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Yoga Burn Booty Challenge Reviews – Does it Work or Scam? Read

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge

When we were kids, we all had (might have) read a story titled “health is wealth”, remember? That is as true as the earth rotating on its axis. Obesity has become a modern-day dilemma, as almost 4 million people succumb to it every year. That’s scary, isn’t it? Well, that is some next level obesity which all don’t suffer, the peaked type of obesity is being odd with your appearance, or belly hanging out to add insult to an already existing injury, or excessive fat gain causing heart disease and stroke, type 2 diabetes, digestive and sexual problems as well sometimes. It is as viral as this COVID pandemic. This problem is prevalent in almost every age, the kids are suffering because of this pandemic, the young people are hammered by it as well, and adults are having it too. 

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3. Pros and cons

2. About the author

4. Conclusion


In the age of fast food and spicy dishes, one really cannot resist them, this leads to obesity. Well, the question arises: is there any other alternative to get rid of your obesity and still not divorcing your favorite upsize McDonald’s? (Well I know McDonald’s or KFC, that’s debatable.) The Yoga Booty Challenge has an answer for you. The answer is a blend of traditional exercise with that of modern techniques. Doesn’t all this sound classy? So, what is this Challenge, and what is my review about it? To answer this, first I will share my view about yoga and my experience with it. 

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge

Yoga is an age-old phenomenon of not just vending off those extra shreds but of inner serenity as well. It ensures the betterment of your physical health as well as mental health. Yoga believes that we may not have control over our surroundings and exterior world, but we do have control over ourselves and the interior world. For instance, when you work in the office, you have a tight routine from 9 to 5 and you cannot do much about it. If you eat and get into a meeting room or office cabin, no physical movement leads you to obesity. This is the key issue, many of us don’t eat that much yet get obese. 

See, the thing is when we take considerably more calories than what is needed, that adds to our misery. The extra calories not being exercised and utilized get stored in our body and result in overly buffed up. Are you one of those who are putting on weight each day and also looking for ways to curb it? Are you looking for methods to get rid of lethargic you? Have your clothes stopped fitting you? Is your social circle or will to socialize being affected by it? You are in the right place then. Here I am going to review the Yoga Booty Challenge.

When I was tired of my over bulkiness, I tried many exercises. All of them worked, I cannot say that they did not work, but all of these required long term plans to reduce weight, plus they were not getting me interested. I was not into weight lifting or the gym. The more contended one was the Ketogenic diet, which helped me in losing almost 15 pounds. Then I tried yoga during my office lunch break, but I could not focus on yoga during this time of the day. So then I got my hands on a well-written Yoga Burn Booty review where young, middle-aged, professionals and all sorts of people had recommended this yoga. I was so desperate to lose weight that I decided to try this one too.

So what’s the deal with Yoga Burn Booty?

Well, to be frank, we all have a huge misconception regarding weight loss. We think we need an ample amount of time each day dedicated to our exercise and loads of weight lifting and punishing our body to the horizon. We also think that weight loss is not possible without having an eye on the carbohydrate intake creeping into our body, and some crazy diet plans. Well, the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge is all that you need to understand. It aims at losing fat and gaining healthy weight and iron in your body.

About the Author:

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge

Zoe Bray-Cotton is the person behind the Yoga Burn Booty program. She has been practicing and training her clients over the decade, and after years of toiling and observation, she has come up with this method. It is basically a reflection of her age-long experience with her clients. It teaches the entire program online through videos, and it aims to help females with their weight loss. The video session goes into three phases which target teaching you those poses which could elevate the overall metabolic rate of your body. This increased capacity helps in burning those extra shreds and helps in tame and toning your body too.

Yoga Burn Booty Program and The Three Phases of it:

It is an incentive program to sculpture your body with its three steps. It has been considered a revolutionary program with its three secrets muscle gaining unique process. 

1. Prime

2. Active

3. Pump

The official website calls this three-step process the P.A.P system and the website goes on making some mind-boggling claims. It says that this exercise helps you get the right move with an accurate pose, at the right time to help you reduce the weight. It claims that all you need is perfect timing for your body with your exercise. The program contains a 15-minutes daily routine to help you with your problem area to its maximum capacity in reducing and toning your body. 

Phase I: Priming:

Phase one of the Yoga Burn Booty program starts with priming. At this stage, our body is not close to fit or even-toned. The problem area is located here and then addressed. Muscles are opened with some key exercises because the opening of the muscles is much needed in the process of toning the body. Then once muscles are opened and stretched, they are engaged later on. This process often bumps you to “Sleepy Butt Syndrome” which is a state where your muscles shape into somewhat fat and loose. This happens primarily because of the dormant state of your butt, most probably because of sitting on the chair all day in your office and when you come back home all tired, all you do is Netflix. Again, you sit on a sofa and watch your favorite show to end off the exhaustion of the entire hectic day. This leads you to the ‘pancake’ stage.

What happens is that women go for warm-up exercises with jumping jacks, jogging, and crouches but that does not solve their ‘pancake butt’ problem. Why? Solely for the fact that these warm-ups do not address all three basic areas of glutes. To get rid of clumsy booty, you need to address the three basic muscles of the glutes. 

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge

On the flip side, the prime phase addresses all three individual muscles in the butt. These three muscles are known as Gluteus Minimus, Gluteus Medius, and the Gluteus Maximus. By instigating some movement in these three areas, it helps in opening the mind muscles. Once the right muscles are triggered with the right sequence of poses, your journey from ‘pancake butt’ to ‘bootylicious’ commences. 

