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Unlock Your Glutes Reviews by Brian Klepacki – Does It Really Make Your Glutes Stronger? Read

Unlock Your Glutes Review

There might be only a few people who might dispute over the well-understood fact that both men and women yearn for a rounder, firmer, toned, and more muscular butt.

Nevertheless, Brian Klepacki, a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, would like to differ. According to his statement, the amount even people know how to train the muscles in that area correctly is even lesser than the people disputing it.
This is precisely the reason behind his endeavor of why he has authored an online workout program, dedicated especially towards teaching people how to train their glutes correctly, behold the: Unlock Your Glutes.

What I Found About Unlocking Your Glutes Workout:

Unlock Your Glutes Review

Honestly, when I first heard about the digital workout plan from a friend, it made me give out a dry chuckle. But honestly, I had started off on the wrong foot there, but I didn’t realize back then, nor until I had used it myself and realized that I’d hit the jackpot.  

Thinking about a program that takes butt development this seriously surely gives off a fun vibe and can anyone feel funny for at least a while. However, at the same time, I had a feeling that working out the program felt like something clearly unique and had a legit feel to it. Plus, it seemed like something worth checking out, and I am so glad I did.

Please do not think I am boasting about myself being really lucky when I tell you that I’ve been blessed enough to get my hands on an early copy of the unlock my glutes program. As you are pretty aware by now, I am going to share my personal experiences with the exercises program and give my overall impression of the “unlock my glutes” program by Brian Klepacki.

Surely anyone who doesn’t live under a rock or has acquaintances with the ABC of human anatomy or working out has heard the name glutes. But what is the “glutes muscle group”, and what makes it so essential to human anatomy? 

Let’s take a more in-depth look into this glute muscle so we can have a better hang of things.

The scientific name of the glutes is “gluteus maximus”, and it is the most potent and most massive muscle in the human anatomy. Glutes are an enormous source of power thus essential for every lower body and back movement.

The problem nowadays is pretty evident; the human race has gone lethargic, and a majority of the human populace does not realize the importance of this large muscle group nor utilizing these all-important muscles as much as we should, let alone to their full potential. And how is that you ask me? Well, because sitting, of course.

Take a look around you; most of us humans as professionals spend most of our time sitting around either working or leisurely. These prolonged sitting sessions inhibit any kind of muscular activity in glutei and lead to a phenomenon called ‘gluteal amnesia’, also known as the dead butt syndrome. And in this era of TV, computers, PlayStations VRs and laptops, this has become all too common.

Unlock Your Glutes Review

But how can we do such harm to our muscles while doing something as harmless as just sitting our day away right? Well here is the science to it: when we sit down, we literally end up squashing up our glutes. This constricts blood flow to specific muscular areas, and they end up dormant. 

But that is not even the part that worries me; At the same time, all other muscles continue to function normally with a continuous flow of blood, the body forces them to compensate for our glutes that are fast asleep due to their blood flow being cut off, getting the picture now?

This partial blood flow results in all kinds of muscle imbalances and in some cases lead to ailments like inflammation. In addition to inflammation, weak glutes are a recipe for poor posture, poor athletic performance is guaranteed and perhaps most worryingly, it leaves at a higher risk of spinal, knee, and lower body injuries.

Cutting long story short, a pair of strong, healthy glutes go beyond the needs of simply having an aesthetically pleasing backside; strong glutes are also vital for propulsion during running, single-limb stance support, and even proper pelvic alignment. Strong and healthy glutes also provide essential assistance to the lower back while lifting something from the ground and keeping the body from knee injuries during running and lifting motions.

I Realized I Had Been Training Your Glutes the Wrong Way:

Unlock Your Glutes Review

Ok whenever we think about getting better and bigger glutes, what does our brain come up with “Guess it’s time to do some squats and lunges then…” right? Wrong! Arguably our brains and Brian aren’t on the same page here!
Since Klepacki has several years and experience under his belt, he is well aware of the average person’s go-to exercises for working their glutes. An average person with a normal IQ would go no further than a bunch of squats, deadlifts and lunges, without having a single clue of about this holy trinity of lower body exercises that are the main culprits.

What the average person fails to apprehend about these exercises is that glute activation is merely a side-effect. Yes, squats, deadlifts, and lunges do activate our glutes, but they are primarily leg and back exercises and do not efficiently target our gluteal area.

Additionally, there is a common misconception that our gluteal muscle group just consists of one big gluteus maximus. In fact, there are two other muscles called the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Both these muscles also share the responsibility to define the shape of our butt, and should also be trained vigorously for proper results. Even before I got acquainted with the program, I was a frequent gym-goer, and well aware of my way around gym machines and workouts like squatting and deadlifts with heavy weights on each side. That is the very reason why I found myself with a sensation of incredible surprise when I tried the workout techniques from the “unlock my glutes” program. The moment I started working out according to the program, my glutes felt an intense burning sensation, something like I had never experienced before. That very moment, I realized the money I spent on the program, hadn’t gone to the garbage can.

