day basis.

2. 2 other videos with workout switches if you desire to change some of the activities in the routine. Both the videos are around 20 minutes long.

Bonuses accessible on the download page consist of:

1. 2 Lower Back Pain Lifestyle Audit videos of about 10 minutes each.

2. The 37 page long “10 Best Natural Sleep Solutions Manual” in PDF.

How Do I Find A Forward Head Posture Fix Program:

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a product review on a program called Unlock Your Glutes. If you haven’t heard about it before, it’s a program that teaches a special method to make use of your glute muscles: the powerhouse of the body that unleashes a plethora of amazing benefits.

It was the upswing in attractiveness of the Unlock Your Glutes product that admonished me to buy it and see what all the flimflam was all about.

While I was reviewing the above-mentioned product, I noticed that another program that adopts the same special ‘Sequential Flow Method’ to unlock a foolproof way to fix forward head posture was released by the authors of Critical Bench. Of course, this program was the Forward Head Posture Fix.

Benefits of Forward Head Posture Fix: Fact or Fiction?

Forward Head Posture Fix Review

Right from the very beginning, I’ll be very honest and state that I have had no issues with the benefits cited on the product, concerning improving forward head posture.

Unlike their previous product Unlock Your Hip Flexors, this product is quite realistic and puts its money where its mouth is. The last product made some claims that seemed rather unrealistic and at times bizarre.

Better appearance, breathing, hormone regulation, and energy levels are some of the foremost benefits of fixing forward head posture, as cited by the authors of the program. I totally agree with them on the idea that fixing forward head posture brings a myriad of benefits, some of which go further than systematic particulars such as enlightening self-confidence and temperament.

But there is much more: the authors state that forward head posture is becoming more and more common in today’s society due to all the staring at screens and constantly sitting at one place that we are doing these days.  There is a constant reminder that forward head posture caused by technology is becoming so common that it’s often overlooked and referred to as ‘text neck‘. What’s more worrying is that the once infamous Dowager Hump that was once only associated with older women, is now more predominant amongst young people in both sexual categories.

Well to be honest, I agree with the authors on this one. It’s evident that if you are suffering from forward head posture, make it your top priority to address the issue right away, before it gets worse.

Forward Head Posture Fix Program Considerations:

I started reading the PDF and to my surprise, the PDF was slightly better than what I had in mind. Nevertheless, I will say that the majority of the PDF doesn’t outline anything cutting edge. Rather, it just provides us with a simple summary of the prominence of posture and more contextual points on the benefits of forwarding Head Posture.

Another thing that annoyed me was the PDF covering the same points as the sales page, except for the fact that each point is explained in greater depth. All this information takes up around 1-38 of the 60 total pages in the PDF.

Nonetheless, there are very few of you most likely to buy the product to learn about the circumstantial of forward head posture and neither did I.

The most important is the special method and whether it works or not, the remaining pages of the manual solely focus on this.

Forward Head Posture Correction Exercises PDF

Sequential Flow Method:

Rick devised this method and it hypothesizes that static stretching is meaningless and that it is the order of the actions and workouts that are imperative to fix forward head posture. The muscles must be ‘unwound’ in the right order to object to them appropriately. If they don’t, they are doing nothing but wasting your time.

The authors believe that a majority of the neck and spine experts out there fail to understand it altogether.

All in all, the Forward Head Posture Fix program’s only unique selling point is that it focuses on the principle of the Sequential Flow Method, and nothing else. Without this focus on the flow method, the product would be no different from any other forward head posture fixing routine.

Forward Head Posture Fix Review

As I have admitted before, that I am not an expert or a fitness guru, but I have watched my fair share of videos and performed a myriad of research on how to fix forward head posture, and I see nothing new in any of the steps they’ve laid out in the Forward Head Posture Fix program.

Nevertheless, I will say out loud that I have a firm belief that the routine laid out in the program is ample to fix forward head posture.

The routine addresses issues with the tight muscles in the neck by including massage and stretching techniques. They also add the necessary exercises to strengthen the weak neck muscles to restore balance back to the head.

As far as my opinion is concerned, it doesn’t really make any difference what order you do these movements and since the Sequential Flow Method is nothing more than fantasy. They don’t really discuss the science or logic behind the ‘unraveling’ technique or how it works, they suppose the reader to just put his confidence in them that their product works.

Should You Buy a Forward Head Posture Fix Program:

I stated before and I am going to say this again that the only unique selling point about this program has over any other YouTube video is the order that the exercises are performed for fixing forward head posture.

If you are one of the folks who think that the order doesn’t really matter, then this program doesn’t offer too much in terms of any other piece of information. Personally, I do think the Sequential Flow Method does make a difference since it makes the program stand out.

Forward Head Posture Fix Review

As mentioned above, another product of these authors, the Unlock Your Hip Flexors, also mentions the Sequential Flow Method as being fundamental to seeing results in that program too. I do feel that the Sequential Flow Method is simply a marketing angle to make their programs seem special and entice people to buy them.

I also feel that they have missed a couple of other ideas that are essential to fixing forward head posture.

For one, fixing forward head posture usually means you have to address rounded shoulders, as this postural dysfunction almost always accompanies forward head posture (known as Upper Crossed Syndrome). They do touch upon this idea and have included one exercise that does target the shoulders, but more emphasis should be placed on the importance of fixing rounded shoulders as well as rounding of the upper back.

The other issue is that although they do mention a lot on how technology and sitting are killing your posture, I don’t think they even mention that you should be looking to make lifestyle changes in addition to performing the routines.

Such lifestyle changes include looking at your phone less, standing up more often and raising the height of your desktop screens etc.

Making such changes is important because if you don’t fix the root cause of your forward head posture (putting your head in a forward head posture), then the system will be of very little value for you.

That being said, one glimmer of hope for the product is that generally the exercises and stretches do look as if they are suitable for fixing forward head posture

The other factor that works in the Forward Head Posture Fix favor is that the product only costs $9.


I believe that if you spend an afternoon researching forward head posture, the causes, and how to fix it, you will be able to educate yourself sufficiently to put your own program together to fix forward head posture.

On the other hand, if you are feeling lazy or $9 seems a small price to pay, then you can get all the information you need on forward head posture in the Forward Head Posture Fix package.

However, I doubt you’ll get any added benefit by using the Forward Head Posture Fix’s Sequential Flow Method.

Forward Head Posture Fix official Link

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