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My Back Pain Coach Program- Worthless? Or a Nine Day Wonder?

Back Pain Relief Coach

When there is an object in the shoe, you can take off the shoe and remove it. But when it comes to back pain, it’s a lot harder to deal with it than removing some object from a shoe.. Back pain is what people fear most. Millions of people are suffering from this agony. It may have an impact on people of all ages.

Chronic back pain puts our muscles, joints, and bones under strain and affects the quality of life. Mental well-being can be affected in many ways by constant suffering. It can influence emotions, sleep and daily work routine.

In recent times I was also suffering from back pain. It scared the hell out of me. I tried every possible remedy but all in vain. I was going to the doctors they wanted to put me through medications and surgical procedures. I was stressed because I didn’t want any of this. My friend told me about “My Back Pain Coach Program”.

I was very skeptical about this program because I was utterly fed up with everything. After the first session of the back pain relief program, I felt relaxed. I was unable to do many activities. This product is designed to treat back pain with the help of effective methods. How it has benefited me, you will get that from my writing.

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction 

3. How it Works

5. Pros and Cons

7. Is There Any Bonus

9. Frequently Asked Questions

2. About Coach

4. What’s more about it 

6. Fruitful or 15 Minutes of Fame

8. From My Standpoint

10. Conclusion


My Back Pain Coach program is a video course in steps. It helps to get rid of back pain with a few simple exercises. These sessions are easy to follow, and all the moves are beneficial in coping with back pain problems. These movements will restore natural flexibility.

This guide can do a better job than any conventional treatment. Recommended exercises are easy to understand without any help. The good thing about this program is that if you are busy with your routine, it doesn’t take much time of your time. It will also help you to learn about common mistakes that can make the condition worse.

The best thing is being able to experience the difference even after the first session. You come to know about the best time to do exercise. This guide book is entirely risk-free. It treats you with natural ways. Coach claims that his method could ease the back pain within just 16 minutes. I will let you know about it in my review.

About Coach

Behind all these pain relief strategies, there is a coach called Ian Hart. He is a certified expert in strength and conditioning, with many industry certifications and qualifications. He owns a personal training company in many places.  

Ian has grown fast because his fitness and pain-relief formulas bring quick and dramatic results safely and effectively. His services and companies are on top both in newspapers and television stations. Ian Hart is also fortunate to possess the internet’s largest video database of client success. It was from all these successes that My Back Pain Coach has grown.

Ian Hart suffered ten years in back pain; that is why he understands what back pain is. He is a professional doctor with over 20 years of treating people with all types of back pain. Ian managed to cure his patients with some simple exercises. He then compiles all back pain relief information in an e-book. This program has already used by thousands of people to relieve their back pain. It can be helpful for you as well.

How it Works  

Why was I comfortable with this product? What is so special about it? Well, I went through all the videos and discovered that the creator has an incredibly engaging way of explaining the concept of back pain and exercises he is teaching. I have got pieces of wisdom when it comes to specific movements that help promote mobility and provide pain relief. These exercises are not too stressful on your body. 

This program is composed of 8 methods each step taking just two minutes to perform; that’s why Ian committed 16 minutes of relief for life. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment to do exercise. I practice these steps, and I have got effective results.  

Following are the eight exercises that you can perform in 16 minutes to reduce your back pain:

1. This movement is similar to the third one. You will have to give more blood to the lower back for great results. After that, you will feel more power around the muscles

3. The third step will improve your blood flow in the lower back. This move is intended to help you gain more power and boost the better back motion. 

5. The second step activates your hip muscles. This exercise help you to enable imbalanced muscles in back.   

7. The final step is a little hard to execute, but the most satisfying one. It supplies blood to the spinal discs. This will replace the old blood with fresh blood filled with nutrients.

2. This step I liked the most and I believe that it is the one that makes a big difference. It is created to reduce pressure on the lower back muscles, and the results are instantly seen 

4. One of the primary reasons for back pain is our imbalanced muscles. This exercise is specially designed to restore your muscle balance.

6. This move is useful in restoring alignment between your muscles and reduces pain significantly.  

8. While performing these exercises, you will note that muscles around your hips, spine, and back, are gaining their natural balance. 

I guarantee if you perform all these movements in order, then back pain relief is achievable. 

What’s More About it 

This product is divided into three portions, each portion describing different back pain issues. The first component is about eight easy exercises that serve as a pillar for back pain relief.  

The second portion covers nine coaching videos for more understanding of how this product works. Each video runs approximately 30 minutes. In this portion, you will get more help. I support this product because there is a lot of high-quality video content available where the coach explains a lot of back pain issues and their solution naturally. 

In the third portion of this guide, you can expect interaction with the coach. He gives access to his email and team so we can also contact him or one of his coaches in case of any query. I’ve done this many times, and I always received an answer that helped me solve all my problems. The benefit of this feature is its ability to adjust the program according to our specific requirements.

The creator of this product wants his clients to be happy and satisfied. There is also 60-day cash-back guarantee. This is genuinely a friendly policy. I must say that these features are just more than enough for you.


1. This program is risk-free, safe, and applicable to all age groups. 

3.  These exercises don’t need any expensive types of equipment. Your only need a chair and a pillow. 

5. You can perform 8-steps at anytime and anywhere.  

7. The product is entirely affordable. There are no hidden charges or monthly subscriptions. You just have to pay once for the product, and there you go. 

