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5 Day Keto Soup Detox Diet Reviews – Do They Work for Weight Loss? Read

Keto Soup Detox Review

Hey there! Today I have come up with testing yet another weight loss program, named keto soup detox. I’ll start off with some basics though I know most of you all know what a keto diet is and how it works just for recalling purposes, keto diet or ketogenic diet is primarily a low carb diet with the idea of cutting on carbs and increasing the amount of fat that leads to health benefits and above reduction in weight.

Keto diet has helped with diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, and Alzheimer’s disease in a couple of researches. Keto diet works by reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. This drastic reduction in fat leads you to a metabolic state called ketosis. So when that happens the body becomes extremely efficient at the process of burning fat, and turns the fat into ketones (remember we all studied aldehydes and ketones in organic chemistry) in the liver, and deliver the energy to the brain.

There are different types of keto diets like:

A standard ketogenic diet (SKD): It’s a very low-carb, moderate protein, and high-fat diet, that typically contains 75% fat, 20% of the protein, and only 5% of the carbs.

A cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD): This diet includes high carb diets in intervals but includes more protein than the standard ketogenic diet. Like 5 ketogenic days followed by 2 high carb days. 

A targeted ketogenic diet (TKD): In this type of ketogenic diet you are allowed to add carbs during the workouts as well.

High protein ketogenic diet: It is somewhat of a standard ketogenic diet but includes more protein. The ratio of the percentage of protein fats and carbohydrates included are 60% of the fat, 35% of the protein, and 5% of the carbs.

We all struggle with attaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle at some point in our lives, loads of stress, anxiety, and pushing away those negative thoughts. We tend to be enticed towards an unhealthy lifestyle every now and then. Though we neglect our health, our body basically uses the process of self-defense against all the toxins in a while but also draws itself towards extra help to get rid of all the toxic compounds as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. 

In this review, I am going to highlight the keto detox program that comes with a plan for a workout regime, keto soup cookbook recipes that are going to help with detoxing the body and keeping a track of the energy levels during the course of the program.

Table of Contents:

1. About the author

3. Why the keto soup diet is so effective

5. What you get alongside the program

7. Keto detox diet merits and demerits

9. Conclusion

2. Regarding the keto detox program pdf

4. How you should transition your diet

6. The rapid soup diet ‘triple guarantee’

8. Does keto soup detox really work?

10. Frequently Asked Questions

About the Author:

I am hearing this for the very first time that the author of the program is neither a personal trainer nor a diet coach or fitness freak, but a normal person struggling with his weight like any other person on the planet. The author mentions by himself that he is no doctor or a dietician or personal trainer of any kind. Oh, and by the way, the author’s name is JOSH who tells us that he has struggled with weight all his life until he reached his breaking point on his own honeymoon and we are here to benefit from the consequences.

Keto Detox Program Pdf:

It’s a keto detox program providing workouts, diet plans, and recipes to eliminate harmful toxins from the body. The primary purpose of the program is to flush out the fats and accumulated toxins into the body over a period of time in order to rejuvenate the body and the soul altogether.

Keto Soup Detox Review

Why the Keto Soup Diet Is So Effective:

Keto soup diet is effective because it’s very specific about the set of instructions given to follow the diet program. The keto diet recipes are made with a specific caloric and net carbs total to have a precise tab on the total carbs you consumed. 

Thus leaving one with no other option than to follow I should say. A major benefit of the keto detox soup is that it is far more pleasing to the taste buds than regular low-calorie diet meals. Not only the detox soup diet is a friendly meal diet recipe. Including low carb vegetables like celery root, radish, jicama, and turnips. These are quite healthy alternatives to the regular starchy vegetables you end up within the standard ketogenic diet. And above all the soup is delicious because of the protein from chicken breast and bacon as well.

Keto Soup Detox Review

There is a set of limitations to the diet as well that needs to be followed by the user like going dairy-free (which means avoiding everything diary from the cream of your coffee as well) avoiding nuts and letting go of all the sweeteners including the ones which are calorie-free as well.

