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8 Best Leg Abduction Machines For Home Review 2022!

Leg Abduction Machine

Every person wants to stay fit throughout their life. Today, you might be seeing gyms at every corner to help people achieve their fitness goals. Legs are usually the most neglected part of the body as most people focus only on keeping their upper muscles strong.

A leg abduction machine is the necessary piece of fitness equipment needed in a gym. This machine allows people to focus on their lower body parts and strengthen their inner and outer thigh muscles. You will need to go through a detailed review before buying an abduction machine.

8 Best Hip Abductor Machines For Home 2022 For Sale – Buying Guide:

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If you have made your mind to set up a gym at home, then you must know everything about the gym equipment. Leg Abduction is one of the important fitness tools that makes you feel incredible. With the best abduction machine, you will feel stronger and slimmer.

A good quality machine will allow you to stay young, energetic and fit throughout life. If you are looking for the best product, then you have come to the right place.

Here you will get to know the top eight Hip abduction machines that are worth your investment.

1. IdealStretch Wedge Combo:

Key Factors:

People who want to tone and trim the trouble spots of the body should get the IdealStretch Wedge Combo. This machine is biomechanically correct equipment that positions the butt, knees, and back properly for the active workout session for the targeted part of the body.

This machine is ideal for all sizes of individuals. This leg abductor machine provides you with the comfort and quality required to achieve the best outcomes.

Who Makes It?

This thigh machine is the product of the Body Solid Company which is already famous for producing the best-selling products for its users. The Body-Solid Company produced many versatile products with multiple markets in mind. It created a huge list of fitness products to facilitate its clients.

This company boasts many products in fitness including free weight machines, weight plates, floorings, dumbbells, barbells, accessories, elliptical, kettlebells, bikes, treadmills, and much more.

The Easy adjustment and straight forward designs of these products provide a familiar workout environment for trainees. You can have a toned up body with every equipment of the Body Solid Company.

Bottom Line:

You will find many thigh machines on the market, but most of them are quite uncomfortable to use. This high machine is backed up by a lifetime warranty on guide rods, welds, frames and weight plates while it comes with 2 years of warranty on all the other components.

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2. NVRGIUP Exercise Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt:

Key Factors:

This abduction machine is perfect for people of all sizes, ages, and shapes.

You can get this machine on a very affordable price. This machine is a complete exercise circuit that eliminates the need for weight stacks for resistance.

With this machine at your home gym, you would not wouldn’t need anything else. The NVRGIUP Exercise Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt is the high-quality, comfortable and state-of-the-art equipment made for both commercial and home use.

This machine is a low-cost solution for novice individuals who just started to set up their gym at home.

Who Makes It?

NVRGIUP produces many fitness equipment to fulfill the needs of the people who want to start their gym at home. The ultimate aim of this company is to produce the simplest equipment on affordable price. They believe that every fitness tool should match the instinct action of the people and not restrict their exercise.

This company do not adopt the cutting-edge technology but use the right technology when designing the master piece of this company. This company focus on guiding the natural movement of the user while exercising. They ensure, the safety, nature and comfortable exercise experience.

Bottom Line:

Every product of the NVRGIUP speaks for itself. You can enjoy a comfortable experience with the right abduction machine.

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3. EverStretch Leg Stretcher:

Key Factors:

If you are planning to start a home gym, then an abduction is an essential piece of equipment. With the EverStretch Leg Stretcher, you can stretch the thigh muscles beyond your comfort zone.

This fitness circuit is ideal for home gym as it take less space and give more in return. You can adjust the back pad according to your body requirements to enjoy a comfortable workout session. High-density foam protects your spine from strain and gives you a safe workout experience.

This machine comes with a gear mechanism which you can use gradually to stretch your legs. People having this machine can personalize this equipment and adapt it to suit your height.

Who Makes It?

EverStretch Leg Stretcher is the creation of NVRGIUP.

Bottom Line:

Valor Fitness company is famous for producing many great machines like the EverStretch Leg Stretcher Machine. It is the best fitness equipment for abduction. This company comes with many enticing features that make it worth the money that you invest in it.

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4. JOYHILL Adjustable Leg Stretcher:

Key Factors:

The JOYHILL Adjustable Leg Stretcher is the ideal fitness equipment for trainees. The Machine is designed with the aim of providing an intense workout without getting strain. This fitness equipment is an essential piece for a home gym.

This machine provides an amazing workout experience. This machine is safe and attractive that let you perform both inner and outer thigh exercises.

It is one of the best machines that let you work your thighs in an effective and safe method.

You can strengthen your powerful muscles with this machine and get into your favorite activities that involve running or jumping.

Who Makes It?

This machine is the creation of the JOYHILL Company. The company designed the JOYHILL Adjustable Leg Stretcher to address the particular needs of different facilities throughout the world that are looking for the best quality machines at affordable prices.

