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Stop Snoring & Sleep Apnea Program Review by Christian Goodman – Does it Really Work or Just a Scam? Read

Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program

As a member of the human race, we all are prone to some humane patterns. A human can toil day in and day out to make headway for himself. We all work and do other stuff during our daytime routine, but what is natural to us is ‘sleep’. As per the psychological perspective, 7-8 hours’ sleep for humans is as important as water for the plants. So, if you have a non-fitful sleep, you ought to be grateful for that. But some of us sleep and still get depressed despite having slept peacefully.

If you snore while sleeping, then you might understand me. If we sleep well, and because of us, someone is unable to sleep, which turns our life into grey. Of course, if we snore the person sleeping next to us is agitated to the core. Snoring ever becomes the killjoy of the party and affects our romantic relationship as well. Can you relate to it? Are you with me so far? If yes, then that means you are also agitated by your habit of snoring. This agitation can be handled with The Sleep Apnea Exercise which helps in muffling snores.

Sleep Apnea Exercise renders results immediately with small activity on a daily basis. It does not indulge any hard efforts and toil, and it is for all whether the worst type of snoring or just mild form of snoring. 3 to 4 minutes of exercise to treat snoring.

You may be wondering why I said that snoring brings agitation into your life. Well, that is my subjective opinion. I do know that the habit of snoring gets some people depressed, while others sad. While some are enraged and others feel shame in it, all have their own reactions. But my reaction was agitation, I used to get agitated due to the habit of snoring.

When you are snoring, the person next to you feels as if you are struggling to breathe. It is as if you are drowning and suddenly you rose up to inhale oxygen. Thenceforth, it is no more ‘my problem’ but ‘our problem’ as the person sleeping next to me also gets affected. I never knew that such a condition is a serious syndrome known as ‘Sleep Apnea”. After learning about my issue, I did a bit of research to find the panacea to my syndrome and then The Sleep Apnea Exercise helped me out with it.

How Soring is a Real Life Issue?

The exercise was thought of and practiced keeping in mind the dreadful aftershocks of snoring. People make jokes about snoring but as per the statistics, around 50% of men snore, while on the flip side women tend to suffer from it as well. 30% of them also snore, which leads to deadly diseases as well. When you snore, the inhalation of oxygen is decreased to a level that omens heart attack, diabetes (type II), and exhaustion along with Alzheimer’s.

There are five major types as well and each type is treated differently through this exercise. Perhaps this is the reason why other treatments did not work for you because your type of snoring was not properly addressed. Five types of snoring are listed below:

1. Airflow obstructed due to narrow nasal cavity

3. Tension in the oral cavity

5. Weak soft palatal area

2. Clamping down your esophagus and trachea

4. Blockage of the throat through the tongue

These are the few major types of snoring and you have to identify which one is yours so that The Sleep Apnea Exercise can help you with it as it has different exercises for different snoring types.

Who is the Designer of the Program?

Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program

The Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program is designed and mapped by Christian Goodman. He is a natural health expert who has had rich experience studying sleep apnea, nasal and oral cavities. He has successfully designed and run many online natural health-related programs that are used widely.

How to Stop Snoring Sleep Apnea Exercise?

It is a gentle exercise that lists 23 ways to relax your muscles. Sometimes muscles in your oral cavity and also nasal cavity need to relax and that can be done with natural exercises. For instance, if your oral cavity brings blockage of airflow while you are sleeping, it can be treated by practicing long vowels such as diphthongs or triphthongs. It also helps you understand what type of snorer you are. There are a few steps to follow and then forth it starts treating your problem effectively.

Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program

Step I:

First, you need to understand and look for your snoring type so that you can address that with prescribed exercise. Ask your partner if you still snore with your mouth closed. If he or she says yes then most probably the nasal cavity is to be blamed for that. In this way, you will have to identify your snoring type and that you can easily do with your partner or someone else. The Sleep Apnea Exercise guides you through this as well as how to identify your snoring type. It talks of all the nitty-gritty about the nasal cavity, oral cavity, esophagus, clamping tongue, and other parts of your upper body. By going through that you can easily see what sort of snoring you have.

Step II:

After having identified your snoring type, you must look for the prescribed exercise for your snoring type. When you are done with the identification of whether your nasal cavity is obstructing the airflow or the oral cavity renders blockage against it. 

Each of the exercises takes up to 3 minutes to get done. That means you will have to spare just three minutes to treat your sleep apnea. Plus icing on the cake is that you can do those exercises anywhere anytime whether stuck in a traffic jam or watching a football show. They are easily doable, once you do it for a few days, they become a part of your activity and automatic to you.

Step III:

Once you are done with the first two steps, and then comes the most important activity before sleeping. You have knowledge about sleeping postures. Sleeping postures are powerful so much so that they can cause positive as well as negative consequences. 

This step is not at all mandatory, but your sleeping posture determines the amount of airflow through the esophagus. If you sleep in the right position that helps you prevent blockage of airflow and brings ease in breathing during sleeping.

In one of the exercises you slide sideway, in the other, you sleep on your back being pressed to ground/mat. This all depends upon your snoring type, once that is identified you can easily see for your sleeping posture in The Sleep Apnea Exercise.

Seven Different Programs:

There are seven different programs programmed and designed to treat different sorts of snoring. All programs are related to what sort of snoring you have if it is flexible that might be treated with 3-4 minutes of exercise. But if you diagnosed to be a hard snorer, that requires more care and more time… which is to say that it would take 20 minutes a day or more to get away. All of the seven programs are basically designed differently as per their time duration of exercise per day. They are listed below:

1. 3 minutes of exercise/day
3. 7 minutes of exercise/day
5. 12 minutes of exercise/day
7. 18 minutes of exercise/day

2. 30 minutes of exercise/day
4. 60 minutes of exercise/day
6. Above 60 minutes of exercise/day

Types of Exercises:

There are myriad exercises involving different parts of your skull and cavities to cure your sleep apnea. The exercises are easy to practice and once you do them for a while, you will grow used to them. The exercise involves the following parts of cavities with exercises:

There are a total of three exercises related to your jaw.