How You Should Transition Your Diet:

The best way to keep things towards your goal is to try to keep up with the variety in the keto soup detox recipe book. The Keto Diet also works on lean body burns. You can focus on brothy options like a chicken soup that requires no preparation beforehand and delivers two grams of protein per serving. Having the right option for healthy and delicious soups to dock down on meal prep increases your chances of you sticking to your plan.

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What You Get Alongside the Program:

Keto soup cookbooks: you get the keto soup cookbook as a part of the program that enlists thirty amazing keto soup recipes that can last you forever since there’s so much of the variety you can have that I am sure you are never going to get bored of the diet. Usually, when it comes to soups we quickly envision beans and rice and starchy vegetables all in a broth but in reality, these are all the ingredients that lead to stopping the process of burning the fat into the body. But in this cookbook, you are not going to get all these traditional vegetables and recipes.

Weekend Soup Detox:

In addition to the keto soup cookbook you get this weekend soup detox, as well as the author, is of the view of taking baby steps towards your goal. After the hectic 5 days of having all the soup and steps, there’s a treat for you to have on the weekend to further lower down the weight additionally between 2 to 7 pounds by working as per instructions in the weekend soup detox program.

Keto Soup Detox Review
Keto Soup Detox Review

Immunity Boosting Soup Cookbook:

one of the most important things to worry about these days is your immune system – the stronger your immune system, the greater your chance of you surviving through everything and anything. Because we all know nobody likes to be sick after all, the stuff that is good for your immunity isn’t always so tasteful, but what if it tastes good and is good for your health and immune as well? Well, in that case, it’s a win-win situation right?

Besides what you don’t like eating, isn’t something you would stick to even if you are having it 

just for a specific reason. This book has plenty of immunity-boosting soups that are good for your taste buds and are vital immunity-boosting ingredients as well.

Rapid Soup Diet Quick Start Guide:

This guide is about how to start off with this weight loss journey of eating healthy and delicious. The guide entails how to start, where to start, where to shop[ and steps like that that that help the user in going into it easier. The author’s email etcetera is part of the rapid soup diet quick start guide because you always have some questions in your mind while starting off with something like that.

Keto Soup Detox Review
Keto Soup Detox Review

Keto Immunity Smoothie Recipe:

For people who don’t want to get into hassles and prepare meals, there’s this keto immunity smoothie book that has all these flavorful and easy to make smoothies that’ll help with the immune system and shed off some extra pounds. What a nice way to dock it down right?

The author mentions that the recipes for the smoothies just takes five minutes and you are good to go, with the added advantage of not having the sugars and carbs as a part of the smoothie recipe, which won’t add any additional inches to your waist and you can always have those thick creamy keto smoothies as often as you would want without worrying.

The Rapid Soup Diet ‘Triple Guarantee:

The keto soup detox program comes with this triple guarantee about: 

Anyone at any age at any weight can do this program: Josh claims that he made sure that anyone, literally anyone at any age and weight can benefit from the program, you don’t need to be disciplined or in some shape or anything like that while starting the program all of the mentioned features will be automatically taken care of once you paddle up with the program. You won’t be needing any willpower to starve yourself and not be able to eat anything tasteless, instead, you would have those delicious and healthy soups that are appealing, taste-wise, and obviously because you would be losing weight while eating them.

Fast and Long-Lasting Results:

The efficacy of the program is evident as early as forty-eight hours, and seems pretty astounding, right?

Moreover, the author tells you that it’s not just another quick fix that you’ll lose weight within days and then add on double the weight in just as many days again. When you enjoy your meals you might not want to get back to your habits of eating junk and stuff. What keeps us away from diet soups and supplements is that they are not tasty as per our liking, bland and tasteless foods are not something one is going to like while already being in the stress and anxiety of not losing weight. But if you find something right and as per the liking of your taste buds as well, you might never want to switch back. The author shares his personal experience that he was able to keep up his weight after losing like five pounds for as long as five years and that is a pretty long period.

