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Want to Get Relief from The Back or Joint Pain? Try The Inversion Therapy with Best Inversion Table 2020

HARISON Heavy Duty Inversion Table

Technology makes our lives much more comfortable, just as the online buying of the desired products. People prefer to check reviews, ratings, and much more from online sites before buying. It offers information about the product, its features, specification, and prices. If you are planning to buy the best inversion table 2020, then this buyer’s guide will help to learn more about it.

In this guide, we selected the best inversion table for exercise based on their: features, strength, durability, prices, and space. It will help the reader to learn the things and understand before buying the right inversion table for the gym. Inversion tables sound suitable for stretching, core training, treat pains, and offer multiple exercise opportunities.

In this buyer’s guide, you can found how inversion table use for therapy? How does the inversion table help in pain relief? How can you set up an inversion table for exercise? And much more. Moreover, the guide provides the best inversion tables review, available for sale in 2020, and much more.

Best-Selling Inversion Table 2020 To Treat Back Pain

Before buying the gym equipment like inversion table for exercise – it is essential to check its features, price, space, and strength. Here we have selected the best inversion tables with the detailed review, prices, and much more. It helps to find out the suitable machine for the workout. Here the best inversion tables are selected and available for sale from the top retailers:

1. Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table


  • Made up with durable steel
  • Highly adjustable grip
  • Protective and comfortable
  • Offer high rotation and control


  • Does not have any

Are you looking for the best inversion table?

Here you can find the advance feature and comfortable adjustment in the Teeter EP-560 inversion table. It is best for the stretching and offers ease from the muscle strain. It is made up of durable grips and highly comfortable. Moreover, you can adjust it as per the height and enjoy the inversion therapy. With a firm hand grip, it is easy to change the position with a more sustainable posture.

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 2. Innova Health and Fitness Innova ITM4800 inversion table


  • Offer multiple heating and therapy adjustments
  • Soft and comfortable seat bed
  • Highly adjustable for every body size
  • Made up with the steel that makes is durable
  • Healthy and sustainable for the gym


  • Not specified

Innova Health and fitness inversion table come up with the exclusive features that offer ease and multiple adjustments for therapy.

It made up of the adjustable massage heating pad and flexible grips. With the help of moving rode, you can set the position as required. Moreover, with the excellent gravity balance, you can try multiple angles and postures while using the inversion table for exercise. It is perfect for everyone and offers a setting for all body sizes. Stability metal rods make it ideal to have
anywhere easily.

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3. HARISON Heavy Duty Inversion Table


  • Offer ease and control to the posture
  • The 3D stereo backrest is highly effective for the inversion therapy
  • The adjustable height and ankle rest make it suitable for everyone
  • Offer the facility to try multiple workouts
  • Made up with the durable steel
  • Can hold up to 350lbs


  • Does not have any specified.

HARISSON offers the heavy-duty inversion table with 3D stereo backrest.

It provides more sustainable support and security while doing exercise. It made up of a durable steel body that offers support up to 350lbs weight. For the stretching and other workouts, it is a highly preferable inversion table to have in the gym. With the matt protective handles, you can hold and maintain the posture at your best. Moreover, it offers the seat and ankle rest height adjustment, which makes it the best inversion machine for every body size. For the full-body stretching and to ease muscle strain, it is a perfect inverting table.

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4. Invertio Inversion Table Back Stretching Machine


  • Easy to grip with easy to use properties
  • Can carry 300lbs easily
  • Offer the multiple adjustments
  • More protective and supportive inversion table
  • Highly portable and easy to fold


  • Not specified

Want to have a fully adjustable inversion table?

Then, we should look into the more flexible design and stylish inversion frame. It offers a more compact solution to train at the gym. Further, you can make more sustainable movement and get the advantage from different positioning the inversion table provides. It designs to carry 300lbs easily; that’s why to consider an effective option to set up in the gym.

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5. Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table


  • Firm grip with the long handle for grip
  • The durable steel frame offers excellent support
  • Suitable to carry 300lbs easily
  • Offers more stable inversion therapy
  • Comfortable and stand firm due to its design and material.


