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Parkinson’s Protocol Reviews 2022 – Is Jodi Knapp Parkinson’s Protocol Book Worth Buying? Read

The Parkinson's Protocol Review

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease meaning a special type of nerve cell stops producing in a particular area of the brain. This nerve cell is called dopamine, the scarcity of this nerve cell leads to one having problems in movement. Symptoms of Parkinson’s’ disease begin to unveil gradually over time, like a minor tremor in one hand. All this leads to ailments like stiffness and slow movement as a result. Smooth and aligned muscle movement of the body is due to a nerve cell called dopamine, which is produced in the part of the brain called ‘substantial nigra’. It is an illness that affects the part of the brain that controls how you move your body, the reasons remain unknown to us.

Furthermore, there’s no cure for the disease as of now but there are various treatment options for the disease including the use of oral medication to help with the movement disorder and surgery as the last step as well.

The disease itself is not fatal, however the complications can lead to serious consequences. The center for disease control and prevention has listed Parkinson’s as the number 14th cause of death in America only.

Table of Contents:

1. All about Parkinson’s 

3. What you get from the Parkinson’s Protocol Program

5. About the Author

7. Conclusion

2. Stages of Parkinson’s disease

4. What you’ll learn in the Parkinson’s protocol 

6. Pros and cons of the Parkinson’s disease protocol

All about Parkinson’s disease: 

Some early symptoms of Parkinson’s include constipation, lesser ability to smell, small and cramped handwriting, changes in voice, and stooped posture. A tremor in moving any part of the body, not being able to move properly, stiffness in arms and legs, having problems with balancing, and other similar ailments. Secondary symptoms of the disease could be having that blank facial expression, a tendency to get stuck while walking, low volume speech, not being able to properly swallow or blink, having the thoughts of not being able to stand and fall backward, reduced arm swinging while walking, etc.

The Parkinson's Protocol Review

However, severe symptoms of the disease include those flaky scales on oily parts of the body called seborrheic dermatitis. The people having Parkinson’s are more prone to the risk of melanoma, which is a serious type of skin cancer. Having disturbances in sleep, like vivid dreams, talking, and walking while asleep. Having problems with attention and memory, depression, anxiety, hallucinations, psychosis are all the symptoms.

The reason for the disease is still unknown yet, it could have genes and environment affecting it as well and scientists even think that certain viruses can also trigger Parkinson’s disease. Abnormal proteins called Lewy bodies are also attached to have been common in all Parkinson’s patients.

Apart from other reasons, there are some characteristics of the people who can get the disease more easily than the other, while men are the one who is more affected by the disease than women, in addition, studies show that Parkinson’s is more common in whites than in Africans or Asians.

People with a family history of Parkinson’s are more prone to get the disease themselves and age is also a factor shown in the study of reading the patients. The disease often appears in the age of 50 to 60 years however is less common in people below that age. Exposure to toxins reducing the level of dopamine is also a factor and the people who get or have any history of a head injury too are more likely to fall prey to the disease.

Parkinson’s has no antidote yet there are several natural and easy ways you can somewhat lessen the intensity of the symptoms and reverse the effects the disease has on your body and slow down the rate of the disease overall, its where the program I am talking about comes in THE PARKINSON’S PROTOCOL is an online program that lets you know:

1. Treatment of the Parkinson’s disease including both of the traditional and alternative solutions.

3. 12 habits to follow and induct into your daily life to delay Parkinson’s disease.

2. It’s a two-step pathway to delay the progress of Parkinson’s in you- which includes detoxing your body and working on increasing the levels of dopamine in the body.

The former tells you all about the disease, there’s plenty of useful information about the disease that lets you know everything you want to know and should be known of as someone who’s dealing with Parkinson’s disease or someone who is reading the format to look after someone dealing with the Parkinson’s. It covers all five stages of Parkinson’s, the role of dopamine, causes of the disease, and the traditional and alternative treatment options available for the person suffering from Parkinson’s.


The five stages of Parkinson’s that people, in general, should know as well are:

Stage 1 Parkinson’s is the mildest form of the disease, it’s just so gentle a form of the disease that you might not even experience or notice any symptoms at all, you might be able to do all the daily tasks and rituals without any problem, however, if you do have symptoms then they may be isolated to only one side of your body.

