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Suspension Revolution 2.0 Review by Dan Long – Should You Buy It or Not? Read

Suspension Revolution Review

The Suspension Revolution 2.0 PDF review by Dan Long’s system for burning fat and building muscle.

You are here reading this article, it gives me a strong feeling that you came here looking for an idea or program that would get you fit, right? I remember it hasn’t been too long before I was there standing in your shoes. Our story begins from the time when I didn’t even know a fitness program named “Suspension Revolution 2.0” even existed in the real world.

Before I had discovered it, I was just another regular gym-goer with a membership in my local gym.  If I am going to say this honestly, I need to tell you that I had that gym membership that had my name for quite a long while before I realized I didn’t need it as much as I thought I did. That is because I had a very tightly packed schedule; a hectic work routine, a family life consisting of two children, and my high maintenance wife going hand in hand with a myriad of household chores didn’t really let me make it to the gym much more often. To cut the long story short, that gym membership was just another useless card in my wallet.

Even in the days when I managed to make it to my gym, to my desolation, it was usually crawling with people with two or more individuals generally waiting at the same machine or weight sets. For an emotionally and socially awkward introvert, this was nothing less than a nightmare for me. Although I admit that it wasn’t the gym’s fault by any means, it was me who often made my way to the gym at peak times when there is usually a lot of foot traffic in the gym like right after school or after work hours.

Do Exercises Without the Gym:

After watching me waste my money and time for months, it was about the time when my wife told me that I needed to quit. Evidently, she was correct since I wasn’t using it correctly enough to make an actual difference. As much as I felt this statement pissed me off, deep down there, I knew I had to admit that she wasn’t wrong at all. Plus, 30 dollars off my account every month for a membership that I didn’t even use correctly was obviously nothing more than a wastage of hard-earned money.  

After watching me waste my money and time for months, it was about the time when my wife told me that I needed to quit. Evidently, she was correct since I wasn’t using it correctly enough to make an actual difference. As much as I felt this statement pissed me off, deep down there, I knew I had to admit that she wasn’t wrong at all. Plus, 30 dollars off my account every month for a membership that I didn’t even use correctly was obviously nothing more than a wastage of hard-earned money.  

Suspension Revolution Review

I realized it was time to start looking around for alternative ways to keep my metabolism from taking over again and keep my body in shape. I need to point something out there since we are totally honest with each other: do not let the term “staying in shape” fool you, for I am using it pretty loosely here. Confused? Okay, let me put it this way, if you saw me walk past you in the street, you wouldn’t really think of me that I worked out at all. Anyhow, I had decided I was going to work out at home and see if that worked out.

What Equipment to Buy For a Good Workout At Home?

The next big question was, what to buy to workout at home? For this, I had different ideas about buying some workout equipment to use at home, which soon jumbled up and became a huge mess. That is when I decided to talk about this with my wife. Shortly after I shared the idea of buying home gym equipment, I saw it flushing down the gutter.

The next big question was, what to buy to workout at home? For this, I had different ideas about buying some workout equipment to use at home, which soon jumbled up and became a huge mess. That is when I decided to talk about this with my wife. Shortly after I shared the idea of buying home gym equipment, I saw it flushing down the gutter.

Suspension Revolution Review

Her argument went something like this: “well, the gym isn’t going anywhere yet you rarely make it there, what makes you think you are wasting a ton of money on a set of weights, dumbbells or a treadmill will make a difference?” – I could argue all I wanted, but I shut myself down since her point had weight. Instead of having a rather fruitless debate that would’ve gone for days, we sat down and contemplated the options. That is when I saw a light bulb blink on my wife’s head; she agreed on buying some gym equipment, but she had two conditions.

1. The gym equipment should cost really less, so even it wouldn’t still be a thorn in her sight also if I didn’t use it much later on.

2. Secondly, since we have limited space at our disposal, if I really get
myself a workout machine for home, it is not supposed to end up as home furniture or something obtrusive by the end of the day. Why? Because she didn’t like workout equipment lying around as unappealing pieces of home furniture. After reading all the above-given descriptions, you must be asking yourself what the best option for an abs twister machine is. The answer is simple; you should pick the one that suits your needs the best and meets your requirements at the best possible price. Our top picks are namely Wonder Core and the Core 2 max. the Wonder Core is best for people who want to perform different workout regimes as well as cardio at home while the Core 2 max not only comes in handy with folks who suffer from a loss of elaborate space around their place but also who want to perform full-body workouts including obliques and shoulders etc.