  • Does not have any

The best inversion table has to be more powerful, portable, and adjustable, especially for the gym.

So, ironman gravity 1000 inversion table is a compact choice. It offers adjustments that make it user- friendly. You can enjoy the best inversion therapy and ease in the muscle strain or pain. Its long, sturdy safety handles provide excellent grip during multiple posture settings. With a double steel body, it is suitable to hold weight and stand firm at a flat surface. So, you can enjoy the inversion table without the fear to slip.

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6. Exerpeutic 975SL All Inclusive Heavy Duty Inversion Table


  • Offers excellent support and sustainability
  • Made up with the durable material
  • Ankle cushions provide comfort and safety
  • Can carry up to 350lbs easily
  • Offer security during the inversion


  • Do not have any

While choosing the best inversion table, it is essential to consider shape, stability, durability, and material.

The Exerpeutic 975SL is a heavy-duty inversion table that has advanced features. The disc brake technology makes it more sustainable and comfortable for the user. Its seat made up of the soft air material that provides a cushion to the neck, back, and ankles. It can carry up to 350lbs weight, and a super locking system offers a more sustainable exercising experience. If you are interested in the best inversion table to set up your gym – then, it is a highly compact solution.

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7. Health Gear ITM5500 Advanced Technology Inversion Table


  • Removable and offer control through remote
  • Support up to 300lbs easily
  • It is easy to store and carry from one place to another
  • Offer adjustable heights that make it suitable for everyone
  • Perfect for the inversion therapy and heat massage


  • Not specified.

So, you want a professional inversion table for the gym setup?

Get the health gear ITM5500 with advanced technology and controlled support features. It offers the best massage and inversion therapy to the user. You can operate this inversion table through the manual system as well as through automatic inversion. It provides multiple functions like inversion, heat therapy, and massage at once. With different adjustable sizes, it is perfect for almost every body shape. It can hold up to 300lbs easily. Moreover, it is easy to move from one place to another because of the foldable features.

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Inversion Table: A Source to Treat Pain & For Therapy

Inversion table gym equipment is effective and useful. Trainers suggest using the inversion table for exercise with precautions, because it may not suit everyone. So, to get the maximum benefits with the use of the inversion table, it is essential to get guidance from the professional. By using the inversion table with proper precautions and care will help in various health issues. As per the health experts, it is an excellent source to treat the back pain and to ease muscle strain. You can do some stretching before or after workout by using the inversion table. Here are some exclusive benefits of using the inversion table, that reflects it as a source to treat pain & for therapy:

Ease in Back Pain

The inversion table works with the technical principal of the inversion therapy that allows the spine to expand. By laying upside down, the vertebra expands and enables the exchange of fluids – that will help to treat them and the opportunity of rebuilding. It can offer ease in case of any compress vein or muscles that provide quick pain relief.

Quick-Relief in Joint Pain

During the workout, it is reasonable to have particular joint pain. After the intensive exercise, it is adequate to have a few minutes stretching session over the inversion table. It helps to treat the alignment issues and reduce the stress from the joints. With the proper posture, it is quite possible to get relief from the joint displacement.

Muscles or Joint Therapy

Due to over-excursion, tension, and exercise, muscles can be in stress and strain. With the inversion table exercise, you can treat the muscles or joint aches quickly. The inversion table offers deep contraction, relaxation, and stretch that provide excellent results. Moreover, people use the inversion table to stretch the abs or legs. As well many abs workouts are effectively performing by using the inversion table.

Good for Blood Circulation

For health, it is essential to have good blood circulation throughout the body. Due to any strain in muscles or joints, sometimes blood flow can be disturbing. Inversion table exercise can help to improve the blood flow. It suggested using the inversion table stretching technique before or after the workout session. The downward contact posture for a specific period offers ease in the muscles. As well it improves the blood circulation from lower to the upper body and can overcome the strain in the veins.

