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Underground Fat Loss Manual Review – Is it Legit PDF Book or Scam? Read

Underground Fat Loss Manual

Obesity has grown over like a pandemic in the recent past; it has become more of a global dilemma. With over 4 million people not being able to cope and die as a result of obesity. People of every age, including kids, adults, and younger people in their teens are trying to end it off. This is a common problem with many of us, in fact, all of us. Besides, who doesn’t like an upsize McDonald’s, right?

But the problem here is that when we take in more calories than the ones required for the normal activities, the extra calories not being utilized are stored in our body as fat and that my dear results in overweight and bulkiness.

Are you one of those people who are looking for methods to lose weight? Are you having problems losing weight? Do you want to lose faster? Let me tell you then you are right in the place for it. We over here are reviewing a weight loss solution that will help you lose fat easier and faster, the underground fat loss manual is the product we are talking about here.

This guide is going to help you shed those extra pounds you always wanted to lose and get in shape. Because let’s face it, the societal standard to a great body has already become quite deprecatory and we all have been somewhat affected by it, directly or indirectly. But you need not worry about it, because here we are talking about this guide, that’s going to help for sure. It’s been tested and proven.

In this review, I am going to tell you what the underground fat loss manual is about and an introduction of the author as well. I am going to tell you all about the guide, its pros, and cons, and whether the underground fat loss manual works or not. But what’s required of you is to keep scrolling and keep reading,

So, I am a fitness freak, who is always in search of something that, l make me even fitter than I already am, but that too with less exhaustion and workout. Let me confess here I am a lazy person in general as well. When I came across the underground fat loss manual my objective to get out of it was an easier approach to a healthy lifestyle. Something that is effortless and trouble-free and yet is as effective as the traditional ways of getting fit, you name it. Although my personal experience with the manual has been quite content and satisfying. 

Are You Curious About The Underground Fat Loss Manual Yet?

There’s this general misinterpretation that you’ll have to allot quite much time and some extra hard workout sessions to have that perfect body of your dreams. But there are factors like staying on a hard diet and curtailing your carbohydrate intake that make your weight loss journey demotivating for the person acting upon it. However, the mission of the underground fat loss manual, as mentioned in the guide, is to lose fat and gain that healthy weight you don’t have to go for a heavy workout and crazy diet plans. Pretty much serves my expectations out of the fat loss manual, the guide walks you through the whole process, about all the dos and don’ts and how to act upon the guide as well.

The writer and the originator of the guide are of the view that the weight loss industry has tricked us into believing that we need to do all the workouts and eat those magic pills kind of things to get through and lose weight. Moreover, the guide tells you why the former is not a compulsion if you keep on following the steps mentioned in the underground fat loss manual.

underground fat loss manual

The program tells you about the procedures that the professional experts have been using for years to reduce their body fat levels. The technique teaches you about the process that has been proven throughout and will be of great help.

The fundamentals of the technique include helping a person wanting to lose more than 8 pounds on a 15-day weight loss schedule. Overall, this schedule is about providing a natural, healthy, and flexible way to bring down the weight.

About The Author:

Matt Marshall

The person who devised this program is Matt Marshall. He is a certified professional personal instructor. Matt is a dedicated small businessman, a father, and a husband who’s committed to aiding people to reach their physical goals. He is the writer of several other products such as fitness under oath. Marshall developed the underground fat loss manual since he knows how it works. How does he know? Well, the reason he knows is that he has used this revolutionary method to lose weight.

He lost around 13 pounds of fat in 30 days. Sounds fascinating, yeah? This means that by acting upon the techniques and tips mentioned in the guide we can all lose 13 pounds in a matter of 30 days. Matt’s main aim has always been to help people struggling with their weight. In addition to that, I have seen several online positive reviews of the underground fat loss manual, with quite a few people clamping to have used the product and getting the results. Live testimonies about the product being effective are also there.