Five of the exercises are completely related to the trachea and esophagus in your throat. The trachea is a breathing pipe and Esophagus is a food pipe in your throat and sometimes they are narrowed which causes trouble.

There are five proper body therapies and exercises. 

Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program

Then there are two exercises related to only the trachea so that breathing is made easy.

It also includes two therapies for relaxation.

Then there are three exercises that work on your posture and attitude yours.

Lastly, there is a practice of diphthongs and communication exercises.

Sleeping Postures:

Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program

It also includes sleeping positions to address the blockage of airflow. There are two sleeping postures prescribed both for different snoring types.

Still, doubts about the exercise being SCAM?

By now, you may have gotten attracted to exercise, and you also want to try this simple way of treating your age-long sleep apnea. But there might be a nagging echo saying “NO” – it is a scam. Maybe you doubt that your money just goes into a sham. That’s natural, I understand your concern. Let me address that concern the other way.

This program was published by the well-esteemed and highly reputed publication Blue Heron Health News. The firm hails a high reputation which they have to carry on with the authenticity of the stuff they publish. They would not publish a program that has not been helpful for people in treating their problems. You have to prepare your mind and body to overcome the snoring problem. To get this program published for Blue Heron Health News, the program had to meet the criteria. The lives of hundreds of people or even thousands of people must be affected in a good way, then it accepts any health program to be published under its banner.

That means that obviously, the program is reliable and not a scam.

Will this Program Work?

Of course yes, your nagging self might be telling you that it can work for others but not for your snoring. Don’t worry, as stated earlier that it addresses all the snoring types with proper exercise and sleeping positions. You don’t have to go through those invasive sorts of surgeries and piles of pills to get rid of your snoring problem, this program handles it rather gently.

You might have already gone through some surgeries, and that might have not resulted positively, it might as well have burnt you. You might have also bought and used throat spray or headbands but none really worked. And now you are too afraid to try something new.

Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program

Have you given up? If not, then hold on to your will which wants you to get off this habit. If you have not tried everything under the sun, this program is replete with an easy exercise, sleeping positions, and other tips where none of this harms your health. You need something that provides instant results with effective treatment. The program will do that for you with its three-step process.

100% Money-Back Guarantee:

The best part of the program is that you start doing your exercise tonight and you would get to see results in the morning. If you try it and you don’t see positive results tomorrow (and even if you see positive results but still you are not 100% satisfied), go straight towards your laptop, and type an email and send it to the program’s official email address and their in-house customer service would waste no time in refunding you. They will ask no questions and return all of your money.

Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program

It does not stop here, the aim of the product is to provide ease to the consumer. Its consumer-friendly policy goes one step ahead. See, because for few people it takes considerably more time, that being the reason, the 100% refund policy extends to 2 months. For 60 days, you get to try the program, the policy is designed this way because for some people it takes a little longer than expected. This gives you complete leverage to try and test the sleep apnea program for the whole 2 months and if it does not fall as per the expectation, you can always return it. Now that nagging self of yours would be satisfied, isn’t it?

Plus, the program is not taken from you even if you are refunded your amount. Since you bought it online, and that does not cost any delivery charges for the owners, that is why it is not taken back. So, you can keep it, and just in case, you want to give it the next try.


If you have tried other things as well to get rid of your sleep apnea, you might be familiar with the cost the other methods take. For instance, each invasive sort of surgery costs around $3600, and that’s just the cost of surgery, the other medication, and the exhaustion that you go through during this time is another tale to tell.

There are machines to treat your sleep apnea such as CPAP, they also range from $600 to $3600. You have an oxygen machine tied to your body every night, which is just like adding insult to your already existing injury. If that oxygen machine is avoidable, who would want to use it? 

If you buy spray to get rid of your snoring, they also cost around $200 to $600 annually. They may even help, but that is not a permanent solution to your problem. Do you want to use those pills or sprays for the rest of your life? If not, then you should go for permanent and guaranteed treatment.

Guaranteed and permanent treatment would cost you $3500, and that is quite reasonable, with its 100% money return 2 months policy. If you want to sleep peacefully, if you want to let your partner sleep a cozy sleep, if you want to have peaceful and quiet nights, if you want to get rid of your sleep apnea, then $3500 is a reasonable price for it.

How to Get into the Program?

If you have pondered upon it, and you have finally decided to put your faith in it, then kudos to you for not giving up on your sleep apnea (because most people do so). If you are interested, you would be straightly taken to the membership page. 

There you will be able to download all the instructions to identify your snoring type. This instruction list would be adequate to help in diagnosing your snoring type. Once you have diagnosed your snoring type, you need to pick the right exercises. The right prescribed exercises are to be practiced properly in order to get your plans to fruition.


Exercise will render positive results on the very first day, but if it does not you need not panic. In some cases, the program takes a while to treat your problem. This may take a maximum of a week or two to tackle your sleep apnea.

The Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program is a natural exercise that can treat your snoring. It takes only three minutes a day to cure your sleep apnea. It also does not demand any exhaustion as compared to invasive surgeries and oxygen machines. It is also not a temperamental treatment like the pills you took or the sprays you have used so far. It is the permanent treatment you have been looking for so far.

Its 2 months money-back guarantee, three minutes daily based exercises, easily snoring type diagnosable method, and effective as well as permanent treatment make it a highly recommended program.

Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Program
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