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Wake Up Lean Review 2022 – Can Meredith Shirk Recipes Work? – Read

Wake Up Lean Review

I’d call myself a ‘food connoisseur’ and everyone who’s a foodie might know that being an indulgent food gastronome can be quite tricky. Most of all the times you are drooling over food and you can’t stop yourself from indulging in it, but that comes with its dire consequences here. Dealing with weight is always a hassle because food is the only love of our lives. Keeping yourself on track and staying on a healthy diet is always a badger. Moreover, what could be worse if you are a lazy person who doesn’t like working out either? 

Doomed is the right word for me and people like us. So, whenever it comes to docking down on the calorie intake or struggling towards a healthy lifestyle by working out, it makes me lose the motivation right in the process. Let us say, I want to look all this perfect without cutting out on my love for food and my dislike for the workout. I know I sound pretty stern here, and that’s not the way on the path to be in trim.

But what I am emphasizing here is that people like me do exist, and we have our ways to look for products we can use to our benefit. So I strive to keep looking for programs that are convenient, do not feel too hectic, and work just continuing every now and then. And here I am talking about a similar product; something that won’t be heavy on the pocket is user friendly and works. The name of the program is WAKE UP LEAN. I have personally benefited from the program and I am reviewing it down here so others can make use of it.

What I will be focusing on is precisely mentioned in the table of contents for my review which are:

Table of Content:

1. What is wake up lean about?

3. Is wake up lean for you?

5. Pros and cons

2. About the author

4. What to expect from wake up lean?

6. Conclusion

WHAT IS WAKE UP LEAN ABOUT? – An Introduction to the program: 

The Wake Up Lean program is devised to cleanse your body, help with the increase in your metabolism rate, boost immunity, and improve your overall health. The program primarily says that it tells the procedure on how to melt away fat and is for people over the age of 40, but practically anyone at any age can benefit from the program. 

Wake Up Lean Review

For all the people who are struggling with belly fat, the manual says that having excess belly fat is an indication of inflammation in the body and might increase your rate of having heart and metabolic diseases.

What this system works on is a ‘13 second trick’ to help with inflammation in the body and can work for both women and men.

Most of the time gaining weight is associated with aging too. As we grow older we don’t pay attention to our lifestyles and the craving for staying fit somewhat diminishes away. The author, however, keeps the publishing interesting by adding in-depth recipes, shopping lists, a breakdown of the entire workout, videos on how to do it, checklists, hacks, and tips for a better experience that’ll help with improving your overall health.

If you choose to get the WAKE UP LEAN you get these six products into the download area:

1. 5-minute lean body bursts: These short videos, with a run time of 5 minutes each, are designed to make the user experience more satisfying and get the most out of the program. You can either watch them online or download them to make use of them sometime later.

3. Wake up one pound lighter: 24-hour fat flushing protocol – This explains in detail about day one of the program. This teeny, intense protocol is going to help you start as a pro and have a flatter tummy by the course of as short as the next day.

5. Wake up lean 10-day flat belly blueprint: This is like the main course, you get an 85-page e-book that walks you through the whole program. It contains a day to day guide on how to act upon the program, including all the hacks and tips on how to pace up the weight loss procedure. You can also look for positive feedback and testimonials to keep you motivated throughout the whole procedure.

2. Wake up lean vegan tips: since most of the people out there are vegan usually. The author adds a special list for all vegans to adjust to the plan; their dietary choices are well explained in this two-page list that includes replacements for dairy and protein.

4. Wake up lean grocery lists: Here you’d be told about all the edibles you would need from day four to the tenth day of the schedule. While what you might need on days 1 to 3 is mentioned in the ten-day flat belly blueprint already.

6. The wake up lean quick start guide: This a short three-page guide focusing on giving details about how to start off and get the most out of it.

About the Author:

Wake Up Lean Review

The program is created by ‘Meredith Shirk’ who’s a National Academy of Sports certified personal trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She says the two reasons she thinks are the root causes of increased weight in people over the age of 40 years. One of the reasons is that over the period the blood vessels weaken and that makes it difficult for the body to burn fat and the other being fat cells releasing adipokines that store fat. 

The author claims that she has designed the program based on minerals found in the jungles of Panama. The 10 days wake up lean program works on the principle of turning off enzymes, stress sensors, and hunger hormones while accelerating the fat burning procedure.

According to the author of the program, Meredith Shirk, the people who find it difficult to get rid of extra fat might be suffering from a chemical build-up that must have been going on for quite some time. Since most people don’t realize that they have this problem, so the fat build-up deposits over time.

If this condition has not been treated for long, it could lead to serious health issues and eventually lead to cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and diabetes. People over the age of more than 40 years tend to have more build-up of fat around the belly. That is because the body tends to deposit more amounts of inflammation enzymes as the age goes up. As per the chief of the division of biology of aging at the University of Florida, Christian Leuwenburgh states that the cells inside the human body begin to turn against it.

Who is well-suited for the Wake Up Lean Program?

Even if the program works and is quite good, let me tell you the program isn’t designed for everyone. The reason I am saying this is because there’s plenty I have seen that work on a program and are not benefiting from it while I have seen people getting the most out of it as well. 

Here’s a list of nine things you’ll have access to too while purchasing the program:

1. Wake up lean quick start guide 

3. Wake up lean one pound lighter in 24 hours

5. 5-minute lean body bursts

7. Movement checklist

9. Vegan tips

2. Wake up lean blueprint main 

4. Wake up lean one pound lighter shopping list

6. Accountability Tracker

8. Q/A section

I have mentioned details about some of the programs above already so I am going to explain the remaining ones here only.