I sat down and took my time contemplating, and after a long thinking session, I came up with a solution that looked really feasible, “suspension straps.” Why suspension straps my wife asked. I had a ton of benefits to support my argument: they are light, they don’t take a lot of space, and they do not break the bank when putting in comparison to other gym equipment like machines, barbells, and dumbbells.

But you want to know what I like the best about them? The ability to use them wherever I want, detach them effortlessly in no time, and store them in a compact space like in a closet or under my bed right after my workout session.

How Did I Find Out the “Suspension Revolution 2.0 PDF” Workout Program:

Suspension Revolution Review

Now that I knew understood what equipment I had to buy, the next step was finding an effective workout program that would help me make full use of my gym equipment. There is no shying away from the fact that I was a beginner when I began using the straps. Thus I wanted something that would help me learn the very basics of this fitness technique.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t a complete newbie and did have the basic idea of how essential it is to scale upwards with a more advanced training session with time. This logic has great significance because this is the only way to get in better shape, or soon you would hit a stagnation plateau; we will get to that later. Yeah, this is all that I got from Google.

How Did I Find the Program?

With the use of terms like “ripped” and “chiseled” in every search on my search bar, something called the “Suspension Revolution system” by Dan Long kept on popping up, search after search.

When the term suspension repeatedly hit me in the head, I figured it must have something to do with this ‘revolution.’ If you were among the folks who guessed the same, then welcome to the club: your guess is pretty correct to a large extent. The whole idea behind the suspension revolution program revolves around workouts with a fraction of the user’s body being suspended in mid-air.

Let’s be honest here: To you and most of the readers, this concept may not be much of an innovative or a breakthrough. When somebody as novice as me is pretty aware of suspension straps and their importance, the world of fitness, so it’s no surprise that a majority already know about the techniques involved. But here is one that seems to skip most of our general populace heads: most of our pro athletes and elite combat forces train with suspension techniques. And the results they consequently achieve are nothing but exceptional.

What is the Suspension Revolution 2.0?

Suspension Revolution Review

Realizing all the above eye-opening aspects, I decided to further learn about this suspension revolution program. Upon diving more in-depth, I realized that this program is a full 20-week tenure, further divided into three levels. If you are one of the folks like me with no prior experience in suspension training, you have to take the start from the very beginner level. The beginner level takes 4 weeks to complete.

Once you go through with the beginner level, the next step is the intermediate program, which spans over for another 4 weeks. With these eight weeks and the first two steps finally taken care of, you proceed to the advanced application, which goes on for a full 12 weeks. In each of the following programs, the workouts get more involved and hard to perform, which allows the body to adapt and grow.

This program Suspension Revolution 2.0 comes from a guy named Dan Long. Who is he? Can you ask me? Hold your horses; we will get to him later. The program is a bodyweight workout technique and works equally well for both men and women as well. For every person that uses TRX that are straps like or similar, this is the proper green light to go. Nevertheless, keep in mind that considers post-workout after-burn, EPOC, and takes thermogenesis to a whole new level.

Just in case you were wondering, thermogenesis literally translates to heat production. If you have ever worked out before, I assume you are well aware of the heat that our bodies produce. Yes, that heat can make it break a bead and feel somewhat uncomfortable, but this is the very process where our bodies burn fat and thus generate more heat. Apart from workout techniques, several over-the-counter thermogenic supplements are available on the markets, which boost the metabolism and burn excess fat off the body. 

As a result of this type of workout, the body burns fat much faster and thus ensures the gaining of lean muscle in no time. Fat loss from free weight and bodyweight machine workout use traditionally is nothing as compared to the likely results from suspension training regimes.

Dan Long, the author of the program, has made it into a fully comprehensive and viable blueprint, even when he understands the fact that the idea is not new to any standards. As I have mentioned before, the best part of the program is that it is not only for the advanced, but for beginners like me and you, or somebody on an intermediate level, who can easily follow the workout techniques. Altogether, the program has 191 workouts, together with 27 suspension exercises.

My Impressions:

The first time I laid my eyes on the suspension revolution 2.0 PDF program, I realized it was quite attractive since I could do it anywhere anytime that suited me, from my backyard, in the park, or from the very comfort of my own living room home. It is needless to point out that with the program, there is no requirement for any expensive gym equipment like dumbbells, gym benches, etc. Well, except for the straps.

Entirely opposite to straight bodyweight workout programs, the straps you buy are essential for this technique of bodyweight training, perk up flexibility, exceptional resistance, and increased body range.

Three Main Program Modules:

Take a look at the three main suspension revolution program modules:

Suspension Revolution Beginner PDF:

Suspension Revolution Review

This 4-week beginner suspension revolution module took me through the very basics of the game. I was thrilled that I really took my time understanding the different movements so I would have a firm base to start from. It all looked pretty easy at the start when the first few of the exercises felt really simple. But soon, I realized that others required a bit more effort, for I had to control and maintain my balance. For the very first time, I felt a myriad of little muscles work that I didn’t even know I knew in my body.