Don’t believe me? Okay, let’s do a bit of a workout right now, drop what you are doing and try some deep hip thrusts right now. There is a considerable possibility that you are going to feel something in your gluteal area that you don’t get to experience by doing squats, deadlifts, or other exercises of the same sort.

So how do we train “The Right Way.”

The program, Unlock Your Glutes, teaches users how to train their gluteus maximus muscles uniquely yet simple way. The plan goes after 3 fundamental training doctrines:

1- Glutes-Specific Training:

Our Glutes comprise of three planes of motion –rotational, vertical and horizontal. To strengthen our glutes to the max, we need to make sure that our glutes experience movement in all three planes.

Workouts like lunges and squats are only useful in activating our glutes on a vertical plane. With no side-to-side or twisting movements, there is no activation on the rotational or horizontal planes.

Unlock Your Glutes features 36 exercises that just do the trick and work our glutes in all possible directions, taking the chance of gluteal activation to a whole new level.

2- Waking Our Glutes Up:

As we have learnt previously, our glutes are the most significant muscle of the human anatomy. Thus, our glutes have incredible potential, but our excessive sitting routines leave them with muscle imbalances. Long story short, our glutes often remain under-utilized.

Even when performing simple daily life activities like picking things up from the ground, our body leverages power from our back rather than the glutes, which thus remain under-utilized and soon go dormant. Essentially, what we need to do is first stretch out our tight hip flexors that go opposite to our glutes.

Once we get our hip flexors to release, it’s only a matter of time till we can start establishing a more reliable connection between our butt and brain, this connection is scientifically termed as the ‘neuromuscular activation’. Honestly, it is just a fancy way of saying that our brain learns and remembers to make sure our glutes muscles stay under usage during various physical movements.

3- 15 Minute Workouts, Twice a Week:

Before we take this any further, let me tell you that this program is not a full-body workout program like Beach body Insanity or P90X. It’s a digital workout program that laser targets specifically butt areas and hips.

With the program, users only need to spend a mere of 15-minutes, twice a week; that is like only half an hour a week for your glutes workout only! It also signifies that users can effectively use the program to complement and or integrate into any existing exercise routine they already follow.

Some of the workouts in the program incorporate both bodyweight and weighted variations for use. While I do have access to all kinds of weight training machines and equipment, I personally like to go for workouts with bodyweight-like dumbbell variations, etc. But this is solely on the user; you can for the very kind of workout variations that rock your boat.

About the Creator – Brian Klepacki:

Unlock Your Glutes Review

Brian Klepacki is a certified professional fitness trainer (MS, CSCS, FMS, CISSN) and holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science from FAU. He is also taking care of editorial responsibilities for Critical Bench. For those who have no idea what a critical bench is: is it a highly successful health and strength authority website, go take a look for yourself? Klepacki is a well-known functional movement specialist, and he takes great pride in his work: separating fact from all sorts of fitness bear crap.
As a result, his training methods have cemented their name in the science and art of fitness.

What’s included in Unlock Your Glutes Program?

Unlock Your Glutes Review

Being a digital download, the purchase grants you instant access to the program once you are done with the payment. Unlock my glutes includes the following features:

1.Unlock Your Glutes, Main Manual

2.Complete Coaching Videos

3.Printable Exercise Chart

4.Bonus Content (Strong Leg Workout and 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan)

Main Manual to Unlock Your Glutes Program?

Everything a user wants or needs to know about proper glutes training comes included in the Main Manual. It all begins with taking care of all the misconceptions, myths, and fallacies about glutes training and introduction to the benefits of a more energetic and healthier butt. This is closely followed by the science and logic behind developing stronger glutes before going through the series of exercises included in the program.

Unlock Your Glutes Review

Unlock Your Glutes Free Download

What do the Coaching Videos tell us about the Unlock Your Glutes Program?

The program comes with a complete set of high definition, comprehensively instructional videos. Brian himself recorded these videos at his very own training facility. All the videos in the program well explained and feature both ‘at-home’ bodyweight workout variations as well as weight training differences for users with access to gym equipment.

I personally feel that the first three were enough to make a difference and did not bother myself with the Bonus Content. Thus I cannot really comment on the bonus content of the program.

Let’s Do a Chapter Breakdown
Chapter 1: Meet Your Glutes — Dive deep and explore what are the actual responsibilities of your gluteus muscles, and what is their importance.

Chapter 2: Anatomy And Bio-Mechanics of The Glutes — Contains a short lesson on glutes anatomy that helps users have a better understanding of the muscles they are taking into consideration.

Chapter 3: The Sleeping Giant — Gain knowledge of some workouts that activate the glutes and get these all-important gluteus muscle fibres catching fire.

Chapter 4: A Healthy Front = A Healthier Back — Study and understand why a pair of healthier glutes is good for relieving backache and bring ease to all sorts of everyday movements like walking and picking something up from the ground.

