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Metabolic Stretching Review 2022 – Does Brian Klepacki Stretching Boost Metabolism? Read

Metabolic Stretching Review

Whenever it comes to losing some fat out of your body, we all have our reasons to be on track. No matter what reason you have got to want to shed some extra meat, the major concern is getting thereby acting on some healthy and manageable lifestyle. Before that, if one has at least some of the understanding of their body, that’s like having a paddle in a whirling boat. 

We all want to have that healthy fat that is harmless and gives the curves since having very little to no fat is as dangerous as having too much fat because the body needs an essential amount of fat as well in order to function fine. But before that one should know what percentage of fat is healthier for them. For women, healthy body fat lays somewhere between 21 and 35 percent and for men, the percentage in men is relatively a mere 8 to 24 percent. 

Mostly when I hear about a weight loss product, what comes to mind is it could be a pill or tea or some hard workout requiring regime as part of the product, you see it as an added advantage they say, or to just get to your goal faster and swifter.

But the factor that intrigued me this time was not some detox tea or pill or a hardcore exercise training program, rather you just have to do some stretching. Metabolic stretching as they call it, have you heard about it already? I hadn’t heard about it until recently and I thought of putting it to some real-time test.

The guide claims to give your metabolism a boost with the help of some stretching exercises. Seems pretty lame unless you give it a read

I’ll try to walk you through my journey of getting fit with the help of this guide, for that I’ll have to start off with the introduction of the guide and what it has to provide. It’s a guide with the name of “Metabolic Stretching” claiming to smolder that extra fat to ashes with the help of a 15-minute stretching exercise per day, seems astounding right?

Table of Contents:

1. About the author

3. How does metabolic stretching work

5. Various features of metabolic stretching

7. Conclusion

2. What is a metabolic stretching program

4. Static stretching vs dynamic stretching

6. Frequently Asked Questions

The guide states: ‘To tell you what the world’s greatest fat burning stretch, let alone tell you how the revolutionary flow of simple stretches can rapidly melt body fat, tone muscles, and leave you feeling full of energy in just about 15-minute stretching sessions, uh pretty enticing claims eh?’

Let’s start off with the author, his background and then lead forward

About the Author:

Metabolic Stretching Review

Brian Klepacki, the writer of the book, is a fat loss and functional movement coach for Critical Bench, the internet’s longest-standing strength site.

He’s a master’s degree holder in exercise science and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. With his main aim of providing for a completely workable and resolute work out program that has a simpler philosophy, it seems like he has pretty much delivered what he claimed.


Brian in his program focuses on using different types of stretching exercises in order to make the metabolism faster and make the process of losing weight an easier one. With the help of exercises ‘metabolic stretching’ is what he calls it, you are able to have a positive impact on the fat burning process, which in turn will lead you to have that toned up body you crave all summers. The types of exercises you would be encountering while being a part of the program are interesting ones like yoga, pilates, mobility stretching, and many more. And yes, there’s this learning on breathing techniques while doing the exercises as well.


Klepacki argues that while on a metabolic stretching program, the exercise routine is going to increase energy levels rather than draining the energy out of your system. And that is particularly right, while working on yoga and breathing techniques, one doesn’t feel like running out of energy like you usually do when at the gym you lift those heavyweight lifts or run along on a treadmill. Rather, you feel more relaxed and composed on finishing that 15-minute workout session.

Metabolic Stretching Review

Stretching increases the overall flexibility of the body and that is quite healthy for the body in general. We all have been doing that in high school, right? 

But while giving the eBook a read you get to learn that you have been stretching out wrong throughout your life, 

The stretching exercises we have been practicing and working out on in our teen years in school were the conventional methods of stretching your muscle in a single position and holding it there for like some time. 

It’s static stretching, and static stretching tends to make the muscles increasingly flexible just like you do in yoga. 

However, when you do mobile stretching rather than static stretching, it’s been proven to help with fat burning and overall increasing the pace of your metabolism.

Metabolic stretching deals with mobility flexibility as a key part of the fat burning process in order to lose weight. Metabolic stretching has this arrangement of exercises that deal with re-establishing the balance of the body, increasing the metabolism strength, and preferably getting the person working on keen to work out and live with an increasingly dynamic way of life.


Both of the above-mentioned types of stretching are helpful to reduce body weight. Static stretching is said to burn 120 calories in a 1-hour workout session. Dynamic stretching tends to work faster, however, drawing out 400 calories in a 1-hour long workout session. Through dynamic stretching we start our digestion rate is increased, thus increasing the overall movement and metabolism as well. 

The idea of mobility stretching is to use the stretching protocol along with mobility and thus turn up the fat-burning switch and metabolism in regards.

When the brain recognizes the correct mobility, attract from various controls to discover dynamic and mobility-based flexibility based preparations that bring flexibility benefits while raising your fat copying abilities.

Metabolic Stretching Exercises To Boost Metabolism


To get the most out of the metabolic stretching program it has laid out all the techniques and features in detail, below are some of them worth mentioning,


Calisthenics is basically about entering the bodyweight movement and is quite an advantageous type in burning fat when it comes in comparison to losing weight via other types of exercises. This workout uses body weight and gravity in consuming calories, exchanging digestion, improving continuity, and building muscle too, and thus burning much more of the calories as compared to conventional exercises.

