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Stop Fat Storage Reviews 2022- Does HSD Deactivate Food Guide Work?

Stop Fat Storage

Obesity has become one of the modern day’s scariest dilemmas owing to the rampant consumption of fast food on a daily basis. Around 4 million people across the world succumb to it annually while insult to the injury is, it oxygenates many deadly diseases as well. Type II diabetes, heart strokes, sexual and digestive problems backpedal your health inch by inch. This sounds scary, isn’t it? Of course, it is scary, people think of obesity as if it only embarrasses them in public for outer appearance, but in actuality, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Ever since the genesis and upsurge of COVID-19, obesity has also increased. Being lock-downed and isolated for such a long span of time has also added fuel to the already flaming fire. 

If you are suffering from obesity, if you have been caught by the irresistible clutches of fast food, and you want to get rid of it, if you are looking for your remedy and you plan to get rid of it, then you are at the right place. Here, I will be reviewing the Stop Fat Storage program, which claims to be highly helpful in toppling obesity.

Internet is flooding with so many products and programs promising eradication of your obesity, but a question arises about their authenticity. I will be reviewing Stop Fat Storage here with its shades of grey to answer your questions about it. Is it a scam, or reality, and if reality then how effective is it?

Stop Fat Storage:

It is a highly comprehensive, nutritious guide with instructions about all sorts of metabolism and the best food for that metabolic body. Stop Fat Storage instructs you about different metabolisms and then what sort of food you should be eating to lose fat as quickly as possible. It does not blame a slow metabolism for fats wholly, it states that enzymes are the cause of it. It helps the user with detailed instructions and information about losing weight and getting from fat to fit. 

Stop Fat Storage

It states at tackling your stress hormones and controlling them to get you trimmed. It says that people with a higher amount of stress hormones and larger waists suffer from fats. Thenceforth, it provides scientific data on how chronic stress hormones can shoot your weight up to the hilt. So it aims at decreasing your stress level, which would indirectly hit the weight gauge, and not only find a stress free self of yours but a fat free self as well. You will be reaping the benefits of a fatless body shedding weight as well as managing your stress hormones. It is no less than therapy.

If you follow the program religiously, you might lose around 2 inches of your stomach within a week. You might as well get rid of 7 pounds in two weeks. 

It is an online weight loss program aimed at making you stress-free so that you can shed some pounds effortlessly and effectively. It provides you with many scientific remedies to close the doors for HSD and stress hormones and many food plans. All the nitty-gritty of the program will be analyzed and scrutinized in the later part of the review, but first I want to get you familiar with what is there in the book, and how I am going to approach it:

Table of Content:

1. Stop Fat Storage

3. HSD Deactivating Lunch Recipes

5. Ab Friendly Fat Burning Dessert Recipes

7. Thyroid Balancing 14-Day Plan

9. Bonus: Toning Exercises Ab 

11. Cons

2. 30 Sec HSD Deactivating System

4. HSD Deactivating Dinner Recipes

6. Estrogen Balancing 14-Day Meal Plan

8. Testosterone Balancing Meal Plan

10. Pros

12. Conclusions

All the instructions, findings and remedies listed in this program are a result of scientific research. It has been studied and researched by the author to find the easiest breakthrough to this problem.

About the Author:

The Stop Fat Storage program is propounded and designed by Janet Hadvill who is a certified nutritionist and health professional dealing with obesity for long. She has had a rich experience as a nutritionist and as a trainer with her clients. After years of fieldwork, at last, she did her research and designed a program Stop Fat Storage which has been reviewed and talked about in many international fitness magazines. She has also been quoted in many books for her dynamic work.

Stop Fat Storage


Stop Fat Storage provides valuable information about the fat-storing stress hormones which can add to your fat production and make you prone to obesity. It does this by completely relying on natural ingredients and laying out different diet plans for you. It hails with enjoyable diet plans. The program also covers the importance of enzymes and metabolism and it concludes by telling you about which one fattens you. 

The program has covered many shades of fat gaining causes and fat loss techniques and some major topics covered in it are discussed below:

30 Seconds HSD Deactivating System:

It talks about the hypermobility spectrum disorder at large dealing with different reasons which connect fat gaining with stress hormones and health issues. It talks about the importance of controlling and taming stress levels which can eventually fatten you within no time. You could be chasing all the wrong tracks to control your low metabolism while unaware of the fact that it is not the only factor that gets you to the obese-zone.

Stop Fat Storage

It talks about the HSD Enzymes which are basically the fat-storing factors and that being discussed; the guide connects it later to food cortisol. No doubt, food does play a driving role in shaping your body and the guide does not negate it. It talks about it in detail and provides supplements and ways through which you can easily and effortlessly decrease food cortisol. 