Chapter 5: The Health Benefits Of Stronger Glutes — Discover and understand the health risks involved around lagging glutes, and the astonishing health benefits of muscular glutes.

Chapter 6: the Posterior Powerhouse — Discover how a mountain of power our glutes have for our body. Athletes’ like football and rugby players, sprinters and gymnasts– All owe their power source hugely to their butt muscles, i.e. the glutes.

Chapter 7: Building a Stronger, Bigger Booty — find out and perform the principal workouts to get your butt more toned, bigger, better and stronger.

Chapter 8: Burn Fat and Sculpt a Rounder Booty — an aesthetically satisfying butt should not come burdened with a load of saggy fat cells. Gain knowledge of how resistance and cardio training reduces and eventually eradicates the amount of fat excessive fat in your booty area

Chapter 9: The Scientific Solution — Discover and understand the science and logic behind your butt training, along with scientific citations.

Chapter 10: Program Overview and Parameters — find all the dos and don’ts you need to know about the glute-specific exercises: factors like how to warm up properly, timing, nutrition, and much more. The workout program also comes with a finisher workout sheet to make sure you track all your progress and shortcomings.

Chapter 11: Final Thoughts about the System —some extra thoughts about the system from the author, Klepacki himself.

Chapter 12: Workout Charts – to help users have a better hang of the workouts

Chapter 13: Exercise Definitions and Pictures — A comprehensive library of the exercises for quick referencing purposes.


Brian Klepacki Clearly Knows What’s Up:

In my fitness career, I’ve put myself through my fair share of fitness instruction videos long before I came across this program. I really need to say this out loud that I honestly haven’t come across an instructor as thorough and scientific as Brian Klepacki. Needless to say, some might feel that he lacks the charisma and over-the-top energy of the legendary Tony Horton, but he definitely has a fair share of charm.

Keep in mind that Klepacki adopts more of a technical approach, so don’t let that overwhelm you. Take a look at this short video so you can have a better field of view of how his instructional videos usually go:

Aesthetic and Purposeful Advantages:

With his years of experience under his belt, Klepacki is comprehensively aware of the fact that a robust toned butt is first and foremost what compels people like me to purchase his program. The program works a treat in achieving a rounder, more toned and firmer, booty. However, while I wholeheartedly appreciated the aesthetic changes I’ve had, I didn’t see the full range of other health benefits coming with a healthier butt until they hit me. Being a baseball player for a college league, I had always valued a more robust and in control sprint. And soon I realized how the program also improved my performance on the field.

Complements Other Workouts:

One of the best things about the Unlock Your Glutes program is that it doesn’t require you to invest a considerable value of time into it. You can treat it like more of a supplementary workout regime that you can perform in under 20 minutes, that too only twice a week. In case you if you have a tightly packed schedule and want to see viable changes to your butt in the shortest time possible, this program would be the green light for you. I haven’t come across any other glute-specific exercise program that takes attention to detail like this one.

Awe-Inspiring Instruction Videos:

What most people fail to understand is that most of the exercises displayed in the program have existed for years and anyone with a stable internet connection can probably find them on Google or any other search engine at their disposal.

However, with the program, you get to keep everything adequately organized. The instructional videos do not get around the bush and stick to the point while being consistent and related to each other. The program allows the user to really feel like they have a personal trainer at their disposal every time they workout.

Easy On the Pocket:

Unlock My Glutes is a contemporary program only as old as 2018 and available on the market for as low as a discounted price of $15.99. The program also features a full 60-day money-back guarantee that you can fearlessly buy off when you want.


Tad Complicated:

I really like the program and don’t have many complaints about it, yet I want to point out my biggest grievance is too much detail. Many users like me would probably find the program a bit too complicated with a little too much scientific detail on it. I get it that the author is passionate about what he does and raising awareness of our glutes, but sometimes some people like to get bored with a load of info and just want to get on with the workout.

A Tad Too Many Different Exercises:

While I apprehend entirely the fact that lunges and squats aren’t enough to activate our glutes properly, 36 different exercises sound a bit like overkill, don’t they? To get a proper grasp of all the exercises you definitely need to throw in some appropriate time commitment.


With no doubt in my heart, I am confident to say that Unlock My Glutes is the ultimate training program that targets your glutes specifically. I haven’t found a single application that has more details than this one. However, if any other workout plans pay this much attention to detail to butt strengthening, feel free to email me anytime you want.

As a result, especially for the folks who aren’t too happy about how their booty currently looks, I highly recommend you go for it. It evidently isn’t an immense time sink, and you’ll target your glutes very effectively.

Your booty will look a whole lot better, feel a lot better, and there is an enormous change in you fixing some postural issues along the way. On the contrary, the program is definitely useless for people who have no complaints and like their booty as it is.

Unlock Your Glutes Review
Unlock Your Glutes Review
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