Well, I want to address the safety of your body here. This exercise needs to be completed and done while watching the video session because if you do it on your own, it may harm your ligaments, hamstrings, joints, and bones. You don’t want to do that, right? Then you need to be following the experts in the videos and adhere to all the instructions given to you over there. So the priming phase keeps three basic muscles of your glutes warmed up and prevents you from obtaining any sort of injury. This phase of the program gets your muscles ready for the max workout stage, this phase is considerably shorter but it lays the grounds for the further workout.

Phase II: Activating:

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge

Now one thing must be clear by now, and that is that all three booty-areas need to be engaged. Now after having stretched and engaged our slumbering muscles, our weight needs to be utilized. Our muscles are stressed by the heavy pressing and pulling of body weight to explore the unexplored extent of stretches.

Now after getting your body fatigued with these stretches and movements, your derriere is bulked up without fatting up your thighs. Your thighs become a key area of being affected, but with the help of the Yoga Booty Burn program, the shape of your lower booty and thighs is toned and tightened in a way as if it has never been bulky. In this phase, the hippy area is burnt to the fullest and you do feel that fatigue and burn down there. The area is burnt and changed to a much fitter, firmer, and rounder shape. The activating phase presses your hippy area with intense movements and pumping of blood that you get a fine round booty in no time.

Phase III: Pumping:

The Yoga Burn Booty program comes with its final phase titled ‘Pumping’. Here your body and specifically your booty are exercised with some unusual and strange movements and stretches to lift the curves of your booty and to pump them up as well. This means that the last phase focuses on the size, shape, and final touches. It enlarges your butt muscles in a way that is both natural and holistic. It does not just make your butt muscles firmer but also focuses on the fine lines of the appearance as well.

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge

The official website states that these pumping stretches and movements not only help your muscles get stronger, but they also help afterward. Afterward means that even when you are done with your workout, these pumping movements through blood flow ensure and keep your muscles for the next 48 hours simultaneously.  Now this after-burn becomes the icing on the cake as it ensures that a small amount of your time assists in long-term physical health. The afterburn effect challenges the stubborn fat and vends it off of the abdomen, hips, waist, and even back. This becomes the trademark of the entire exercise as it keeps on working on your body and muscles even after you are done with it.

After having achieved the desired shape of your back and butt, the exercise can still be used. Twice or thrice a week will keep you ever wanting and ever fit. You can only have a 15-minute session before going to major events to be at your best.

What’s more to it?

Not all of us are naturally ingrained with the correct and proper movements and postures; we need some guidance and coaching while working out. The key to weight loss is correct posture and you will be thrilled to see that the Yoga Burn Booty Program comes with that extra touch. 

It counsels you with your postures as well as those things which most of us overdo in an attempt to lose weight. But overdoing it does not help, it just wastes our energy which we can invest in other movements. For instance, most of us overdo our warm-up and cardio hoping to send off some extra shreds but it does not do so. What it does is waste the energy that we have at the start of the workout.

Yoga Burn Booty Challenge

These useful tips aren’t everything you get, there are other cherries to pick as well. There is a useful e-book along with the program as well which guides me through my purchases and keeps a track of them as well. The guide also has a lot to say about how to lose the maximum amount of fat in the minimum amount of time. It also addresses issues of those who want to lose weight without losing their curves. This carries all the information you need to help you out with your weight loss and workouts.

When you order your Yoga Burn Booty set, it comes with so many recipes for delicious food from the fat-burning meal. This is my favorite. I am a foodie; I need food to eat all the time. The set comes alongside these recipes which will help you keep track of your workout progress. So when you are eating healthy and prescribed food along with hitting the yoga mat as well, you get quick results.

The Benefits of Yoga Burn Booty Challenge:

There are myriad benefits that I have already stated in my writing, however, there are other benefits too which I would like to state:


1. Easy to execute. There is no rocket science to this program as there are several moves you would already be aware of, while on the other hand, the guide spoon feeds you throughout.

3. It has two programs on it. One costs $37 while the other costs $57, the difference is one comes with a physical and digital copy for ease of access while the other comes with one digital and two paper-based copies. But the fact that more than one person can use it, makes sense that we can split the bill for our ease.

2. It also comes with a free trial period to which allows you to see if it is really what you want to see. So unless you are sure about it, you can try it for free for the initial month.

4. Extra equipment is not required in this program, all you need is time and daily workout on your mat.


1. Quite frankly, if you are easily demotivated and detracted then the program may not suit you.

3. So because the program is video-based, it is as effective as putting your effort into it.

2. This program demands discipline and dedicated selves to render the desired results which are not one-way traffic. You will have to cooperate with the program. 

Yoga Brun Booty Challenge Free Download


In my view, the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge program is a perfect blend of expert-based guides regarding workout and expert-based recipes for your daily meals for fat loss. If you are dying to have a perfect booty then this program is what you are looking for. You only need to follow it religiously. 

This is also not a one-step-instant-fat-to-fit program; if you are looking for changes then you may need to make some lifestyle changes as well when you start the Yoga Burn Booty Challenge program. This program is a comprehensive guide with three steps of revolutionary results. It provides the desired results when you are lethally combining the daily workout with diet food prescribed in the program with step-wise recipes along with having loads of water daily.

We see many programs bringing changes, but they tend to be time-consuming and complex. The Yoga Burn Booty Challenge program is less time-consuming and a simpler version with a three-step program. I wish and hope that this program helps you achieve the desired ends with long-lasting impressions.

I completely recommend it to you; you won’t regret it, so let’s toil today for a better tomorrow because, as I said in the start, “there ain’t no wealth if there ain’t no health”.

Yoga Brun Booty Challenge Official Site Link
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