The Easy adjustment and straight forward designs of these products provide a familiar workout environment for trainees. You can have a toned up body with every equipment of the Body Solid Company.

Bottom Line:

Enjoy your workout session with this amazing abduction machine that makes it easier for you to have tone-up thighs. This budget-friendly product will help you stay slim and strong throughout your life.

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5. OTEKSPORT 3 Bar Portable Flexibility Stretching Machine:

Key Factors:

The OTEKSPORT 3 Bar Portable Flexibility Stretching Machine is one of the best machines that let you achieve your fitness strength. It is a latest captivating machine of Quantum with an emboldened and luxurious appearance.

This machine comes with hand grips that provide extra support during exercise. This fitness equipment is a motivating charm that will benefit its users in various ways. This machine is suitable for both advanced and beginner athletes.

Who Makes It?

This machine is the creation of the OTEKSPORT which is a leading manufacturer of fitness equipment.

In the last ten years, this company is leading the world of commercial strength equipment. This company has a vast experience of creating unique products for healthcare professionals. Many abdominal machines are also the most appreciated products of this company.

Bottom Line:

Before getting a leg abduction machine, you must know the right way to use this machine. The OTEKSPORT 3 Bar Portable Flexibility Stretching Machine has a modern design that will beautify your home gym.

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6. YOG Leg Stretcher,Heavy Duty Leg Stretching Training Squat Machine:

Key Factors:

The Leg Stretcher Heavy Duty Leg Stretching Training Machine is the best fitness equipment for strength training. This machine has amazing features that provide more muscle loading and isolation.

This machine has a compact design that leaves more space in your home gym for other fitness equipment. You can adjust the seat according to your body requirement with pull and pin system. This machine also has an accessory tray for keeping other personal stuff. The Nautilus Leg Abduction machine has a translucent housing unit for putting weight stacks.

You can do an intense workout by increasing the weight on the abduction machine. The 11-gauge steel construction makes it enticing for every person who saw it for the first time.

Who Makes It?

Weanas has been helping people to achieve their fitness goals for more than 40 years. This company produces many strength machine. They produce products that meet the needs of any fitness level.Their mission is to motivate people to live a happier and healthier life. The company adheres to high ethics and standards.

Bottom Line:

The Leg Stretcher Heavy Duty Leg Stretching Training Machine comes with many enticing features for a comfortable workout session. The handles of this machine provide extra grip to its user.

People of different sizes can enjoy their workout sessions with this amazing abduction machine. Having this machine at home will let you tone your body muscles and stay healthy throughout life.

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7. FIGROL Leg Stretcher Leg Split Stretching Machine Stretching:

Key Factors:

The FIGROL Leg Stretcher Leg Split Stretching Machine is a state-of-art machine that allows you to strengthen your muscles.

This machine has stability handles that provide extra support during a workout. The high-quality finishing makes it durable.

You will get this superficial abductor machine at very affordable rates. This machine is ideal for colleges, schools, offshore, military, staff fitness suites, and hotels.You can use this machine for both commercial and home use.

Who Makes It?

FIGROL produces lots of best-selling equipment which is ruling the world of fitness. It is a leading manufacturer with more than 35 years of experience in supplying strength and cardio fitness equipment.

This company has now become the world leading fitness brands. It provides a large variety of light commercial and functional home fitness equipment.

Almost every product of this company is stylish, durable, innovative and functional. This company has more than 40 highly skilled engineers who are working hard to meet the fitness goals of the people.

Bottom Line:

The FIGROL help people who are looking to improve their stretching and flexibility in trouble spots. You can improve your physique and get into the optimum shape with this amazing machine.

This fitness equipment offers an effective and simple way to reach your fitness goals. This machine boasts great results if you bring it home and use it regularly.

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8. YNXing Thigh Master Home Gym Equipment Best for Weight Loss:

Key Factors:

The YNXing Thigh Master Home Gym Equipment allows you to enjoy your day and stay active throughout the life. This machine is the best fitness equipment to build up your muscles and strength. Working on this machine will tone your legs.

It’s S shape design makes it have a good elasticity and strong toughness.It can also thin legs and reduce the fat of thighs after a long term use.

Who Makes It?

This fitness equipment is the product of the YNXing which is a leading brand of premium fitness tools. This company creates every product with impeccable quality, performance, and function. This company has been producing this equipment for more than 15 years.

Bottom Line:

The YNXing Thigh Master Home Gym Equipment has a very sturdy framework and exquisite quality that extends its life span. Fitness is an ongoing journey of life, and this machine makes this journey easier for you.

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Beginners Guide to Leg Abduction Machines:

Legs and Glutes Workouts For Building Muscle and Strength

About the Leg Abduction Machine:

If you don’t feel confident due to the excess fat around you hip region then there are a number of machines available that target the legs and hips.

One of those machine is the leg abductor machine. These machines targets and train the three muscles in the butt and thighs which are known as glutes.

How to Use An Abductor Machine?