 And the absolute best customer service: there’s a guarantee that you will not be left alone during the course of the journey. Any questions relating to the program or any issues you might be facing, there’s a team of coaches and professionals to help you with it.

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1. The keto soup detox program burns the unnecessary fat in the adipose tissue of specific areas that need attention like fat in thighs, hips, and waist and thus provides the fuel to the body.

3. The soups in the recipes tend to reduce the level of processed sugars in the blood and therefore control the sugar levels and the blood pressure.

5. As mentioned in the detox soup program, the idea of having a soup for dinner gives the digestive system a break and thus helps with the overall boost up of the immune system

7. If any user is not satisfied with the program, they can have their money refunded within a time span of 60 days and a 100% money back.

9. The program does not involve any kind of food supplement on pills to be taken in addition. The process of flushing out the toxins from the body is a healthy one and the keto soup has no side effects. 

11. Like the basic keto diet, the program envisages taking in healthy fats and limiting the use of carbs to a specific level.

2. The keto soup detox program aims to boost the fat-burning hormone and steady down the digestive system to give it a break. The fat storage hormone maintains a low level of insulin.

4. The scrumptious recipes have a low impact on movement and the unique idea of losing weight keeps the person active throughout the day.

6. The program is meant to increase serotonin levels in the human body and thus reduce the chances of stress and anxiety in individuals struggling with weight loss issues.

8. The detox soup recipes come with a variety of vegetables that are helpful with strengthening the immune system and making you feel warm and nourished.

10. The recipes mentioned in the program for keto soup detox are quite well instructed with directions on how to prepare and keeping the right pressure on the timings of the meals like having a night meal that is light and wholesome.


The program is available in book format only and you can’t find it online thus is making a lesser audience to reach.

14-Day Keto Soup Diet Program Recipes PDF

Does Keto Soup Detox Program Really Work?

This is a pretty tricky question since each one of us is different and everything works differently for each one of us. We all have different perspectives and understandings of anything we come across, for the people who have this next level of motivation and willingness to switch to a better and healthy lifestyle then it works for you when you follow the instructions and guidelines given in the book.

Keto Soup Detox Review

Keeping up with a balanced diet and that right combination of functional and whole-body exercises is enough to get rid of that unwanted body fat and toxins. This program makes you feel positive and wonderful about yourself and life, you’ll lose weight and feel good about it.

This program is about switching the way you think is right for eating and taking care of their health.

The keto soup detox program is available online on their official site, just put in the details on the checkout and you will have it.

Keto Soup Detox Review


You can have instant results in a period of as early as 48 hours but that is for you to see the results on the weight machine, for a visible result you’ll have to wait for like a couple of days but yeah once you are nearing the end of the program you, of course, are going to see the results.

As per the website, the keto soup detox program cost around 37 dollars but if you want more discounts you can always contact the author to have some more dollars less.

Well, the answer is NO here as well. The program is well-packed with nourished food alternatives and non-starchy vegetables to start off with, which are lighter on your digestive tract and will keep you fresh and active throughout the day.


In conclusion, if you are planning on losing weight and have detox in a fast manner but are lazy enough to do what’s mentioned in the program then you should probably not buy it. But yes, if you want to lose weight in a natural way without having those pills or workout regimes, then you are the right candidate for it.One has to be consistent and follow the instructions mentioned in the guide for a period of twenty-one days straight to benefit from the keto soup detox program.  And furthermore adding to it, if the user is not satisfied with the program then they can have this money-back guarantee for a period of sixty days.

I like the fact about the program, and I think it’ll work for most of you out there. In the end, it’s all about you after all!

So feel free to give it a try, it’s as close as a distance of a few clicks from you, get your hands on your copy right now!

Keto Soup Detox Review

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