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The Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge What to Expect and should we Buy it


Since you have already found your way here, reading Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge review, there are high chances that you probably had a question in mind. A question that must have sounded something like this: how does a washed-up, obese and disabled soldier turn into an all-out trusted fitness instructor and train professional warrior?

Can the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge pdf by Helder Gomes really help you eliminate weaknesses, lose weight and keep fit build a comeback ready conditioning?

These days, it is pretty common to see a myriad of people experiencing their failing bodies. This results into a mass of problems including body pains and aches, setbacks and lack of motivation to work out difficulty in getting going in the morning.  Has your body stopped responding to exercise like before? Helder Gomes, the author of the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge pdf claims to have found a way to help you rewire your muscles with primal power that prevents injuries and repairs joints.

On this Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge review today, we will take an in-depth look into the author’s profile, what exactly the program is all about, about the functionality of the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge pdf, the pros, the cons, the benefits of the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge pdf, some included bonuses and our conclusion about Helder Gomes’ fitness program.

About The Author of the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge

Let us introduce ourselves to the very brain behind the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge program, Mr. Helder Gomes. Just like most of the human populace today, Gomes used to be amongst the people who struggle with obesity and other ailments that come with it. Helder was low on self-esteem, and standing on the literal verge of losing all sense of purpose in life because of such shame that his wife wouldn’t even hug him anymore.

Let’s be honest here: a majority of the fitness programs out there are for young, able-bodied individuals that gain results without no proper sweat and blood. But what about the ones with physical disabilities like Helder. Once he went on asking anyone for advice, everyone told him to him to just suck it up and let acceptance be his foremost virtue, since the marine corps had classified him “no longer fit to service”.

Since everyone had told Helder Gomes to lay off and accept his fate as it was, he had no other option but to look for answers on his own. Thus he sat down and started looking and while he was at it researching somatic exercise and other therapeutic modalities, he realized that almost everything he learned or been taught about strength building, flexibility and fat loss, was dead wrong.

Helder Took the High Route in Search for Further Answers

While on his search for answers Helder later met somebody who went by the name of the Russian bear, a mountain of a man. This behemoth exposed Helder to some weird mental tricks; trickeries Helder didn’t even know existed. These mental tricks would elevate strength by changing the thought process. Helder was as amazed as you might be right now. Now, Helder Gomes is called “The Super Soldier” and operates as a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran, all for good reason.

People that need high fitness standards required for their jobs, but can’t afford to be sore all the time or fatigued, all need to learn this super his super-soldier serum from Helder, for this is arguably their best bet. Helder Gomes also makes claims that he has taught some off the members of the meanest and leanest fighting groups all over the world. His list of conquered territories takes in South America, Eastern Europe, First Responders, Devil Dogs and former Navy Seals back in the States.

The Functionality of the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Program

If you are one of the folks who is happy with average fitness rules, this super-soldier serum that Helder is offering isn’t the right one for you at all. The guide puts emphasis on the concentrated training the nervous system instead of following the conventional training methods of muscles.

According to the author of the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge program, the mental tricks (first step), that is revealed in the program has nothing to do with working harder but knowing exactly how your muscles move your body.

Anyone who knows the very basics of science knows that there is no way you can separate the nervous system from the muscles. The reason behind this is simple: the muscles cannot function on their own because the nerves control them hence the need for the mental shift. The point here is, if you can gain control of your nervous system, you can determine your pain, flexibility and strength.

The Principals of the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Program

Let’s talk about the secret sauce of the training system in this program, which goes by the name of “Precision Fitness Operator System” and take in 3 power principles.

POWER PRINCIPLE #1: Precision Fitness Operators Sharpen Their Neural Drive

The number one principal of the program is mind over matter; it is your mind that drives your movement. With this principal of the program, you get a chance to improve your neural drive and train your brain to send stronger, clearer signals to your muscles. These better quality messages translate to more muscle engagement. This way, you will reprogram your nervous system to activate the right muscle fibers with greater precision.

POWER PRINCIPLE #2: Precision Fitness Operators Shore Up Their Structural Leaks

When we take unified movement into consideration, they make our workouts much more efficient, powerful, robust and eradicate the possibility of an injury. All we need to do is flip the right “switches” on and the off as we workout out and we can see a hell lot of difference between an “all goo, or okayish” rep and an all-out power rep.