What You Get From the Underground Fat Loss Manual:

The Underground Fat Loss Manual tells you about the possible dangers of depositing that extra fat into your body. The doctors have always been telling us that getting fat is going to be critical at any age. However, the dire consequences of keeping that extra fat may lead you to become prone to cardiovascular diseases.

underground fat loss manual outcomes

The underground fat loss manual is categorized and divided into levels according to your pace that makes it handy to apply in our daily lives.

The guide is carved up into 21 different chapters in an attempt to make the hurdle easier for you,

You are going to come up against the following chapters if you managed to get a copy:

1.Regarding the program.

3. The first three days. 8. Day 4-13.

5. A collection of advanced tips.

7. A cheat code to get lean.

9. Single body digit body fat

11. Magical food for fat loss.

13. Family, friends, and other obstacles.

15. Parting words.

17. Congrats, you are fatter than you think.

19. Normal diet vs. Bodybuilding diet vs. This method.

2. 100% mental.

4. Day 15-28: the next two weeks.

6. Day 14: the cheat/reefed day.

8. Recommended supplements.

10. Recommended workouts.

12. What i ate preview.

14. Loss of muscle, loss of cholesterol.

16. Maintenance mode.

18. Regarding the author and private invitation.

20. Hunger.

This is just a summary of all the chapters you are going to see in the manual. Some of the chapters that I find worth mentioning are:

A Cheat Code for Getting Lean: I cannot disclose it here but the author has mentioned a thoughtful way of getting the desired body results in a relatively shorter span of time. Because let’s admit, going through a weight loss schedule always seems longer than the actual period.

About the manual: This is very necessary. You always need a user manual with any of the products you buy. In order to get started with what the guide has yet to offer to you, this chapter is surely going to prepare you.

Single Digit Body Fat: This chapter enlightens you about more of the body facts you need to get to. For example, an overview of how sex hormones are going to affect body fat and how to control that aspect.

Congrats! You Are Fatter Than You Think: Hold on, doesn’t the title look like demeaning the person who is already going through a tough time (losing weight is quite a stressful expedition we all know). But it’s not about humiliating the user of his weight, but bringing to light the different prospects of the user and the provider’s end. The underground fat loss manual is about depicting how much fat you have stored in your body over the period. Upon knowing you are ready for a kick start.

100% Mental: It’s a fact that not just the physical aspects of losing fat are to be considered but it’s going to affect the mind too. Quite many factors need to be brought to account while dealing with weight loss and that includes your mental ability to process things out as well. Part of the chapter includes you being the master of your mind rather than the slave of it. This means while being a part of the plan you have to tell your mind and make it comfortable with the idea of bearing the hunger strikes.

Normal Diet vs. Body Buildings Diet vs. This Method: This chapter in my opinion must have been somewhere at the start of the manual because the author mentions here how the underground fat loss manual is different from your normal diet plans to lose fat or bodybuilding. There are different flowcharts and diagrams to make the user more understanding of the manual and how this system differs in terms of flexibility and versatility in comparison to the mentioned methods of weight loss.

A Set of Meal Plans: The author has mentioned this time and time again that the underground fat loss manual is outrightly different when it comes to the regular weight loss programs whether in connection to the workout schedule or the meal plans. The manual however gives you a suggestive meal plan that you should follow but the motive of this meal plan isn’t to deprive you of your favorite meal or simply dock down your cravings.

You can always have your favorite meal or snack, the purpose of the underground fat loss manual, however, is to educate you on how to have your favorite meal in moderation and not completely retrench on what you fascinate eating. If you follow the meal plan, l know that you are near that body goal you aspire.

Benefits of the Underground Fat Loss Manual:

When we eat more than what’s body’s requirement to meet the daily demands, we gain weight. That is because the excess fat or calories that aren’t used by the body throughout the day are stored in the body as fat, to be used later.

The manual helps on how to burn fat based on different levels and chapters about the whole journey that I have mentioned above already. What I think is that this guide is perfect for the people who aim to lose fat and gain some healthy weight but are inconsistent and find it hard to get the right solution to treat their problem.

