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6 Best Sissy Squat Machines & Exercises 2022 – Buyer’s Guide & Review!

Best Sissy Squat Machines

Are you worried about your quads lagging behind your hamstrings and hip muscles? Well, you are not alone. At some point, anyone who has worked their legs has been through this stage. The same happened to us, and that was the exact point of me discovering sissy squats. And if you too look like Popeye, using the best sissy squat machine will make sure you don’t!

By definition, there is nothing sissy about the sissy squats! Named after king Sisyphus, from Greek mythology, these sissy squats are literal killers and will tear your leg muscles. But surely, after a little while, you will feel and look excellent and strong! In the following review, we are going to take a look at some of the best sissy squat machines in the market, their features, benefits, and usage.

Top 6 Best Sissy Squat Machines 2022 For Sale – Buying Guide:

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1. SF-BH6629 45 Degree Hyperextension Roman Chair:


  • Foldable design makes it easy to fold, transport, and store in even the most compact spaces.
  • Users as massive as 250 pounds can avail the sissy squat machines benefit from this machine. 
  • SF-BH6629 45 Degree Hyperextension Roman Chair is excellent for performing a variety of sissy squat exercise variations at home.  
  • It weighs much less than its counterparts


  • Not Spacified
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2. leikefitness Deluxe Multi-Function Deep Sissy Squat Bench Home Gym Workout:


  • The machine features a solid base to keep it from sliding on the floor. 
  • The leikefitness Sissy Squat Machine is compact yet sturdy, making it perfect for use in small apartments. 
  • The adjustable pad on the sissy squat machine allows users to adjust the height according to their preferences.


  • The machine is not recommendable for people suffering from knee problems.

The leikefitness Sissy Squat Machine comes highly recommended
from Gronk Fitness.

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3. Multifunctional Squat Machine:


  • The Multifunctional Squat Machine is sturdy and well-built and can last for a long time
  • Much more affordable compared to expensive abs benches


  • The multifunctional sissy squat machine does not feature any folding options,
  • which means secure storage and space management is a virtual impossibility.

If you are looking forward to combining your core training workout with sissy squats, then the Multifunctional Squat Machine is your best bet.

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4. Thole Household Fitness Squat Rack:


  • The machine is easy to assemble and very comfortable to use. 
  • The TDS pro is adjustable yet sturdy – well-built and durable.


  • The man pad behind the knees might be a bit too tall for users with short heights.

TDS has been around for more than four decades and cemented its name as one of the best fitness equipment manufacturers in the market, and their sissy squat machine variant is no exception.

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5. Enow Sissy Squat Machine:


  • The Enow sissy squat machine is easy to assemble and features handles and wheels to assist easy transportation 
  • Enow is equally perfect for lower body as well as upper body workouts
  • The machine comes thoroughly padded for added user comfort and convenience.


  • The machine comes flat-packed and might take at least 30 minutes to put together, although the assembly is super easy and won’t require too much effort.

The Enow Squat is a relatively newer name in the game, but it comes with a myriad of incredible features to amaze you.

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6. Marcy Adjustable 6 Position Utility Bench:


  • The machine is effortless to set up and easy on the pocket as compared to sissy squat machines of the same specs 
  • It would be great to work out quadriceps


  • Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench does not feature a holder for plates or dumbbells.

Still not sure which sissy squat bench you should go for? Why not try one with excellent reviews from home users and fitness coaches alike?

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Benefits of Sissy Squat Machine:

According to a tale from Greek mythology, Zeus, the Greek god of thunder, was betrayed by the hero of our story, king Sisyphus. When this rogue king passed on, he was punished for rolling a giant stone up a sharp hill for all infinity.

But Zeus wasn’t done with Sisyphus; he raised the stakes even higher with a crazier spin to the punishment- he cast a spell on the massive stone that it would slip from the hands of the king every time he would roll it up the top. So king Sisyphus would grind in this punishment for all eternity. 

Can you imagine the quads on the king once he turned the boulder up? This remarkable story is the origin of the legendary sissy squats. If you want to have toned and ripped quads like king Sisyphus, make sure you grab a sissy squat machine today. Below are some of the most notable sissy squat machine benefits.

1. Safety:

Contrary to popular opinion, the sissy squat machine is safer than leg extensions machines. For some time, coaches recommended leg and knee extension machines. But soon, physiotherapists and sports therapists found out that a leg extension machine could result in devastating knee issues. 

Sissy squat machines like the TDS pro are a safer option because they allow the user to lock their calves and feet to ensure they stay balanced and injury-free during a workout. Furthermore, a cushioned pad is beneficial in keeping the knees safe and at the right angle. This feature is specifically helpful for athletes who suffer from knee or backache.

2. Affordability:

If you want some excellent-looking quadriceps but you are on a budget, a sissy squad machine such as the Golpus is the best bet. Such machines are multifunctional and let you perform a myriad of exercises like pushups, sit-ups, crunches, and sissy squats. Since they are multi-purpose, they automatically become more affordable as compared to other workout equipment that only allows one type of workout per machine.

3. Multifunctional:

Most sissy squat variations, as stated before, allow more than one exercise. Most of the sissy squat variations, such as Enow, are great for use on many different levels. Users can perform various exercises like abs crunches, pushups, etc. as well as sissy squats and make full use of their sissy squat bench. Users can further intensify their workout by adding dumbbells or plates to their exercise and make the most out of every rep they perform.

4. Great for pros and beginners alike:

Sometimes, some things work for veterans but not for beginner weight lifters or aspiring fitness lovers. These new-fangled lifters have a lot to catch up on in terms of strength and training experience. Gladly, the sissy squat machine is not only safe and easy to use for these novices but also offers a high possibility to progress with the training.

This means that no matter which level you are on, once you buy a sissy squat machine, you will surely keep using it for a long time to come. Soon it will become an integral part of your training regime because of its versatility and undoubted effectiveness.

Just make sure to do your homework and pay attention to the squat machine on the market to evaluate their features and quality that meets your preferences. To steer clear of any possible injuries, ensure you can use the machine and juice it out for as long as possible, so you know you are investing in a reliable product.

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Final Verdict:

Well, this one is a no-brainer that sissy squats aren’t for sissies- anyone who has ever dared to try them can attest to their expediency intoning the quadriceps. Sissy squat benches are high for this specific purpose to provide support to your knees, prevent injuries and pain. Also, on many sissy squat machine variants, allow you to perform many other exercises on them, such as abs crunches and sit-ups. Our best pick is the G-4 Max sissy bench for it supports big guys easily and can take a real beating when it comes to long-life and durability.

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