The Parkinson's Protocol Review
The Parkinson's Protocol Review

Stage 2 will take how much time to reach, you never know. It varies from person to person and from atmosphere to atmosphere, progressing from one to two of Parkinson’s may take months or even years sometimes. This is the stage where you get to see the symptoms of Parkinson’s, like tremors, muscle stiffness, trembling, and changes in facial expressions. Symptoms start to appear on both sides of the body, changes in gait, facial expressions, and posture become more visible here

Stage 3 is the stage where it takes a turn, the symptoms take a toll and everything just becomes more prominent, the gait the tremors, and everything. At this stage, there are no new signs of the disease but only the vividness of the ones that have already started to peek through. Movements of the body become progressively slower and thus slow down the time to complete the activities.

The Parkinson's Protocol Review
The Parkinson's Protocol Review

The progression from stage 3 Parkinson’s to stage 4 comes with major changes. This stage comes with extreme difficulty in walking now, in fact not being able to stand without a walker. Movement of muscles and reactions to a situation or person becomes slow as stuck.

Stage 5 is the most advanced stage of Parkinson’s, very extreme symptoms make it very dangerous for the person suffering from Parkinson’s to live on their own. A wheelchair might be required at this stage of the disease.

The last two parts of the guide tell you about the steps you need to follow to put up what you learn in the first two parts. Included are the strategies and regimes that are going to detoxify, food lists recipes, brain activities, and more to deal with. This program tells you about processes you can follow to boost up the dopamine levels in your body and to fight the disease in the best way you can or in other words by fully preparing for it.

The Parkinson's Protocol Review

The regime given in the protocol to follow shows that it can work in the following way:

The regime captures the degeneration of brain cells in substantial nigra

It addresses the lower level of dopamine in your body

The regime works with the ways the level of dopamine in the body can be increased.

Thus the regime then aids in lowering the symptoms, slowing down the rate at which the disease is progressing in the body, and reversing the effects of Parkinson’s on the body. The regime is easy to follow and requires no preparation and is one hundred percent natural. Almost all the things you are going to learn in the protocol are evidence-based which means they are proven to work so no false claims. Yet you still get a 60-day money-back guarantee with the purchase of the program, which is quite satisfying since you are making an online purchase.

Check Current The Parkinson’s Protocol Book Pricing

What you get from the Parkinson’s Protocol Program:

Not only this but what you get alongside the purchase of the program is a deal-breaker. Here’s a list of the things and procedures you are going to explore while on this journey:

1. What is happening in the brain when you have Parkinson’s

3. The risk factor for developing Parkinson’s disease

5. Scientifically certified, evidence-based strategies to boost your dopamine

7. Scientifically certified, evidence-based strategies to boost your dopamine

9. The role of dopamine in the brain

2. Strategies to improve symptoms of early onset Parkinson’s

4. How to change your habits to reverse Parkinson’s

6. How to boost your dopamine levels naturally

8. How your thoughts (internal habits) and diet and lifestyle (external habits) impact your brain health

All the details about all these topics are what you get as soon as you buy the protocol. Meaning that you can start pushing away the effects of Parkinson’s and reverse the changes it has already made to your body by today since the program is sold online you don’t need to go anywhere. You need to develop your mind and body to overcome the disease. To start, you all need to pay and then download the program to your laptop or phone, which allows easy access to wherever you go and you can have access to the protocol anywhere, in a sense of touch. No matter if you are at a supermarket or traveling, your protocol is just one click away, and as long as you have your smart device you have everything to benefit from the program.

Learn More About Blue Heron health News Parkinson’s Protocol Book

About the author: 

The protocol was written by a natural health practitioner named Jodi Knapp. Knapp has written more health guides as well that include ‘ Blue Heron guide to beat diabetes: 3-step method to naturally cure type 2 diabetes and drastically improve type 1 diabetes- starting today’

The Parkinson’s protocol is being sold through blue heron health news, so let’s talk about the credibility of this health blog as well. Heron health news blog is an online health and wellness blog that regularly releases articles on health issues. The blog recently released a 3-step diabetes strategy along with ‘the fibromyalgia solution’ in addition to other eBooks.

