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Physique Zero Review: The Program is a Success or just another Scam?


It has always been a dream for most of the men to have an aesthetically attractive body with sturdy shape and muscular appearance but unfortunately, most of the men are unable to make this dream come true. Their working hours adapted lifestyle, and intake of unhealthy junk food have made this dream even more difficult to achieve. For having such an ideal body, one has to follow a tight schedule truly based on dedication and efforts loaded with special diet and exercise routines. 

Most people desire to opt for such techniques that are less time consuming and offer somewhat better results as they cannot go to the gym or they don’t want to pay a large sum to trainers. The training schedules are also very hectic for some people to follow. Morning workouts are said to freshen up one’s day but some people find it hard to wake up early and workout that makes them looked tired all day.

Sometimes these techniques cause more harm to the body rather than offering a fair response. People suffering from joints problems get their joint swollen due to the drastic effects of the HOMEMADE techniques. The program has been getting a point of attraction for such people and some people are convinced by the results. People are in search of the actual product reviews that can guide them either they should go for this program or it’s just another scam to make money out of it. Many reviewers have done extensive reviews of the product website rather than buying and reviewing it for some time to provide the consumers with a correct review.

Physique Zero, A Brief Introduction:

Alan Gonzalez, who is known for his contributions to transforming thousands of men to obtain an ideal body, launched this product after dedicated research is done to revolutionize the lives of people who want a muscular and strong body. The program has the ability to increase the endurance levels in men by easy workout steps that do not affect the daily routine and schedules. One has to make some room for dedication to follow the program regularly to achieve the desire toned look of the body.

The program is based on physical exercises and workout patterns that can easily be followed and carried out domestically without any use of machinery and gym trainers. One of the main positive features of this program is that the program is hustle free and keeps the user to follow a daily routine that is adaptable and easy to maintain.

Keeping in view these all hurdles and gruesome routines, Physique Zero was introduced for such people who wanted to attain such an ideal body with all these hustles. Being an adaptable fitness program that can be easily performed at home, the technique avoids to create hustle for its users and make a comfortable way to transform their bodies into shape. The 8-minutes program is said to activate the muscle switches which lead to better and long-lasting effects on muscle fibers with the increment of testosterone levels in the body which is responsible for muscle growth.

About the Author – Alan Gonzales:

Alan is known for guiding thousands of people through his fitness coaching and books, to achieve their dreams for having a toned strong body and the confidence they are looking for.

The author after experiencing himself the occupied routine being a husband and having kids, managed to device this program. “People can’t find time for themselves as they are busy enough to provide a good living for their families”, Alan Gonzales said this when he referred to the people who always asked the same problem that they don’t have time to go the gym and follow the designed routines.

Why Physique Zero?

The program allows the persons to have their desired toned body at home by following a simple method proposed by the author. The program comes with a complete set of tutorials to guide people with correct push-up and pull-up techniques with detailed guidelines for adopting healthy food intake and nutrition guidance.

The program is designed in a very technical way to adopt according to your routine without affecting your daily tasks and without causing any tiredness because of this program. The improvement in body activity and a balanced nutrition guide will help the body to boost its productivity and the person will tend to feel more energetic. The body will not just into perfect shape but it will also be full of energy that will you to be more productive both mentally and physically.

The overall program is just 8 minutes daily exercise that help to activate the muscle growing testosterone by triggering the muscle switch that can lead to muscle loss and efficient protein delivery by introducing an oxygen-deficient (hypoxic) environment. The author claims that the said technique will produce effects that can strengthen the muscles by 50% within 20 seconds and the formation of muscle shape within 40 seconds and the third step will lead to increase muscle durability within 70 seconds.


1. The product is released at a very affordable price so that it can be available to everybody rather than the heavy gym training fees.
3. No need to compromise your daily routines for this program. It’s adaptable to your convenience.
5. Complete package with proper guidelines for workouts and nutrition guides for all age groups along with video demonstrations.
7. If a customer is not satisfied with the results, one can claim money refunds.

2. Time-saving as there’s no need to go for gym and dedicate an
hour or so.
4. The program offers easy to perform exercises and cardio workouts or lifting heavy weights which leads to muscular pain.
6. No need to opt painful exercises as the program is stress free and allows the body to relax and work freely
8. It can be accessed online anywhere in the world.


1. The product is available online only because of data preservation and safety concerns. So it is not available widely on Amazon and eBay.

2. There aren’t any serious disadvantages related to this product that can affect the value of this product

Advantages for opting Physique Zero:

The provided guide for the exercises along with the program is further categorized into multiple topics including reduction of gym time, common errors have done during the workouts, an 8-minutes boosting workout is elaborated, and discussed in detail in the package. The PDF copy is easy to read and includes step by step guide for strong physique, fats reduction, methods to calm your mind and the much more good stuff is included.

The methods include guidelines for:

1. Development of a flexible body and gaining muscle strength under 70 seconds.
3. An included multimedia setup for a video demonstration of different workouts included in PDF file.
5. For age 30 and above, exercises are discussed for joints pain relief
and flexibility
7. A detailed discussion of common mistakes that happen during the
workouts by the people. The package describes most of them and suggests proper ways and step by step guide perform these workouts.

2. Safe and common ways to burn stubborn fats that can be harmful to health.
4. Methods to increase stamina and increase energy levels for longer periods.

