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Mind Body Matrix Review – Lies or actually something worth buying?

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Pain is something nobody likes and wants to get over with in the first place. The irony today is that with the increasing workload, stress, job security, anxiety, poor health access we are becoming more prone to pain in our everyday lives. We all want a quick and efficient solution to mitigate the pain every couple of days.

We get several types of pain depending on the threshold one has and the stress you are putting onto yourself. From the likes of headaches, sprains, back pains, neck, and some serious forms of joint pains, when left untreated the pain thus becomes more immedicable and leads to permanent damage and a life that is full of pain forever. While pain can be treated with the help of drugs and pain relief creams and pills, but they come with a price tag and moreover with a variety of side effects as well.

This is where the body matrix cream to aid all that pain and suffering. I am going to review the cream in terms of its efficacy, packaging, ingredients, price point, and everything here.

Below is a list of the table of contents for the creams review:

  • Overview of the mind body matrix pain relieving cream.

Table Of Contents

1. The formulator of the mind body matrix pain relieving cream

3. How to use the mind body matrix pain relieving cream

5. Pros and cons of the mind body matrix pain relieving cream

7. Is the mind body matrix pain relieving cream worth it?

2. How does mind body matrix pain relieving cream works

4. Bonuses you get with the mind body matrix pain relieving cream

6. Is mind body matrix pain relieving cream safe?

8. Conclusion

The mind-body matrix pain-relieving cream states to alleviate chronic pain effectively, the mind-body matrix cream is designed to target mild to moderate pain. You can directly rub the cream in the affected areas like back, elbow, neck, arthritic joint, and even treat headache and sleep issues. Thus, it can be used to treat every type of minor pain issue. The cream is based on bio informational energetics that is claimed to rejuvenate your cells and help you align with the connection to the mind. Therefore, giving the body the information that is necessary to trigger the natural procedure for healing, because when we look around most of the pain relieving creams are meant to lower the energy levels of the body as that would decrease the intensity of pain with it as well.


The bio-signatures in the mind body matrix pain relieving cream triggers the user’s body and the energy that leads to the restoration of the connection between your mind and body.

Let us see what the product has got into in the form of ingredients:


1. Menthol 1.50%

2. Topical analog



Arnica has anti-inflammatory properties that make it use it over swells, as an antiseptic for the bruises as well. This is a herb from Siberia that is used to treat muscle soreness and sprains. Clinical researches have proven that arnica can be a good replacement for the medical ibuprofen, as it has the same pain relieving properties and has literally no side effects at all.

Tea tree:

Tea tree has quite some reasonable amounts of troponin-4-ol, which again is an anti-inflammatory ingredient. So tea tree also is used in massage oils for arthritis, sprains, and skin burns.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera has these plant compounds that aid the paint. Since aloe Vera is a water-based compound so that makes it very easy to absorb into the skin unlike any other oil and thus making the blood circulation better.


Again lavender has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that provide a calming sensation to the itchy muscles. It Is only the reason that lavender oil is used by massage therapists the most.


It is also known as Indian Frankincense, is a famous and quite effective painkiller that is meant to treat pain relating to osteoarthritis. Several research and studies have come to a point where Boswellia is helpful in reducing muscle and joint pain. It has boswellic acid that gives it the said properties, however, some of the studies have even suggested that boswellic acid can help prevent the loss of cartilage as well.

Lemon balm:

Lemon balm comes from the mint family and has this compound called eugenol. Eugenol then gives the lemon balm pain relieving properties, lemon balm is basically used to treat headaches and toothaches. It is also used as a first-aid treatment for spasms, IBS, and cramps.


Chamomile dates back to be used in the ancient times for burns and antiseptic purposes. It is still being used all around the world because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics, it contains around more than thirty types of flavonoids that help with relaxing of muscles and ease out the nervous system.

Calendula oil:

This oil helps with the healing of wounds. The oil is extracted from the calendula plant and has its practical applications in treating leg ulcers, dry skin since its nourishing and skin burns too. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it an ideal choice to be used in the household for aches and pain.

Peppermint oil:

Peppermint oil contains menthol that is the basic active ingredient of the mind body matrix pain relieving cream. It is only because of menthol that the peppermint oil when applied gives that cooling effect, it has anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic that make it an ideal solution for aches and pain. Peppermint oil is used in our daily households as a muscle reliever and pain killer.

These are some of the basic ingredients we see in more of all the pain relieving treatments.

The Neurotransmitters:

The cream further has these MAGIC ingredients that are GABA and L-Theanine. These are types of neurotransmitters, and they prevent sending in signals to the brain that makes the body energy levels slow down. L-THEANINE basically helps with the immune system, Improves the concentration power one has, and relieves anxiety and stress.

The Formulator of the Mind Body Matrix Pain Relieving Cream

The person who is behind all this science is Dr. TK. Huynh is a passionate pharmacist, with the dream of helping as many people as he can through his studies and career. The reason he chose medicine as a profession was also because he always wanted to help everyone at his end to the utmost he could. Dr. TK. Huynh completed his undergraduate from Boston, Massachusetts, and further opted for pharmacy as a profession. He got his DR of pharmacy (Pharm. D) from the Massachusetts college of pharmacy.

Dr. TK is one of the only four pharmacists in the world who has a fellowship in functional regenerative medicine from the American Academy of anti-aging.

After completing his studies he moved back to his hometown with the urge to help, he was always a hardworking fellow, got promotions sooner and was working as a supervisor on a district level in a brief period of five years, during his tenure he managed to have forty-seven pharmacies under his supervision.