9. Easy to understand language. 

2. A professional and experienced coach has created this product.

4. All the videos that was included in the product are well presented and of high quality.  

6. It will help to fix not only your back pain but other body aches as well. 

8. If it doesn’t work for me, I can get my money back. This product ensures you get a full refund of your money if this guide plan proves to be ineffective. It’s rare to find such offers. That’s why Ian has thousands of happy clients.  


1. Results can take weeks before you can become pain-free.

3. Not everybody wants to see a video. It could be nice to have a set of written manuals. 

2. Written manuals are very few in this course. 

4. This e-book is not available in physical form, and it is also not offline.

Fruitful or 15 Minutes of Fame  

Was it worth it or just a nine days wonder? Many people have benefited from Ian’s My Back Pain Coach program. Listening to the program videos will show you why and how they are essential. It targets the roots of the problem so you can get out of your painful life. 

What did I find? When I received my parcel, the Navigation page inspired me. It was no sweat. The main course is composed of 3 parts, each lasting for about an hour. Ian suggests that clients should take steps sequentially. He said that practicing level one three times a day for three weeks before going to the next level will be excellent.

I would suggest you follow all of his advice if you want results. This way, you’ll have a great experience. It will motivate you to continue your day with less discomfort. Including the back, it also affects other joints in the body. I will suggest that if your pain is unbearable, then I firmly believe there’s no harm in trying Ian’s course. This product is not a scam. 

The website of this product itself has a vast number of quality customer responses. People are there telling about their back problem relief. You can check it out. Another satisfying thing about My Back Pain Coach program is that it is created by someone who was suffering from the same problems of back pain. Only a person with the same problem as you can help you get rid of your issues.

Is There Any Bonus 

There are three bonuses on the navigation page without any cost. In the first bonus, ten short coaching videos will give you more insight into how My Back Pain Coach program works. This bonus will provide you with more tips about how you can get the most out of this product. Ian shows you valuable stuff here; he tells you about common mistakes that can cause severe back pain. 

Every customer has a different problem, so Ian designed the second bonus for other issues. In this, he will give you an email address so that he can help you. If this product does not help you, Ian himself will give you a call. 

The third bonus is named as begin your day. It is an essential routine that will help you in the future. That incentive is particularly helpful for those suffering from severe back pain. 

From My Standpoint 

I will suggest this product as a blessing with anybody that has tried everything, and it hasn’t worked. I must say try this program before the surgery. Now I will tell you about my experience with Back Pain Coach.  

I started with Level 1, as Ian Hart suggested it. We all need to start at Level 1. The main aim of this product is to ease back pain with movements. Coach is giving more attention to the small muscles in our body. I would suggest that we should act on stage one for at least 2-3 weeks before we move to the next step. When I tried to perform one of the exercises, I felt weak. So I make sure that I get my food right and well-balanced diet with enough protein to repair and improve muscles. For example, I took the chicken, egg white, milk, and yogurt. The most important thing is that make sure you sleep very well if you want fast recovery. Every night try to get 8-9 hours of sleep. 

I have remained engaged and determined from the beginning. It was tough for me because the start is usually the most challenging element. After one week, I noticed the difference from before. My back pain was less, and I was able to bend down. I performed level two for three weeks before going on. Every step lets you persistently push yourself more, growing all the significant muscles. 

The third level is challenging but essential in reducing back pain. I am surprised by how well these exercises are going. A bit of change from your movement here and there makes a lot of difference. There are bonuses as well in the program. These involve a warm-up video to focus on to reach your back, shoulder, and ankle before you start an exercise to reduce the risk of injury. This product will support you to increase your muscle strength and make you more energetic than before.

I could not bend over to pick something up. Now I can even jump without any pain. My mobility has developed. My back gets stronger by the day. Now I felt as if I was normal again. I start to experience life without pain.


Does My Back Pain Coach program work?
The course itself is a scheme to treat back pain. You will feel the difference even after just one session of this program.  
What if it doesn’t work for me?
You can get your money back within 60 days if it does not work well. You can also keep the product. 
How Can I contact them after I buy this program?
Ian will give you his email address with the program as a bonus so you can contact him and ask questions.
Can I download the lessons for this program?
After you purchase them from their official website you can access the videos.


My Back Pain Relief Program is the best of both worlds. Life is cruel, with back pain. This product will get you back to where you need to be in life. Exercises are healthy for people of all ages. I am recommending this product because I’m sure the exercises in the guide would have enough of a positive effect on the pain.   

We all deal with back pain in our life. Sometimes this is due to injuries or during sports. Other times, we lift some heavy object or its just old age that pull us in. Pain killers have an extensive range of adverse side affects you don’t want. The good news about these issues is that now there is a solution. This product will guide you no matter what your situation is. 

This program uses effective methods developed by a highly qualified coach. There are no needless drills included, and all the videos are to the point. You don’t need any equipment to perform these exercises. I would strongly encourage you to buy this product because it had benefited me. You will learn a great deal of valuable tricks. With the help of eight techniques, you will learn how to relieve back pain. You will learn to do exercises at the right time. This guide helps to avoid dangerous mistakes. You just have to follow the guide in proper order consistently, and the result will be achievable. 

There are lots of cherries to pick in this program, but the most important is that you will get a pain free life for sure.

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