6. Post-workout techniques are discussed that are responsible for
signaling the brain fat-burning signals before every workout

8. A proper and safe way to get rid of stubborn belly fat without any
harmful side effects

How Physique Zero can be beneficial to your health

For obtaining a good body with great energy and more productivity, it is essential to have a balanced diet plan. The Physique Zero has attached a balanced diet plan for most of the age groups that can follow this program. The supplement cheat program included in the package offers different locally available healthy diet plans to boost health and offer better nutrients that can add up to your body muscle fiber and help them grow much faster.

The diet plan is focused to be cost-effective and is considered not to be heavy on the pocket so that users can easily be attracted to have a safe nutrient plan and can attain their goals economically. One of the most considered enzymes in the body that is supposed to be helpful for muscle growth and increase the muscle fibers is Testosterones. The diet is focused on their safe limit generation in the body to obtain better and long-lasting results. Belly fats are the most stubborn fats of the body and are considered to be one of the most dangerous fats that can lead to different diseases like cardiac arrest, diabetes, and abdominal problems. The diet chart is focused to burn the amino acids (proteins) by using safe techniques and losing belly.

Complete Guidelines for doing Pull-ups

In most cases, when people start doing the exercises to enhance stamina for shoulders, they often get injured which is mainly because of the ligament damage caused by the immediate stress by body weight. This program has the complete guidelines for doing flawless pull-ups without generating any stresses on the ligaments and muscles so people don’t get injured.

Complete Guidelines for doing Push-ups

Push-ups have been said to be one of the most effective exercises. The exercise is effective to the almost whole body with most affecting the shoulders, elbows, and chest muscles. One wrong angle and the body puts all of its stress on a specific part which results in swelling of the muscles causing fatigue and immense pain.

Physique Zero has a complete guidelines package for every exercise. The package offers stepwise guidelines for doing perfect pushups so that no harm can be suffered by the consumer.


How training is done by Physique Zero?
The program is entirely home-based and offers flexibility to its users. No time constraints are bound to consumers, which is a plus point to workaholic people and for the people who do not find time to get their bodies in shape. A step by step guide is given in the read-only file and the video set is also available in the bonus pack which further elaborates on the workout techniques. There are no extensive workout techniques that can cause pain and tiredness. No cardio workouts which tend to appear boring and unattractive to some people. The technique purely focuses on the development of the muscles from the natural and easily adaptable methods.
Who can be benefitted from this package?
People from any grown age group and community can easily follow this package. People with stubborn belly fats, lean and thin people who want to gain weight, and the people who want to lose fats, can easily use the techniques and can get their desired results within weeks. Only 8-minutes a day is enough to change their energy levels by increased energy levels and testosterone in their bloodstream.
Will Physique Zero trigger any old training injuries?
Physique Zero is directed towards the releasing of the steroids juices directly into the muscles which are done when the proteins are directed to enter the muscles and fibers. There is no chance of flaring up of the old training injuries that occurred during any previous training sessions. The package itself is safe enough for old people up to 75 years of age.
How much a complete Physique Zero program costs?
The costumes are supposed to pay for three guides and included three bonuses which cost $15 which cost $90 earlier.
What is included in the complete package?
The package includes the complete tutorial and guides for the workout as explained in the PDF file. Weight gaining, fats reduction, and muscle growth are included in the package and much more stuff is also added for customer convenience. The 6 packages included are:
  1. Main manual
  2.  Nutrition and diet plan
  3.  Execution videos
  4.  Workout Guide
  5.  Six-pack and abs development workouts
  6.  Recovery techniques
Some of the most highly featured and suggested areas include in these sections are mainly focused on:
  •  Discussion for the increment of testosterone development in the body for an effective workout
  •  How to obtain maximum blood flow to the muscles to attain muscle pumps
  •  What is the effect on a workout if a timer is used
  •  How the face angles and breathing affects the muscles building and reduction of fats attained
  •  Techniques and methods that focus on the increased flexibility and energy levels of both the upper body and lower body
  •  How important is the healthy food intake for the effective workout and maintaining balance?
  • How to increase muscle activities and how to lose belly fats. The section also focuses on the abs and 6 packs development
Do Physique Zero offer any bonuses?
Yes, the package comes with the three offered bonuses. The details of these bonuses are as:
  1. Supplement Bonus Guide is added to package and it has details for necessary supplements details that can be used for muscle growth, strength, and endurance
  2. Pull-Up Progression Method defines the stepwise guidelines for increasing the upper body weight also it can guide how to make it to 50 pull-ups by a person without stressing the body.
  3. Push-up Progression Method is the same guidelines technique for the whole body. It can train a person to do 100 push-ups by the end of the first month of the package.


Since most of the people don’t have time to go for gym and pay hefty membership prices, this Physique Zero program have occurred as a blessing. People can follow this program to its fullest without any effect on their daily routines and schedules. The technique will not only help them to get better shape but it will also help them to achieve higher productivity and energy levels which can be helpful in their work zones. No pain and no stresses are related to this technique as many people get confused about their previous injuries. But this technique has proven to be painless and easy to be adopted by any age group from 30-75 years. People have attained their desired bodies and some people have claimed that after using it for a few weeks, they are feeling emerging muscles in their bodies and their energy levels are also exquisite. Instead of waiting for a long time, the technique has proven itself within a few weeks.

From the above-detailed analysis, it can be seen that the technique can be adopted for fulfilling the desired dream body. Also, some bonuses help the person to manage and control his/her nutrition balance with a managed blood flow to the muscles and increased energy levels. The product can be obtained for $15 from the original website because no other online service has been allowed to deal with it. The author has also allowed a money refund for 60 days for the cases that do not get the required results in the specified time by carefully following the techniques. The product website will offer an original product that will be delivered to your doorstep with bonuses and guides to lead to a better and healthy life.

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