1. Accountability workout tracker: In this checklist, you’ll be having a table to track down your workout progress

2. Movement checklist: In this checklist, you’ll find details about the physical exercises and workouts you have to do while continuing with the program. You’ll learn the order you are going to perform the lighter exercises when to do them and for how long.

3. Q/A section: This section contains multiple videos and the written format of all the frequently asked questions about the product and they are answered.


Wake Up Lean Review

Here’s what you should be expecting while purchasing the “wake up lean” program: 

Cardiovascular health improvement: many of the testimonials said that patients who were suffering from cardiovascular issues had seemed to see an overall improvement in their heart’s health. While I in general felt that the rate of my heartbeat had to be toned up.

Higher energy levels: I felt my energy level and stamina increased while being a part of the program. I was able to perform some heavy-duty work like dragging on some furniture and still I couldn’t feel the exhaustion. It could be due to recipes that help with the digestion and fat burning system or the workout that kept me relaxed and increased my stamina overall.

Efficient digestive system: The recipes mentioned in the e-book and the teas that are instructed to use during the course of the program work well to help the digestive system, like absorbing the nutrients ingested and expelling the toxins out of the body and thus overall help the digestive system

Advanced immunity: When everything inside your body is working out perfectly and there are no clots to block the passage of blood then there’s no way for the infections to get into the body and toxins to adversely affect the body. The body thus gets the resistance it needs to fight off bacteria and viruses, overall improving immunity.

Wake Up Lean Pdf Program Review 2021 – Free Download


1. Another thing I like is that you don’t have to rush to gym for the workout. You just need a teeny tiny place in the garage or the backyard to your comfort level and you are done. No equipment needed at all.

3. I have mentioned already that I hate to work out, but workouts mentioned in the program are these short 5-minute workout sessions that are quite reasonable to follow and I find them enough to stick to getting results out of it.

5. Since the program requires determination to take it along to the end, it works. When you follow all the tips you can see some results.

7. The details mentioned in the videos are concerned with different videos for a different area of the body, which makes it quite easier to deal with. The content in the videos about the different body parts is summarized as:

9. Advanced thigh workout: Advance thigh workout is for people who are done with the beginner’s level workout of the thighs.

11. Fat in the other organs: Fat on the other organs like the upper elbow is dealt with in this video

13. Smashing cellulite on belly: this video is about losing belly roundness and getting that flat tummy with abs. We all wished for that at some point in our lives.

15. Advanced belly workout: Again, here’s this separate video on advance belly workout for the ones who have completed the beginner’s level.

17. Moreover, I like the fact that it is not just another e-guide in all the unnecessary information about calories. Rather, it has eight videos and two guides that are capable of dealing with every type of body.

19. 13-second food tricks: tricks on how to control cravings and hunger levels.

21. The exercises mentioned are user friendly

2. The first thing that got me motivated to purchase the plan was the price point. The program is being sold at a handy price of $15, and what you get out of the program are healthy recipes and a detox program.

4. About the recipes mentioned in the program, there are pictures, Ingredients, and all the instructions required to make them. We all don’t like it when we have no idea of what we might end up with while making a recipe.

6. The program says that it’s designed for people above the age of forty years but almost everyone at any age can benefit from it.

8. The program revolves around a list of ingredients, herbs, vegetables, and fruits which are easily available at a food shop or grocery market and are inexpensive. Some of them might already be in your kitchen.

10. Healthy cardio function: In this video, effective exercises to make your heart stronger and more active are put on display.

12. Zero belly plan: zero belly plan is for the ones who passed the advance belly workout as well.

14. I learned quite many great things from the program. Even though one is not a complete beginner they can still learn a thing or two from the program

16. The package contains eight videos about the program divided into categories and can be used anywhere as per the convenience of the user.

18. Thighs and stomach: The video is about the fat deposits on the stomach and thighs. This is the most important one because these are the areas most of all the people want to lose fat off.

20. The ingredients mentioned in the “wake up lean” program are all-natural and just demand them to be used in sections or could be taken. They don’t have side effects due to all-natural, you are not able to be in bed even if using a wrong dose of them. 


1. The recipes mentioned in the e-book don’t contain information about the total no. of calories for the recipe, thus you have to calculate them on your own.

2. The author’s address or anything about contacting the author should be on the top page rather than the bottom one.

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 The wake up lean program seems quite simple and effective. For me, I would say it’s worth the try and is worth the price too if you stick to the program to see results. The program is recommended if you are overweight and want to have a healthier and stronger body. And for that, if you are willing to put in the effort, you are going to see the results for sure.

While the results may vary from person to person, some might take a couple of weeks to see the results while others might take a few months, but eventually, you see the result that’s my perspective of this digital product. 

Since the plan comes at quite an affordable price of $10 and you still get the money-back guarantee aside, what else can one ask for? You pay the price once but you can use the program, again and again, right? If you struggle to lose weight and have suffered from inflammation or autoimmune disease, the program is for you. Since it is backed up by a 60-day money-back guarantee, seems like an easy decision no? I guarantee you if you follow up on all the instructions and the tips given in the e-book, the collective benefit you are going to get will take precedence over the belly fat you might end up with in the future.

Wake Up Lean Official Site Link

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