Things You Should Consider While Looking for The Best Inversion Table

Whenever it comes to choose the best inversion table for exercise, you have to review some generic features. These features are specific to a particular product but some everyday things that every good inversion table should have. Here are some standard features you should look before choosing the best inversion table:

1. Strength

Strength is an important aspect that you cannot just ignore while selecting an inversion table for exercise. Remember that the inversion tables are not for the display, and in the gym, many people use it for different exercises. No matter the inversion table use for stretching or weight training, it has to be durable and robust. You have to check the strength before buying that the inversion table is enough to carry out the maximum weight.

2. Durability

You can invest in a random inversion table, must review its durability. Make sure that the price you are paying is worth investing, and the product can stand for an extensive period. Inversion table for exercise with good quality, durability, and made up with the durable steel body will stand for a lengthy period at a commercial place.

3. Price value

Investing in the best inversion table is tricky when you can find multiple options. It makes it hard to decide which one is more feasible to invest. While buying the inversion table should review that the price is compatible with the features that you are paying. It is a one-time investment, and you have to consider your budget frame and the features of the product.

4. Core features

Choosing the inversion table can be even wiser when you look into the core features that the product is offering other than durability or strength. Make sure the product is excellent in usage, and offer some add-ons that can justify the cost. So, review all features and testify them to value your investment.

5. Design

When it comes to design means the style, shape, space it requires, size, length, and mobility. Before buying, consider the space you have to keep the inversion table. Only a spacious, smart, well designed and featured inversion table is the best and suitable to set up in a commercial gym.

6. Exercises

Inversion tables for training offer the variation and ideal for the professionals and beginners. The latest models are available with the smart improvements that provide support and alterations in exercise. While using the inversion table for the training, you have to learn its setup and modifications to use it properly and avoid inversion table injuries.


Do The Inversion Table Work for The Back Pain Relief?
Inversion table design with the particular technology that works through the decompression. When a person is lying on the table and set the posture for upside down, it stretches the back joints or vertebra. It leads to the movement of fluid and can ease the pinch of veins or muscles. According to the health experts with the right posture and health assistance, it is easy to get ease from the back pain.
How Much Time You Have to Spend On the Inversion Table?
An inversion table is excellent to deal with the stretch, muscle strain and offer ease in joint or muscle pain as well. On the other side, it is not suitable for everyone to use the inversion table. But usage of the inversion table for therapy or for stretching more than an appropriate time can create a restlessness. So, it only suggested using the inversion table for treatment, not more than 3 to 4 minutes. Further, as per the fitness expert instructions.
What Can You Do with The Inversion Table?
Inversion table design for the great exercise and for stretching. It offers multiple advantages and health benefits to a person with regular use. You can treat the muscle strain, joints, or back pain and use it for the proper stretching. It is good to use it for exercises like for the abs training and the leg as well. Furthermore, the gym instructor will help out about the latest techniques and exercises that can perform through the inversion table.
Is The Inversion Table Helps with The Workout Sessions?
Yes, the inversion table for exercise is high and fun. It does not just help to ease muscle pain or joints pain. You can try multiple variations in workouts while using the inversion table at the gym.
What to Consider More While Buying the Inversion Table?
Whenever you are going to buy the inversion table, it is essential to look at the best features. Some are common or general properties that every best product should have, like strength, durability, and sustainability. While buying the best inversion table, make sure the design, support, movement, and price. The cost you pay for the equipment should justify through the core features. So, it is better to testify the elements to make sure that you are paying the right amount to get the right product.

The Verdict!

The purpose of writing this buyer’s guide is to provide relevant information about the best inversion table. It does not just offer the information about the inversion table 2020, available for sale. But also give an in-depth comparison of the best product. You can make a wise choice by reviewing their features and price.

In our opinion, if you are looking for the advance inversion table for your gym, then innova health and fitness inversion table are appropriate. It offers excellent support to the weight and almost for every body size. But if you equipped with more advanced training or therapy center, then Health gear ITM5500 with advanced technology is worth investing. It just offers the inversion therapy but the heat massage therapy as well.

Although, we are hoping that the buyer’s guide provides help and support to choose the best inversion table as per the budget and requirement.

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