The underground fat loss manual contradicts your orthodox weight loss guide, where a small meal is allowed during the day, and the guide instead promotes more of a multi-faceted and flexible plan in terms of eating what you want to eat and what you don’t want to eat. Once in its gear of continuity, one is allowed to have three cheat meals per week. 

underground fat loss manual

Yay! A stress reliever
But to mention the condition too,
First, you have to reach that absolute ideal weight you wanted.

OH! And the best part if you ask me?
Wine, chocolates, and sweet treats are allowed during the process. OTHER YAY!

These are some of the aspects of the manual that I find worth mentioning but I am sure you can explore so much more as per your body type and keen nature once you grab a copy.

Contradicting Science Evidence of the Underground Fat Loss Manual:

All our lives we have been confronting carbohydrate intake as the prime cause of gaining fat. Saying the word CARBOHYDRATE is a crime while you are on a weight loss retreat. But when we give this manual a study, it says that “Carbohydrates are quite essential to your fat loss journey.

Backed up by NHS, the statement is a truth
Based on National Health Services research, carbs are a great way of burning fat because if you don’t have them in your body essential fats and proteins tend to break down to provide for the energy needed by the body.

Furthermore, the NHS mentions that carbohydrates are essential for your body in assimilating the nutrients which on the other hand would have not been absorbed by the body without the carbohydrates.

Moreover, the underground fat loss manual states that high protein diet intake is what makes you gain weight,

This too is backed up by research in which people who had a high protein diet intake tend to gain more muscle mass and weight as compared to those who had a low protein diet.

Bonus Elements You Get With the Manual:

1. 10 – 3 – X Workout Program:

The basic manual of the underground fat loss manual does not require you to work out as I mentioned before. But if you want quick results you can make use of this workout program. The author previously was selling this program separately but it just comes free of cost with the underground fat loss manual as an extra cherry on top.

10-3-X Workout Program

The great thing about the 10 – 3 – X workout program is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home, so you don’t have to rush to a gym to be in action. With a nominal amount of equipment, you can have a workout session and can take a shortcut to your destination.

2. 60 – Second Hormone Fix:

Do you feel like being fed all the time? Don’t you think your body doesn’t burn fat at the pace of your workout, no matter how robustly you try? Do you think your metabolism is somewhat steady?

The 60 Second Hormone Fix Program

If I am getting yes as an answer then chances are that your body’s leptin level is disproportionate to a certain extent. Leptin is a hormone that is associated with burning fat and keeping your appetite on track. If the disproportion of leptin is the issue you are facing then by working on it you can make your metabolism faster and that result will make the fat burning process much easier.

And the motivating factor to correct the leptin levels in your body if you are lazy like me is that you’ll need just 60 seconds in the morning to have that fixed. No stern workout required.

3. Ageless Abs:

There are a couple of abs making programs on the internet. With them being designed and being posted on the internet every day, the challenge which people face is that these six-pack abs programs are designed for people between the ages of 20-45.

However, Matt’s ageless abs focus is on providing a single exercise for people of all ages to work with.

Ageless Abs


For me, I’ll say yes. And I’ll recommend it to anyone struggling with losing weight. All it takes is someone who would just stick to it. If I talk about my personal experience I get the chance to test it and get the results too with the way I wanted. Even if the program had failed to deliver me the results it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee so I was happy I had to be in no loss either.


1. The body’s metabolism works faster as a part of this program.

3.  It’ll give you the desired results in a short span.

5. It has a 60-day money-back guarantee 

7. This manual is empirically proven.

2. You don’t have to go to the gym or lift heavy weights.

4. It’s available at quite a reasonable price.

6. It’ll increase your growth hormones

8. Underground Fat Loss Manual is available in Pdf as well



This guide is primarily based on procedures that are effective and can even be applied to everyday living by a layman even. The guide has proved to help women reduce their body fat by 12-16% and in men about 6-8%. The guide’s strategy is about you being the focal point, if you are willing to go about that extra mile, you can have it all. And with a 100% money-back guarantee to cater to customer satisfaction, you have nothing to lose. Have you?

Underground Fat Loss Manual Official Site Link
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