How Does Min Body Matrix Pain Relieving Cream Work

The mind body matrix pain relieving cream is designed to work on red light technology, which is a technique involving triggering the parts of the body that are deprived of red light with an adequate amount of radiation to solve the problem. The chemistry behind is that the red light can actually change the energy in the body at the cell’s level which has a potential therapeutic effect. Light frequency therapy has been told to be working on acne and depression already.

Moreover, it is not just the red light technology, the creams ingredient list tells you that there are plenty of herbs and essential oils that are strong contenders of removing pain and have anti-inflammatory properties to help with the healing process. It contains nine excellent topical, calming, and organic ingredients that are proven to treat mild and chronic pain conditions.

And above all placing in those two neurotransmitter compounds that are helpful in promoting calming and sensations of relaxation at the cellular level is revolutionary. Studies claim that lower levels of GABA can actually make you more stressful and as a result, you experience the intensity of pain at a greater threshold than it already or actually is. Thus, the mind body matrix pain relieving cream comes out with adequate levels of GABA extract to give raise to the energy levels in general as well so the pain feels less intense.

And l-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea. It helps with maintaining adequate levels of serotonin, dopamine, and cortisol that are all helpful in relieving stress and anxiety and easing out a better mood. L- Theanine is also meant to reduce stress and promote relaxation without causing drowsiness.

How to Use the Mind Body Matrix Pain Relieving Cream

Apply a small amount of lotion to the affected area, you can start feeling relief in pain in 30 to 60 seconds. There is a reduction in stress and anxiety feeling from the body and one feels how the pain symptom rises in the body.

Bonuses You Get With the Mind Body Matrix Pain Relieving Cream

In addition to the mind body matrix pain relieving cream when you purchase it, you get additional benefits that are:

60 Second Stretches To Instantly Eliminate the Joint Pain

This contains format of series of videos of reasonable length. In videos, there is a step by step process on how to do the stretches which are quite effective to loosen, enhance flexibility, overall increase process of relieving pain at a faster pace.

You can perform stretches at any time of day in morning or evening or at night even. But yes if you perform stretches at night, they’ll aid you with a better sleeping experience.

3 Simple Ways To Eliminate Inflammation

This is also a set of videos that tell you details on how to remove the inflammation in the easiest possible way in a simple manner. All the methods mentioned are highly effective and backed up by scientific research. Moreover, the methods mentioned in the videos are meant to effectively help with the fat deposition in your body aswell.


1. There ain’t any prior steps, to begin with, you do not need any equipment to start, all you need is a dab of cream on the affected area and rub it in. Give 1-2 minutes and you’ll feel the intensity of the pain being reduced significantly.

3. The mind body matrix pain relieving cream is effective for literally most of the types of pains, including major and minor pains in body may it be arthritis even.

5. The use of just natural and ancient ingredients in manufacturing of cream makes it extremely harmless product.

7. There are no side effects of the product since all the ingredients are very natural and organic ones.

9. Price is really considerable and easy on the hand, considering the cost of manufacturing.

2. It is an FDA approved product. Meaning that you can use it without any doubt and you are in good hands after all. Most of the doctors, pharmacists, chiropractors, health practitioners, and many health and medical journals have endorsed it.

4. You do not need to perform any exercises to train the muscle or anything. This truly is for people who are lazy and don’t want to move a leg.

6. The l-theanine used is a strong anti-stress reliever and lessens the anxiety. Moreover, it also helps with sleep.

8. The fact that the mind-body matrix pain-relieving cream has GABA extract in it and that has been backed up by the research that GABA can actually increase the energy levels and makes the level of pain less intense is a huge plus as well.


1. The scientific backings to some facts mentioned are quite thin like the red light technology mentioned isn’t quite backed up by a number of researches.

3. The cream comes with a number of general warnings like do not use it internally, as all of the treatments are meant to be used externally only. Keeping the treatment away from children, that is just another general warning we all know and avoid the product to get into the eyes if it gets into the eye whatsoever contact your nearest medical practitioner.

2. The production of the mind-body matrix pain relieving cream is not quite much in number so might be having trouble getting it when you need it.

4. Oh and yes never put the cream on open wounds or cuts as the cream is meant to be absorbed by your body through your skin’s pores and not by directly putting in on the already disturbed skin, as that might cause irritation or stinginess and have possible side effects of it later on.


Is mind body matrix pain relieving cream safe?
Absolutely! When used as per the directions the mind-body matrix pain relieving cream is no harm. The use of absolute organic and natural ingredients in the product makes it 100 percent tolerable for everyone. However, if you have any allergies to the essential oils being used in the mind-body matrix pain-relieving cream then you should probably avoid the product.
Is the mind body matrix pain relieving cream worth it?
The ingredient list is fancy and naturally attracts the people who love nature and apply the rule in whatsoever products they use as well. The ingredients most of them all are anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving and are definitely going to help with the pain.
Where can we get the product?
Well, the answer is not that difficult, you can have the product in your hands by the lifesaver Amazon. Go place an order and you, ll have it by a week. I have already mentioned that the product is not manufactured in large quantities so you might be facing the out of stock tag most of the time. So my advice would be to get it and try it out before you reach empty shelves.


Pain in the back, neck, shoulders, etc are the pains that are constantly recurring, you’ll have a pain killer for one of them now and come up with the same pain tomorrow again. The mind-body matrix pain-relieving cream however affects and targets the root cause of the pain and takes help with the healing powers of the red light frequency in its treatment. That in return overall increases the energy level of the human body and lessens the intensity of the pain.

The internet and the markets are essentially filled with a variety of pain-relieving creams and ointments and stuff. Plenty of these products out there claim to relieve the pain instantly but the mind-body matrix pain-relieving cream claims to divide that to a quarter of the period of time by claiming that it reduces the intensity of pain in less than 30-60 second period. That is a big statement and if that works for half of you out there then I think it is a worthy investment.

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