While guiding you about what food can deactivate HSD, it tells you how to prepare your lemon zest. It bewilders you with so many smoothie recipes, milkshake recipes, and other drinks. Tea lovers would also get to learn about their drink and how they can curtail food cortisol through it.

Finally, after educating you with all the above things, henceforth, it caters to your needs with a proper menu plan. You will get to learn about your meal taking routine and if you follow that it can seriously help to deactivate your HSD. The next chapter of the guide, thus, argues your HSD and meal that you are taking in lunch.

HSD Deactivating Lunch Recipes:

In order to hold a firm grip on your stress hormones and prevent them from elevating, the guide guides you with your meal plans. Now, I know it can be frustrating not being able to eat what you like and being forced to eat the same food each and every day. I know that demotivates you and you lose the determination to shed some pounds. This is very human and if you don’t handle it, it backpedals your health and fat loss journey.

That being the reason, the guide addresses your concerns. It does not want to force you to eat the same meal each day. It provides more than 30 recipes for your lunch meal which include all sorts of fruit, whether light salads or heavy stuff by keeping it simple and healthy.

It includes pictures to appease your appetite, instructions to appease your intellect, steps to appease the chef within you, and nutritional information to appease the determinant person living within your body who wants to get toned. In short, it addresses all your concerns about meals and tries to keep the meal healthy and attractive for you so that you don’t lose determination and get demotivated.

HSD Deactivating Recipes:

Your lunch isn’t the only meal you take every day, dinner is also as important as lunch. Stop Fat Storage doesn’t want you to adhere to a strict diet where you would have to miss some food every day. The program doesn’t want you to torture your body and muffle your appetite. It wants you to eat but whatever you eat should have a method.

Stop Fat Storage

Stop Fat Storage gives you dinner plans as well where your fat will be challenged without suppressing your appetite. It also caters to your needs with more than 30 meals for your dinner. You can eat whatever you like without fueling your fat level.

Ab Friendly Fat Burning Dessert Recipes:

It is obvious that you get fat owing to your appetite which longs for desserts. If you are that sort of person then it might be difficult for you to follow any plan to shed those extra pounds of yours. It is essential that you follow a program for weight loss consistently for a fair amount of time. That can be done only when you don’t get distracted.

Keeping that in mind, the Stop Fat Storage program offers different recipes for your delicious and favorite desserts. The guide provides detailed pictures of the desserts with step-wise recipes and instructional mode. It gives you the inevitable nutritional information regarding your desserts. 

So what it means is that you don’t have to divorce your desserts in order to shed weight, you can have them while getting toned as well. The secret is to make your desserts according to the recipes given by Stop Fat Storage. This is what we call icing on the cake, you eat your favorite meal while losing weight as well.

Estrogen Balancing Meal Plan:

When we talk about fitness programs, of course, we cannot disregard the role of steroid hormones in developing the ebb and flow of our body. The guide talks about steroid hormones which at times upsurge and sometimes shoot down. The secret to fitness is to find a balancing ground for your steroid levels. You need not go blasé with your steroid consumption.

This portion of the book talks about the importance of the right food which if eaten can boost your health with quantum leaps. This portion tells you what to eat and what not to eat. The key to getting fit is not to eat the right amount of food, it is to eat the right food. That is why the program guides you with a food plan here. It gives you a 14-day food plan which keeps your appetite satisfied while on the flip side it hits your stress level and fat level to the core as well.

Thyroid Balancing Meal Plan:

The Stop Fat Storage program also helps you with your thyroid hormones just like it helps with estrogen control. The program wants to keep a check on your thyroid glands. Your food is processed through here and your digestive system remains healthy as thyroid hormones are functioning properly. 

In this portion, the program educates you with certain breathing activities that relax not just your glands but it gives therapy to your stress hormones as well.  Stress levels are controlled through your thyroid balancing meal as well. 

It lists the food that you should avoid and the food you eat. By following that, your food cravings are addressed while stress hormones are not disregarded.

Stop Fat Storage

Testosterone Balancing Meal Plan:

One of the major side effects of obesity is that it affects your sexual life. Obesity troops down at your testosterone hormones causing less satisfying sex. If your sexual life is affected then this causes stress. The program states that if you want to lose weight, stress is the last thing you ask for. Sexual life gets worse causing stress, but that can also be kept an eye on. 

Testosterone hormones are also controlled by certain meals that provide better sexual performance which flatters your stress hormones. Once your stress hormones are flattered, that adds to the advantage and gets you busy with your plan to get toned.

There are certain supplements recommended with the different recommendations of food as well. The food plan for 14 days is also forbidding some of the food.