POWER PRINCIPLE #3: Precision Fitness Operators Shoot for Technical Excellence

If you want to measure the real fitness of a man, test him by his ability to be in control under extreme pressure. This doesn’t end here because the line between your comfort zone and the danger zone is pretty fine. If you want a highly efficient method of training with the lesser chronic soreness, aches, and pains, this power principle 3 is the right way for you to go.

This principal will teach you how to steer clear from the “danger zone”, instead of intensifying their comfort zone from the inside out. Thus this is an easier and less tiresome way to increase the functional capacity of and strength of your muscles.

Components of the of the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge

The main components of the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge consist of the following:

1. Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Field Manual

1. Inside you’ll discover:
13 weeks of training to strategically eradicate weaknesses.

3. How to never jeopardize your body it to the risk of over-training.

5. The “Elite-8” Workout Unit

7. The “Go-Muscle” undisclosed of emerging “kinetic chains”.

2. 3 “Making Rank” for guys who constantly dearth the enthusiasm to stick to a exercise program.

4. How to select right exercise and energy system to train the body.

6. The supremacy of “Single-Rep-Cycling”

And a whole bunch more…

2. Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Coaching Videos

A series of coaching, high definition videos for better understanding and demonstration of the program

3. Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge Follow-Along Videos

A series of videos that all users can follow in a step by step manner for proper and safe execution of all demonstrated workouts

The Bonuses of Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge

The Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge program comes with 3 bonuses, which are:

1. Warrior Zero Powered Breathing
2. Warrior Zero Intestinal Fortitude
3. Warrior Zero Supportive Nutrition

Who is the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge program For?

From my experience, and what I have collected about this program, it is safe to say that the program is designed for men. This program goes especially well for those who not only want to be more attractive to their wives or girlfriends, but also who are willing for a purpose to live and achieve better self-esteem. The program is also designed for people who want to build all-day-energy and durability that seems to make your body to function on rocket fuel. Also, men that want to build and sustain exceptional levels of endurance and any other individual that might want to ripen real muscular mechanism and control.

People who are worn-out and sick of feeling spineless, out of shape and want to eradicate weakness and build combat-ready acclimatizing at any age will also profit from the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge platform.

The Pros of the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge

No Gym Memberships

With the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge guide, there is no requirement for an costly gym membership or circus tricks of well- designed training or puke-inducing workouts.

The mysteries that Helder expose in this package is premeditated to demonstration users how to determine the hidden powers that are present in even the most rudimentary exercises in order to invigorate your body and help you build extraordinary levels of fitness with fewer reps. You can start to revel in the benefits of bodyweight exercises.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you choose to check out Helder Gomes’s package, know that you have nothing to miss since you can get the book, try the psychological tricks and all that’s inside it and your anticipations aren’t still met, then you can email Helder to get a reimbursement of your asset in the guide shorn of being asked any queries.

Convenience Audio and Video

This package comes with excellence video instructions and follow along films in HD and the whole kit and caboodle about the program is digital, and you also relish the suitability of reading and watching the materials at home and on the go through your tablet, desktop, smart TV or phone.

Reasonable Price

The main package of the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge and all its pluses are sold at which according to Helder himself, is a value that wouldn’t even buy you 15 minutes of reserved time with him.

Less Time

The Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge program is premeditated to help you gain back control of your actual muscle, builds and retains great durability levels by doing workouts that do not take time at all and you won’t have to feeling the uneasiness about hammering your joints.

Good For People Of All Age-Groups

The Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge program is aimed for individuals of all stages of development. Even if you are 50years or above and you have started dropping the vivacity of your youth with your body becoming feeble and you are about to give up or your fitness life, this package might work for you.

Picture if an immobilized soldier could show up guys half his age, you should recognize that you aren’t can also accomplish this.

No matter your age, you should know that you can still give a free rein to your inner self-confidence and power that you might now have even acknowledged you retain right now.

The Cons of the Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge program

This program Focus On Male

The package seems to be deliberate for manhood only. Females might not profit from the database since Helder’s guide look as if to focus on men alone.

Digital Product Only

The program is only obtainable in digital layout only, you get pin your ears back and fob watch. So, you will want a decent internet connection to access it and if you are not a fan of these kinds of merchandises, you may not profit from this program.


The Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge guide has been considered to give you power, springiness, fortitude and affluence of movement. You will be applying the 3 philosophies obtainable in this package with less force, less promptness and less exertion than you might envisage while edifice a body you are pleased of and making yourself the chap your friends and family need you to be. You have 2 months to try it and agree if the database is worth your time and investment.

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