Abduction machines are a great addition to your basic gym routine. Before coming to the functioning of the machine, we should know what the basic aims of using abductor are.

Targeting the three muscles of the hip region, an abduction machine works on the flexibility of some of the most powerful muscles of the body. Athlete’s names these muscles as gluteus (plural glutes) and they are of the following types:

1. Gluteus maximus.

2. Gluteus medius.

3. Gluteus minimus.

The maximus is the most powerful and largest muscle of the butt region. You can use this muscle during lifts which are the heavy weight lifters most powerful asset. The other two muscles are mainly the main cause of rotations and exist in the outer region.

Procedures To Use:

Following guidelines are really important and vital to be followed because ignoring them could result in pulling a wrong muscle.

1. First of all adjust all the pads according to your body type and weight. When you adjust the pads then pick the correct resistance and set your pin on the chosen resistance of the weight stacks

2. The foot holders of all the machines might change, but the variation can be adjusted. Now you can sit on the seat and put your legs on the holders.

3. The right position of your thighs is really important for making your muscle pull more accurate. Place your thighs in a pressed position to the outside of the pads.

4. Now slowly and carefully start to release the lever

5. Start to push your thighs in a way to press your legs open.

6. Once you have applied all the force and succeeded in abduction, then reverse the movement to return to your initial position.

7. Repeat as much as you want or as much as you can

Benefits of Leg Abductor Machines:

The Hip Abductor

A question might ring in the mind of the readers of this article that why do athletes prefer abduction machine over several other machines to train themselves or whether they want to recover as fast as they can from a sports injury.

The answers lie in the benefits of this important machine which alongside making you look stronger and better makes you feel the same as well.

Sitting and exercising are two things that don’t go well together but this is one of the few machines that allow the user to sit comfortably while putting force and tension on the hip muscles.

The machine allows you to lift a small amount of weight and the load is not increased so much that it is shifted to your spin, this can make you less susceptible to notorious injuries.

Abduction also decreases the effect of knee valgus, which is a common knee problem in young women or adults who have imbalanced muscles which give a knock-knee kind of appearance to the knee.

It also activates the muscles and improves the performance which is the basic need for better athletic performance.

Due to more time spent while sitting, most people suffer from weak pelvic muscles that hinder in between them and sports activities. Weak gluteus muscles can mean a lot of restriction in the daily work.

The weakness can lead to certain pain syndromes which include patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) and iliotibial (IT) band syndrome. Particularly the weakness in the gluteus medius can be cured by the abduction of the muscles decreasing the muscles pain.

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Things To Consider When Buying A Leg Abduction Machine:

You will find hundreds of leg abductor machines in the market but do not make the mistake of buying the wrong one. Keep some consideration in mind before buying a leg abduction or adduction equipment.


You should never fool yourself with getting the bad quality equipment at expensive rates. Expensive leg abduction machines are never an assurance that they will be effective for you. You should always watch your pocket before buying the abduction machine.

Quality of the Equipment:

Every equipment of your gym should be reliable, so prefer buying the quality abduction machine which is highly durable. You will find many models of the thigh abductor machines.

You should look for the equipment which comes along with durability and safety instructions. Identify their features and consider the one with the best quality as you are spending a considerable amount of money into buying it.

Assess you Gym Space:

Every abductor gym machine might not fit into the available space. You will need to determine the space before buying an abduction machine.

You cannot fill an entire space with this fitness equipment. Some leg abduction machine has a compact design, and they are ideal for a small home gym.

Alternatives To Leg Abductor Machine:

One of the alternatives to the abductor machine is lateral band walks. You can do the lateral band walks by wrapping a resistance band around both the legs.

The resistant band is heavy and short, and it should be placed on top of shins. Take 15 steps to the right and then come back to the first step in order to complete a single set.

Similarly, you can use the rubber bands to walk forward and backward instead of sideways. Take deliberate steps without losing the tension which is present in the resistant band. Also, pause of about one to two seconds before starting the next step. It is the most suitable alternative for hip abduction machine as it can improve the external rotation of the hips.

For the other alternative to hip abduction, you will need to wrap a rubber or loop around the ankles of both legs and then place a roller between the thighs and slightly press it.

Now keeping your knees at about 90 degrees get into a side plank position and then brace your abs and squeeze your glutes in a way that your back does not hurt. Now without moving your knees lift your top foot up and then slowly bring it back to the starting position and repeat it again.

Perform this exercise on both sides’ equal times. Squats and lunges are also the alternatives to hip abductors which not only target the smaller groups of muscles but also work on the larger muscles including your lower back.

These exercises are healthier and effective as they involve movements that you do every day in your daily routine.

Final Verdict!

People are becoming health conscious, and they do not hesitate to spend some extra dollars on a gym equipment. Knowing the product thoroughly before buying it will always give positive results. This guide will take you to the right leg abduction machine that you want for your gym.

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