Suspension Revolution Intermediate PDF:

Suspension Revolution Review

Once you get through with the beginner’s module, you feel like you’ve embarked on the first step to fitness. The next step up for me was the 4-week Intermediate Suspension Revolution training program. The workout regime here changes drastically and becomes more and more challenging to perform. There are no new workout techniques altogether; some workouts are just advanced versions of those learned in the beginner module, with only some modifications to kick them up a notch.

The reason for getting the exercises harder here is to shock the body into transformation. If we keep on performing a workout session with no gradual increases, our body adapts to it and stops learning. When the exercises get more complicated, they force our body to adapt to harder stimuli; otherwise, the body soon hits a plateau and stops working on any kind of development.

Suspension Revolution Advanced PDF:

Suspension Revolution Review

By the time you reach the advanced module, you’ll be a different person when all’s said and done. Let me explain it a little better, by the time I had reached the advanced module, I was a lot stronger and had much better coordination than my prior self.

The fat loss process in this last module of suspension training is a whole different ball game. In this very process, you can feel you’re getting rid of all the extra layers of fat. With all the layers of this excessive fat gone, the muscles developed in the first 2 come forth and enjoy the spotlight.

About the Author (Dan Long):

Remember when I told you to hold your horses; we would talk about the author later? That later has come. So without further ado, let’s meet our new fitness coach, Dan Long. Long is a pro athlete trainer and a fitness coach as well. The mind behind the creation of Kill Mode Training Certification, he is an expert in Suspension Bodyweight Training.

Suspension Revolution Review

Don’t want to take my word on it? Okay, go check out his features on Vogue, Fox News, ABS, CNBC, NBC, or any Florida based newspapers, you would have a better idea of who we are talking about in no time. He owns his very own gym facility in Tampa and trains numerous actors, pro athletes as well as regular folks like you and me.

However, over the course of recent years, Long has cemented his name particularly with this new means of training bodyweight, namely the Suspension Revolution.

A significant measurement of this method’s efficacy is credited with rising from the Kill Mode technique. About Kill Mode: this technique is an extra-efficient method that takes your workout to its absolute best. In order to have adrenaline kicked in, discomfort broken through, and to ensure your push beyond your personal boundaries, kill mode takes in a design to lead to a mental shift 50% through a single set.

Functionality of Suspension Revolution 2.0:

Suspension Revolution Review

As we have already discussed, Suspension Revolution incorporates a sum total of 191 suspension workouts going hand in hand with another 27 metabolic exercises. All of the exercises from Dan Long are particularly at burning fat at a much faster rate than conventional weight training.

I am sure most of you here have a question that goes something like “what is so special about this training technique that burns fat so quickly and efficiently?” Well, the answer to this is largely because of the fact that the workout significantly boosts the effect of after-burning or EPOC. A post-workout deficiency of oxygen in the body also perks up and boosts the burning of calories as take rest. This was also the point where I realized the importance of post-workout resting and its significant role in proper recovery. 

Okay, this is all great, but what are the benefits of the suspension workout feature? Keep in mind that the possibility of a boosted after-burn is brought about since the logic behind suspended exercises functions on an entirely different level compared to usual weight training. And this is no simple task anyway. This process requires up to a whopping 600 distinct muscles, all these muscles whose proper stimulation using a normal workout regime is near to impossible. The beauty of Suspension workouts is simple: it hits a number of muscle groups simultaneously hence, brings forth visible changes. Going through the blueprint, I realized it keeps a certain level of variation with stagnation and adaptation prevention in view. What this does is keep readdressing the two conflicting forces’ roles when they are in play in any weight training or bodyweight training program.

What we need to understand here is that our desires revolve around an improved, stronger, leaner, and muscular body. However, our body usually has ideas of its own and doesn’t really go with what we think or desire.
According to the wisher of our body, it wants to become more efficient and adapt quickly to any stimulus that crosses paths with it. This is because our body wants to remain as it is and make the least changes possible so it can get away with very little change or none at all.

The above mentioned occurrence is rather well known to quite a very large extent of the people who perform one type or other work out on a daily basis. Everyone who has worked out for a significant amount of time can relate to the following phenomena: right after an initial improvement stage, the body hits a stagnation plateau and we feel like making any significant progress any longer.

Since this is a natural survival instinct present in our body, we can’t really do much to change our body’s mechanism about it. This calls for homeostasis to kick in. when our body thinks it has already adapted already to three forceful changes from us, it hits a stagnation plateau and does not wish to change anymore.