What You’ll Learn In The Parkinson’s Protocol:

Parkinson’s protocol is an online program that is going to help you in teaching simple ways to lessen the intensity of the Parkinson’s symptoms you are facing and reversing the damage the disease has already done to you. It helps with healing the brain from within, tells you the relationship between dopamine and Parkinson’s, and how you can increase the levels of dopamine. The eBook has four parts that are loaded with tons of information, all the procedures, and the regime is said to be followed by the user is one hundred percent natural. Below is a list of what you are going to see in the eBook Introduction:

Part 1: deep dive into the Parkinson’s science and logic behind its cure

1. The role of dopamine- the motivational molecule

3. 5 stages of Parkinson’s

5. Inflammation of microglia

7. What causes Parkinson’s

9. Dopamine and rewards

11. Diet and lifestyle

13. High BMI

15. What exactly is happening in the brain?

2. Low dopamine levels and brain disorders

4. Symptoms of Parkinson’s

6. Mitochondrial dysfunction

8. Environmental toxins

10. Dopamine receptors

12. Lack of exercise

14. Depression

16. Forgotten risk factor- Stress


1. Parkinson’s natural ‘quick fixes’

3. Dopamine precursors

2. Other Parkinson’s medications

4. Dopamine antagonists


1. Boost dopamine with movement

3. 10 dopamine boosting super foods

5. Strategies for gentle detoxing

7. Natural dopamine precursors

9. Detox your brain

11. A neuro-protective way of eating: The principles of the MIND diet

2. Boost dopamine with your mind

4. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatories

6. Sleep: your brain’s detox tool

8. Boost dopamine with food

10. Plant protein

Part 4: 12 daily habits to delay Parkinson’s

A healthier brain is within your reach

Appendix 1: 13 Brain Loving Recipes

1. Kitchen Hacks

3. Recipes

2. Fresh Start – Restock Your Kitchen

Appendix 2: tips to detox from dietary and environmental toxins

Appendix 4: Dopamine boosting nutrients and where to find them

Appendix 6: simple exercises to increase strength and flexibility

Appendix 8: list of the healthiest fasts

Appendix 3: powerful anti-oxidants and where to find them

Appendix 5: list of healthy alternatives to sugar and refined carbs

Appendix 7: additional evidence-based strategies to boost your dopamine


1. The protocol is for multiple-uses. You can use it for yourself if you are suffering from Parkinson’s disease or the protocol can serve as handy for someone who has to take care of someone suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

3.  It is a completely organic process, you won’t need any particular medication or drugs to treat the illness and a disclaimer is that you cannot get rid of Parkinson’s completely, yet what you can do is only diminish the effects taking place in your body due to it. 

5. The program is sold online and because of that, you can always access the program with the help of your laptop or phone. 

2. The guide is a complete set of information leading from why we get the disease in the first place and what are the factors, some quick fixes, methods to increase dopamine levels in your body, etc.

4. The use of recipes to work with Parkinson’s and increasing the level of dopamine in your body is a relatively modern way of dealing with the disease and the advantage of dealing with that is, it is going to be harmless, with no side effects and therefore no worries of getting anything else out of the treatment. 


There aren’t any major disadvantages of the product that need to be highlighted yet acting upon the guide could be a tiresome process and there are chances one might lose interest in the middle of dealing with it.


It is a protocol that is an eBook format that tells you how to deal with Parkinson’s disease overall and lessen its symptoms. By working out on the instructions mentioned in the Parkinson’s protocol you can effectively target the disease without any kind of dieting, medicine, or surgery as well.

Since we all listen all the time that Parkinson’s has no cure, and once you are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease you’ll just have to live with it throughout your life. However, if you are one of the people who are looking for an alternative approach to treat Parkinson’s without visiting the Doctors for medicine and treatments, then Parkinson’s protocol is the appropriate choice for you. Blue Heron Health News is a credible source since its other articles haven’t disappointed in the past, and I am sure this article is not going to disappoint as well, and overall this is a good protocol for getting all the information you’ll need about Parkinson’s

You can get the Parkinson’s protocol right now,
All you need to do is visit the site and place your order right away

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