Ab Toning Exercise:

If you don’t only want to shed rather than want to get toned as well, then this portion of the program might be for you. This portion carries around 10 different instructional exercise videos. The exercise videos guide you with the correct angles and right postures, hitting your abs consistently until they show up. 

Stop Fat Storage

The program thus ends with a few bonuses which come free of cost. It hails from an additional HSD deactivating food guide to help you master how to control stress hormones and appetite. There are top 10 abs exercises getting you toned hailing from 2018. It also carries a book as bonus teaching ways about the reversal of arthritis. But the best one is the bestselling DVD for 2018 which is an anti-aging instructional DVD. These are a few extra cherries to pick from the program.


If you have observed in my review, the best part about the program is that you still get to eat your favorite food and desserts. It doesn’t want you to torture your appetite and restrict your intake of calories. You can eat as much food as you want to be given in the 40+ lunch recipes and 40+ dinner recipes. On top of that, 10 dessert recipes are true icing on top of the cake.

The only thing that you are asked to do is to follow the recipes, get the recommended ingredients, and put it in your meal to have the best of both worlds (appetite and fitness). If you follow the step-wise recipes you can cook a delicious nutritious meal for yourself. You are also provided with different 14-day meal plans too which give you a proper procedure to fight obesity.

You are also taken care of with testosterone hormones being addressed and relaxed. Your sexual life gets better with the recommended supplements and meals. This also means that the program wants to take care of your mental health as well. It really believes in ‘health is wealth’. That’s the best part of the program that it doesn’t neglect the fact that while getting fit physically, many people get mentally disturbed. Thus, it takes care of your mental health as well.

The fact that the Stop Fat Storage program is digitally designed makes it easy to follow and practice for a modern man. This means that you can easily carry the program with yourself around, for instance, you can take it to the grocery store where you can buy all the recommended ingredients for recipes. You can take it to parks or gym or even your own lounge for ab toning exercise. You can read information and instructions late at night in your room whenever you feel like. It does not bind you.

Then comes the free of cost bonus program with an anti-aging DVD, HSD deactivating food guides, and much more. That is not all, the program comes with 60 days money-back guarantee as well. It means you get something for free as well as a chance to try and decide whether to buy the product or not. You try and test it for two months and once you are sure about it, you make a decision. The 60 days money-back guarantee shows the confidence of the designer of the program in her work. That gives confidence to the consumer as well.


While I was analyzing the program, I saw that it has everything planned out for you benefiting you up to the hilt, however, one thing stood out as a drawback to me. All the people do not like to have a digital program, some prefer to hold a physical book in their hands too. The program should have offered a hard copy of it, and then it would have been best suited for all sorts of people.

Another drawback that I see is that it has everything in instruction, so if the consumer doesn’t follow the program religiously nothing really happens. So, you would have to practice it personally, making your recipes and meals, exercising and all that. There should be a check and balance sort of angle to the program as well.

Stop Fat Storage PDF EBook Free Download by Janet Hadvill


My verdict on the program is inspired by the food plans and puddings of the program. The fact that you can eat around 40+ types of the meal along with 10+ desserts as well makes the program unavoidable. It carries magnetism to attract obesity because naturally and generally people get fat for they like to eat a lot. For someone who cannot think of losing weight without eating, Stop Fat Storage is a revolutionary program.

You get not just the talk or the destiny picture, you are provided with the map to the desired destination as well. This means the program doesn’t only talk, it performs as well.

Almost every fitness product focuses on physical health while they disregard the mental health of the consumer. Stop Fat Storage doesn’t want to torture its consumers; it plans to motivate and keep the consumer entangled with determination. A scientific approach to controlling stress levels and deactivating HSD, providing instructional food plans for thyroid and testosterone hormones so that your mental state remains healthy and breathing.

You get ab toning exercises, free of a cost bonus program, and techniques to reduce 2 inches of your stomach within 7 days. You are also taught the technique to lose up to 7 pounds within two weeks. This is amazing!

If you also get a consumer-friendly economic policy, you get to try the program for 60 days with a 100% money-back guarantee. This shows the confidence of the designer of the program and, on the flip side, it is also a confidence booster for the consumer as well.

For those who cannot divorce food, those who want to be kept motivated all along, those who fear if their money is being invested in a scam, those who want a booster for not just physical health but mental health as well, this program is best suited and unavoidable. It keeps all ins and outs of the weight loss journey and tries to shoulder you throughout until you reach the hilt of fitness goals.

The final verdict gives it a must-go and states are highly recommended for the oxygenation of mental as well as physical health.

Stop Fat Storage Official Site Link
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