Included in this program are 4 bonuses. These include;

1. Core Blasting Accelerators –4-minute long sequences that engage your core muscles, boost the metabolism, and engage the body in fat loss.

Suspension Revolution Review

2. Steel Pumping Power Sets – as the name suggests, the Suspension Revolution program comprised of exercises revolving around the suspension of body weight. Nevertheless, the program does not limit you there and you can utilize its ability hand in hand with regular free weights. But this is something you do with the view of maximizing the effect and taking your workout to an entirely new level. Suspended exercise when combined hand in hand with regular free weights causes much change drastic to muscle stimulus.

Suspension Revolution Review

3. Strap After Burn Finishers – this workout set, co-authored by Mike Whitfield, goes by the name of ‘Mr. Finisher’, aptly named after its design to cause a catalytic reaction in the body and really speed up the stimulus. This set is an interesting alternative to the boring intervals and cardio sets that gym goers usually perform at the end of their regular workout’s end.

Suspension Revolution Review

4. The Top 10 Suspension Exercises That No One Else Does – This bonus comes as a video that contains 10 tough and unique suspension exercises that move muscle building and burning of fat to the utmost level.

Suspension Revolution Review


1. The exercises in the suspension revolution program put a considerably lesser amount of strain on the lower back as compared to lifting using weight machines or lifting free weights like barbells or dumbbells.

2. You have the liberty to workout anytime at home or at any other location of choice. All you need to do is anchor the strap onto a beam or secure post and you are ready to perform any kind of exercises that you want.

3. Suspension straps are much more functional than lifting weights. For regular individuals and athletes who aren’t looking forward to joining lifting marathons or body building competitions, these exercises make them more applicable to real life movement since they incorporate balance and coordination to the body.

4. This program does not require weights and users can perform it almost anywhere they want. What you need is a set of suspension straps, that generally come are much cheaper in comparison to purchasing an entire set of weights, dumbbells, barbells or heavy gym machinery.

5. The one important thing we all need to understand is that we need to work in different muscle groups. I want to let you know that I have had the experience of working with free weights for a few couples of years on and off. After working out with the suspension straps, I could really feel a lot more muscles working at their very peak as compared to other gym machines and free weights like barbells and dumbbells, etc.

6. One of the best perks of the program is that suspension training won’t bulk up the body. This is specifically good for athletes, equally great for men and women who want to get fit and strong without having the slightest fear of gaining size or bulking up. The program also helps you achieve a better level of flexibility and improved balance.

7. The program displays all the workouts in an orderly, step-by-step fashion, making them easy to understand and follow. The programs are divided, making them shorter if you aren’t a fan of long training routines. Dividing them up also lets beginners start with the basics and fundamentals. Progressive difficulty allows for continuous muscle development as you move to higher levels.


1. If you’re one of the folks who is looking for an easy workout plan that will get you in a fit shape in no time, this program is definitely not the one for you. This program requires a lot of dedication, work and sheer consistency. Suspension revolution isn’t the shortest of programs since you need to start from level zero to the very end, and it takes around 20 weeks. However, you can break the program down into 3 levels into mini-programs.

2. Users need to focus on the exercises and perform all the steps really carefully to steer clear of any potential injury. Unlike weight machines in the gym with added safeties, there is a very small window of mistakes here. While on straps, you can easily slip or pull something if you don’t go through the instructions carefully and start workout carelessly, specifically when starting out.

3. Though the program is very informative, I would have loved to see more explanations on the different exercises since they look like they might be ok for intermediate or pro-level but could prove rather tricky for beginner levelers. More information like which body parts perform what kinds of function and similar pieces of information like that.

Suspension Revolution Review

Suspension Revolution 2.0 PDF Free Download


To sum up, having performed the program from zero to the very end, according to my honest opinion, the suspension revolution 2.0 bears a perfect design, specifically for folks who understand that this program acts as an alternative as well as a complement to weight training workout regimes. Click here for prices, purchases, and other queries.

The program makes you work multiple muscles that otherwise our body uses rarely. The bodyweight training program helps you get in shape, gain a stronger body with a lesser amount of body fat. If you pursue the program properly, you will definitely attain improved flexibility, and an improved and balanced physique that stays lean to its very core, we don’t do bulk here.

Although it is worthy of mention that if you are used to freeing weights and gym machines, your body might require a certain amount of time to get accustomed to the suspending straps. They can be tricky when starting out. You also need to follow and trust the program for it to work. In the end, the results from the program come only from the work you put into it.

Suspension Revolution 2.0 official website
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