Metabolic Stretching Review
Metabolic Stretching Review

Dynamic Stretching:

I have mentioned this above as well the difference and the number of calories dynamic stretching burns in comparison to static stretching. The difference is a major 3x for dynamic stretching as opposed to a static one. Moreover, dynamic stretching includes moves and positions that are moderate, and are within your scope of moving thus expanding the range and pace.


Kickboxing makes the upper body muscle faster thus improving the overall elasticity and activeness of the individual. It can boost the body and burn fat faster than any other of the exercises mentioned.

Metabolic Stretching Review
Metabolic Stretching Review

Mobility stretching:

Mobility and flexibility are two different terms when we come across an understanding of it. Flexibility can be enhanced at a particular age only, like in the early years of your teens. While mobility increases the overall elasticity of the body at any age and is the prime distinguishing factor between the two.

Fascia Stretching:

Fascia holds the muscle in place and is a tissue that surrounds the muscle. The more the amount of this tissue there’s a chance that you’ll have a lesser amount of muscle so it is very necessary to stretch the fascia muscle in order for it to expand as per the requirement.

Metabolic Stretching Review
Metabolic Stretching Review

Breathing Techniques:

I think I have mentioned this too somewhere above. Breathing techniques play a vital part while doing any exercise so you shouldn’t be gasping for air. Breathing in the right way is going to help the muscle to stay relaxed. When we breathe in the right way, the body encounters an overall and even flow of oxygen throughout the body.


Pilates are usually athletes who exercise to strengthen their core and it’s a low-impact method to reduce body fat.

Metabolic Stretching Review
Metabolic Stretching Review


Yoga involves various moves from the beginners to the complex ones, to the soothing to the heart-pounding ones. Many of the routines of yoga can help aid with the elasticity of the body and fat burning as well.

Metabolic Stretching PDF EBOOK DOWNLOAD FREE 2021


1.Flexibility isn’t the prime reason the guide is about, but in addition to getting fit and losing weight, it comes off as a benefit too.

3. The guide is available at quite a handy price, the original price of the program is around $144 while it’s available for just 19$

5. The procedures of doing metabolic stretching are shot in every move in different angles, so there’s no room for any misconception or doubt.

7. The guide is quite easy to follow, usually what makes the weight loss journey arduous is that it takes time and quite a lot of effort to go through the whole process, but metabolic stretching comes along with videos even if you are a lazy person or are not a reader. You can easily just follow the step by step video guide and you will be sorted.

9. It’s very user friendly and less hasty when it comes to the amount of total time consumption in the daily workout session. The beginner level of the program only takes 15 minutes while the advanced level takes a mere 30 minute period throughout the day for it to be effective.

11. If you register for coaching you get a bonus in the form of a guide in the form of books as free. This includes a metabolic stretching definition guide and 3 minutes easy back pain stretching exercise protocol. These individual guides are placed at a price of $47 each but are free for a limited amount of time.

2. Unlike traditional static stretching, the flexibility of the body can be increased at any age with the help of metabolic stretching.

4. The guide has these metabolic stretching videos that come along with metabolic stretching followed along with the videos as well.

6. And above all, you get the money-back guarantee with the package, if you are not satisfied with the results you wanted with the guide.

8. Many of the weight loss programs with their strenuous exercises make it difficult for the person working. Thus resulting in low energy and tiredness as factors coming along with any of the weight loss programs. The metabolic program, however, has a variety of exercises that are meant to relax and can even take up your energy levels.

10. The program allows you to have the desired results without any injury or stressful workout sessions. For example, swimming is a wonderful exercise for each and every muscle of the body and thus providing for a relaxed and completely balanced workout for the day.

12. It’s not only available in ebook but also in the form of hard copy for the people who like it that way.


While there ain’t a major disadvantage of the system I could come up with,  I still had to come up with a few as it would have looked completely biased otherwise you know. Below mentioned are some of the disadvantages that I thought could be the ones:

1. One of the possible con could be that when dealing with positions and movements you might not be sure about a particular position or style if you are doing it right in the perfect manner. Like there’s no coach or an instructor nearby if you are doing it wrong or in an ineffective manner

3. The cost of the package could be an issue since it is available online and prices may vary depending on where you get the product. So make sure you get it from merchandise at the best possible price.

5. And yes, without an internet connection you might not be able to buy the format. So make sure you do have an internet connection at your disposal as well. 

2. The author tells you that the guide is available in hard form as well. But when you check it out you don’t find it in any of the bookshelves or nearby stores. That could be a problem since many people don’t find it satisfactory enough to buy online and have no access to the hard form.

4. The author makes it appealing by saying that all you need is a 15vminute period in a day to deal with all your weight issues. But the positions and the time allotted can vary in individuals in the beginning because we all are different when it comes to the overall stamina, capacity, and flexibility of the body.


The good news is that you can avail of three different bonuses when you purchase the program. Which are:

  • Metabolic stretching exercise guide for the definition
  • Three minutes of back pain stretching protocol
  • The price concession of course

The answer to this question is just to have a stable internet connection and you are done.

I would say yes, and if you still don't believe it you need to get a copy at the earliest to prove yourself wrong or even me. 


If you are still struggling with whether you should buy a copy or not then let me tell you that you won’t regret it. In addition to my discussion above about the efficacy of the program, you have got nothing to lose. You are in a win-win situation since you don’t have to worry about your money being wasted. You can get your money back anytime you want. Therefore putting all the pros and cons out there, I think the program is worth the money.

I would say make a move, get a copy of your own and I am sure you’ll love making the decision and thank me later!

Metabolic Stretching Review
Metabolic Stretching Review
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